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10 Best Video Templates 2019

From fast typography to slideshow templates, there’s something for all creators in this list of the 10 best video templates for 2019.

Portrait for Dom Hennequin By Dom Hennequin
Posted 14 Nov 2019
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Video templates are a growing category of products that empower creators to make eye-popping graphics, that seamlessly blend with your footage and audio, and make videos hard to ignore. From fast typography videos that can snatch people’s attention to slideshow templates that can bring still images to life in an emotional way, there’s something for all creators in this list of the 10 best video templates for 2019.

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10. Stomp Snap Opener by REDVFX​

This snappy opener will pair well with a “stomp” track, a genre of energetic, percussion-based tracks. It combines slideshow elements, showing still photography or video overlaid with a parallax effect, and bold typography into a fast moving, eye-catching template. With two versions to choose from, it’s perfect for showcasing both natural and urban environments. And coupled with the right photography or footage, it has the potential to a create a powerful sense of wonder in the viewer, and pack a punch.

9. Macrovision by sonorafilms​

Like the gritty opening of an indie film or HBO series, Macrovision by sonorafilms combines opening titles with a slideshow format it takes quite literally. Featuring placeholders for still images and video, formatted like an old school reel of photo slides, and overlaid with moody textures, it’s an opening that will instantly establish the mood of your video, without much needing to be said. It features a modular structure, dynamic animation, and full HD resolution.

8. Explainer Typography Kit by Aquavitae​

Explainer Typography Kit by Aquavitae provides a beautiful explainer format focused on bringing your copy to life by adding unique behaviours to the typography. Bright, fun, yet still professional, the template makes it easy to create an explainer video that uses color and animation to draw the eye, and focus it on the words that best describe your product. It also features graphs and infographics to help bring your concepts to life for the viewer. It’s the perfect companion for a product launch, and would fit perfectly on a landing page or homepage. It includes 13 scenes with different text animation, easy customization, drag and drop functionality, full HD resolution, and a step by step video tutorial.

7. Light Bulb Sign by marcobelli​

This one by marcobelli is pretty straightforward, and the item’s title kind of covers it all. Light Bulb Sign allows you to insert your own logo or text and put it in lights in the glitziest way possible. It fills the insides of your characters with animated light bulbs, then renders the logo in a 3D space, producing a panning effect that reveals your logo from the side, and lights it up as it comes into full view. It makes for a perfect logo sting for a YouTube video.

6. Summer Promo Pack by sonorafilms​

This bright and friendly template is a great option for promoting events, opening a video, or even using it as a storytelling device within a piece of content, combining images, video, and copy. The colors and animations bring to mind all things summer, and the animations help ease viewers from one bite of information to another. There’s a fantastic flow to this format, presenting the opportunity for you to make your business story, or whatever you’re explaining or advertising, digestible to your audience. It gives you a great format to begin with, but it’s also versatile.

5. Motivation Promo by MotionMediaGroup​

A promo or opening titles template, this high-impact, unapologetically modern template is purpose-built for a sporting montage, or the opening of an action film, or TV show. Incredibly tidy and economical with its structure and visual layout, each segment of this slideshow-like design comes with a central placeholder for your video or photo, along with a text placeholder for names, and a strip to describe what they do - e.g. Executive Producer, or Cyclist. Featuring futuristic elements floating across the background, the design has a Bourne Identity feel to it that would pair perfectly with a crisp, driving electronic piece, similar to the one you hear in the demo.

4. Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow by donvladone​

Wanting to focus on emotions more than energy? Then this could be the template for you. If you’re more interested in presenting a sentimental journey through your video, Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow by donvladone is a good way to go. The viewer follows a stack of photos being emptied on a table, and landing out in such an arrangement that you get glimpses of them all, with one being the central focus, overlaid with text. Each of the photos in these shots is customizable. It’s a beautiful way to showcase meaningful moments from a lifetime in a way that emotionally resonates with viewers.

3. Call Outs by therealist​

Call Outs by therealist is a pack of sleek, useful, animated information boxes that you can use to call out certain people, or features of a product, and map them to follow those subjects as they move through the video. They’re really handy when labelling specifications of a product in a review, or promotion, or identifying people and their performance, or characteristics. They’re highly effective when wanting to communicate hyper-relevant bits of information in a direct way to an audience, and look streamlined and professional.

2. Abstract 2 by sonorafilms​

Fresh, eye-catching, and pleasing to the eye, Abstract 2 by sonorafilms is a great promotional or opener template option for a wide array of projects. Featuring easily customizable elements, this mostly simple design is extremely effective due to its clarity in displaying the content you include - which will be mostly text-based - its color scheme, and its animation, the movement of which draws the eye in all the right ways. It’s the perfect mix of quick, catchy animation with readable content that makes it one of the most used video templates of the past twelve months.

1. Website Presentation Pack by MotionMediaGroup​

Finally, this video template is incredibly of the moment in its visual style, capturing an overall modernness and softness that our eyes are so used to now. Website Presentation Pack by MotionMediaGroup features a modern, friendly color palette made up of whites, light greys, and futuristic gradients, along with an environment made up of ellipses, rounded rectangles, and drop shadows. Combined with the bouncy animation, these achieve a softness that make watching this video inviting. The layout of the template is inspired, allowing you to show off different parts of your website or UI from certain angles that will engage the viewer’s eye, and providing appropriate text placeholders to include relevant information about each aspect of your product in a digestible, easy-to-read way. It’s cutting edge, versatile, and overall, stunning.

Whether it’s a gritty HBO style opener, a glitzy logo reveal, or a playful, cutting-edge product showcase, this list of 10 best video templates runs the gamut, and hopefully provides you with what you need for your next project. As video becomes more vital to marketing stacks, video templates will be more and more in demand. So keep an eye out on Envato Elements for all the latest styles available with your unlimited subscription.

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