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10 Best After Effects Templates 2017

These are 10 After Effects templates that have caught our attention over the last 12 months.

Portrait for Dom Hennequin By Dom Hennequin
Posted 21 Dec 2017
Video and Audio

People are getting serious about video. Our After Effects templates library certainly reflects this. Over the course of the last twelve months, we've seen a huge emphasis on onscreen text, catering to the growing audience watching videos without sound. We've had templates that push the boundaries of excess, whose main objective is to be eye-poppingly bright and command attention. And then we've had packs that simply take our breath away with their creativity. This list has a bit of it all. Some of them are best sellers, some of them are editorial choices, and all of them were released in the last twelve months.

So, sit back, watch, read and enjoy our list of the 10 After Effects Templates That Are Taking Our Breath Away.

Big Pack of Elements is the result of a two-year collaboration between a couple of already successful Envato authors. Dmitriy part of recarto, and Alex the man behind A_White, joined forces in 2015 to create a versatile pack of useful After Effects elements. The final product is something that impressed our reviews team here at Envato, delighted customers, and stormed our video marketplace, being sold more than two thousand times.

Transitions is a pack of, you guessed it, transitions that are really slick and creative. There are options for “Camera Transitions” in which the frame pans around the corners of your footage as you transition from one shot to another. There’s are gorgeous “Brush Effects” that are extremely elegant. And, there are a number of “Shape” transitions, which look truly luscious. This pack only came out in June, yet it’s made quite the impression.

8. Titles and Lower Thirds by flikmotion

Honestly one of the most straightforward and contemporary items of the year. “Boxd” Titles and Lower Thirds is a pack of titles and lower thirds in boxes (get it?). It’s a ready to go pack with boxes around your text resizing automatically, and a number of style variations that are minimal enough to fit almost any brand, but bold enough to catch the eye. So many videos these days are watched without sound and a pack like this ensures yours will still be engaging, even on mute.

Rhythmic Opener is part of the "fast typography" trend we saw absolutely explode this year. As mentioned, people are watching more videos than ever without sound. So, templates like this one are using typography in interesting, eye-catching ways to capture the eye of those promiscuous scrollers perusing a web page or social media newsfeed. Make the most of Facebook and Twitter auto-playing videos by grabbing their eyes and keeping them.

Photoshop Actions continue to be a best selling category on our graphic design marketplaces, and 2017 brought us a bunch of items that allow you to bring them to life in a video. The Particle Builder series of items by Pixflow works much the same as Photoshop actions, where you take your picture, graphic or a piece of text, mask the section you want to animate, and automate it using one of six options. Sand Pack was only released in December and is already pretty popular.

This is Slideshow is a fresh template pack that will turn a set of images and text into a truly compelling video. The animations are smooth and quick, and they’re also very detailed. Take a look at how the photos in the background animate subtly with a tile effect or something of the like. And the colors just pop.

4. Titles by motioncan

Motioncan’s Titles is ultra-modern. It’s filled with simple, bold typography that animates in a way that’s almost jolty. It offers a number of great options to show off your text, logo, captions and lower thirds. And it’s one of the newer items on the market, having come out in December, which means it’ll be something fresh for 2018.

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Promo Intro by 7Roads is quick! It packs a lot into 7 seconds, including photos that animate under semi-transparent gradients, text and a final logo. It’s a great bumper that commands attention.

This one by cowardrobertford is breathtaking. A great option for an opener of a video or tv show, it uses a parallax effect to add depth to still photography. That, mixed with the way the text animates, makes it truly unique.

Motioncan’s second entry on this list is eye-poppingly beautiful. Typography features a whole grab basket of stunning templates in which to insert your text and have it be the star of your video. With vivid pinks, royal blues, and a great variety of modern design options, this pack should have at least one thing you can use, if not more.

As we head into the future, these items are setting the tone as to what we can expect. Eye-catching animation, eye-popping color, and lots more text. So, buckle up, because this is only the beginning. Head to Envato Elements to browse over 15,000 video templates for After Effects.