10 Best WordPress Themes for 2019

If you’ve just started up your own business, run your own blog or have needed to create your own website for any other reason, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress websites. Of all the open source Content Management Systems available today, WordPress is by far one of the most popular. It’s free to install and use, with the option to utilise extra paid features. Thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins and website templates are available, so we’ve decided to narrow down our top 10 best WordPress themes of 2019 to make choosing your design elements a little bit easier. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

10. Bagja – Responsive Multi Concept & One Page Portfo by ridianur

A sleek, theme with a modern design, number 10 on the list is the perfect way for a creative design professional, freelance photographer or artist to show off their products or portfolio. It’s fully customizable with a plethora of home page layout options so that you can showcase your portfolio in precisely the way you wish.

9. NatureCircle – Organic WooCommerce WordPress Theme by roadthemes

This theme brings to mind all things natural, organic and healthy for the mind, body and soul. Showcase your organic juices, fruits, vegetables, skincare or clothing with the beautiful, fresh look this theme provides. 

8. Farvis – Multipurpose WordPress Theme by Templines

A highly versatile, rectangular, clean cut design makes this theme perfect for any new (or well established) business wanting to showcase their services. This modern, stylish and highly customizable theme will make creating and maintaining your website an easy feat.

7. Portfolio, Creative, Theme – Architecture by BrighThemes

With a strong focus on image display, this theme is an absolute must-have for any architecture or property management firm. Tech companies could also put this theme to good use due to the modern design and bold features. Two complete website layouts and 13 special elements allow for a super easy initial setup and further adjustments.

6. EDUCA | Multiconcept Education & Courses PSD Template by Leonard_Design

Designed specifically with educational institutions in mind, this theme works best when set up to showcase course material, teacher profiles and learning tools. The clean design allows students to easily navigate the entire website to avoid wasting time and becoming frustrated before they even reach the course information. Use this theme to help your company stand out in the education space.

5. Fashionist – WooCommerce WordPress Theme by KL-Webmedia

We’re midway through our top 10 best Envato Elements WordPress themes of 2019 and our number five entry should be on your radar if you need a website to make a splash within the fashion industry. The minimalistic design of this template allows products and designer items to take centre stage and really shine. With room for product descriptions, other text and blog posts, your website will contain everything your clients could want and more.

4. MT Photography by modeltheme

Our number four theme just screams “photography portfolio”. With capabilities to show full screen images, an amazing square collage home screen with a sizable, pop-up cover photo and minimalistic navigational menus it’s every photographers dream. It also includes features such as a blog, an About Me section and a Contact page. Start your photography career off the right way with this amazing template.

3. Magazine and Blog PSD Template by Middltone

Fantastic readability and usability partners with an attractive home page design to give users the ultimate theme for a magazine, blog or creative work in any other written format. A highly organised and easily customisable template allows users to spend their time on the important things – writing their next viral article, for example.

2. Clean Shop PSD Template by Middltone

If you aim to sell products, our number two theme has got you covered. Specially designed to cater to online businesses and their client base, it covers all aspects of the art of selling. There’s room for product images and descriptions, reviews, blogs, promotions, an online checkout and more.

1. ZUM – Personal Blog WordPress Theme by iDoodle

Number one on our list of Envato Elements top 10 best WordPress themes for 2019 is a luxurious theme catered towards all styles of blogs and magazines. Highly customisable and easily updated and maintained, you will love using this theme to showcase your work – and your readers will love how easy it is to navigate your site. It’s a super stylish way to make sure your work gets the attention it truly deserves.

That was our list of our top 10 best WordPress themes for 2019. Did you connect with any of them? Which one would you use to showcase your products? If you know of any friends who are looking to update their website or create a new one, make sure you share this list with them.

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