10 Best PowerPoint Templates, April 2018

Here’s our selection of the 10 best PowerPoint templates available right now. Whether you’re doing a business or creative presentation, we’ve got you covered with this short list.

Hello, and welcome to Envato’s list of the 10 Best PowerPoint Templates for 2018.

A clean, minimalist template, Mina comes with over 80 unique slide layouts in full HD resolution. It’s perfect for displaying design portfolios, and clean, professional business presentations.

  • Clean, minimalist design.
  • 80+ unique slide layouts.
  • Full HD resolution.
  • Good for design portfolios, and clean business presentations.

Universe is a striking dark-themed template set that will catch the eye. It comes with over 100 unique slide layouts with customizable shape colors, sizes, and positions. It also includes elegant transitions, and animations, company profiles, data-driven charts, and maps.

  • Striking dark-themed templates set.
  • 100+ unique slide layouts.
  • Customize color, size, and position of shapes.
  • Includes elegant transitions, and animations, company profiles, data-driven charts, and maps.

Vigil is a great presentation pack for any business. With over 500 editable font icons, drag and drop picture placeholders featuring auto-adjustment, team templates, iPhone, and iPad mockups, maps and more, you’ll find it worth considering for your next professional presentation.

  • 500+ editable font icons.
  • Drag and drop picture placeholders featuring auto-adjustment.
  • Team templates.
  • iPhone, and iPad mockups.
  • Map templates, and more.

Dream is an exciting new template pack that features a modern, and unique design. It’s very visual, bringing images to the forefront of your presentation. It’s great for creative portfolios, branding, and advertising presentations.

  • Modern, unique design.
  • Brings images to the forefront.
  • Great for creative portfolios, branding, and advertising presentations.

This presentation pack takes inspiration from the layouts of magazines, and breaks the mould of your typical PowerPoint presentation. Drop Creative is made up of unique layouts with elements like photos, and titles overlapping. The use of white space provides a freshness to the look, and makes your images, and text the star. And, the addition of gradient highlights add some welcome playfulness, and color. It’s a fantastic template pack for graphic, and photography portfolios. Good for creative presentations in general.

  • Takes inspiration from magazines.
  • Breaks mould of typical PowerPoint presentations.
  • Unique layouts with photos, and titles overlapping.
  • White space makes images, and text the star.
  • Fantastic for graphic, and photography portfolios.

With pastel gradients, layouts that space out elements, and astute use of white space, Creativa is modern, and calming. It feels youthful in the colors it uses, and finds a great balance between showcasing images, and text. It features computer, iPhone, and Samsung mockups. It also features unique layouts like pricing charts. I can see this working well for a presentation showcasing a new, youth-focused app.

  • Pastel gradients.
  • Spaced out elements.
  • Astute use of white space.
  • Modern, and calming.
  • Youthful colors.
  • Balances images, and text really well.
  • Computer, and phone mockups.
  • Pricing charts.
  • Would work well for showcasing a new app.

Business Proposal Pitch is one of the most comprehensive Corporate PowerPoint templates around. It includes over 120 slide layouts with templates for almost everything. It features graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, pricing pages, team pages, product mockups, and much more. It’s everything you need to slap a professional looking presentation together in no time.

  • 120+ slide layouts.
  • Graphs, tables, diagrams, maps.
  • Pricing pages, team pages, product mockups, and more.
  • Everything you need to slap together a professional presentation quickly.

Epic Presentation features 104 unique slide layouts, a wide range of color customization options, and some impressive animations. It comes with some different theme options, including a dark version, and provides templates for everything from infographics to calendars. Your presentation will be in vogue with this pack.

  • 104 unique slide layouts.
  • Wide range of color customization options.
  • Impressive animations.
  • Theme options including “dark version”.
  • Templates for everything from infographics to calendars.

Triangulum is a bold set of templates whose design centers mostly around its triangles. It features large, eye-catching headings, placeholders for charts, and infographics, and unique animations.

  • Bold template design centered around triangles.
  • Features large headings.
  • Placeholders for charts, and infographics.
  • Unique animations.

And finally, Simplicity is a comprehensive template set that features truly breathtaking design. With a simple, restrained color palette, a focus on high resolution images, and tidy layouts, it succeeds at being beautiful, and highly functional. There are 450 unique slide templates. It comes with layouts for almost everything. It also features a set of minimalist icons. With this pack, your presentation will be incredibly modern, and elegant.

  • Comprehensive template set with breathtaking design.
  • Simple, restrained color palette.
  • Focus on high resolution images, and tidy layouts.
  • Beautiful, and highly functional.
  • 450 unique slide templates.
  • Layouts for almost everything.
  • Minimalist icon set included.
  • Will make for a modern, elegant presentation.

That’s our list of the 10 Best PowerPoint templates for 2018.

You can find links to each one of them in the YouTube description. And you’ll find more PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

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