10 Envato Items That Scream Eurovision

10 Envato video and audio items from around the world that scream Eurovision realness.


Your TV is about to explode with the most colorful, catchy and just plain strange performances you will ever see. That’s right, the Eurovision Song Contest has arrived!

To celebrate, we’re taking a look at 10 Envato video and audio items from around the world that scream Eurovision realness.

VJ Loop Triangle Tunnel by emotionica

It’s Triangle Tunnel realness with this animated background from VideoHive. If it wasn’t enough that it’s sending your eyes through a tunnel of blinking, patterned lights, the ever changing patterns they form are reflected by the glossy floor of this virtual space. A beautifully intense experience.

Summer Pop by MIGmusic

It’s a well known fact that Eurovision’s idea of what is ‘contemporary’ is at least a decade behind or two behind the rest of the world. Which is why ‘Summer Pop’ by MIGmusic is a perfect fit for this year’s contest. With its polite rap, which feels like a wink back to the 90s or early 2000s, it would probably be considered ‘edgy’ in the eyes of the judges. But I can picture it being a somewhat cringe inducing performance milking its relatively tame ‘urban’ flavor with some traditional European fare. Pocket chains and backwards caps in tow.

LED Lights Wall by irrealix

This is quintessential Eurovision. Too much in every which way.

There’s literally not a pixel in this item that isn’t covered with a bright color at any given second. But, as if that wasn’t enough, the speed at which it’s all moving makes it so busy that there’s no way this wouldn’t fit right into a performance at Eurovision.

Spanish Vocal – Stockwaves

Spain is apparently represented by Sweden this year. Stockwaves’ creative track gives us everything we want from a Eurovision entry. Seemingly traditional instrumentation mixed in with electronic elements and an extremely catchy vocal line which many people don’t completely understand. Brava!

Kaleido Ship – videostyle

Kaleido Ship takes elements of a Kaleidoscope and, apparently, some sort of ship, and puts them into a video background. It’s got a real attitude about it, and isn’t completely predictable with its sudden and seemingly random bursts of light, color and interesting patterns.

Electronic Dance Pop Party – StereoNuts

This is a fantastic track by Eurovision standards and is surprisingly subtle. Instead of throwing every layer of this track in your face, it gradually introduces them. And the result is a really compelling journey full of emotion and excitement.

X Lights – ACv26

It feels reminiscent of the ways lights used to appear in music videos of the 70s by bands like ABBA and Queen who are both very ‘Eurovisionish’. It’s simple enough to feel contemporary, but the clashing colors of green and orangey-brown also give it that element of clashiness that the Eurovision judges love.

Epic Cinematic Orchestral Trailer – IG-MUSIC

This contest is all about turning the drama up to 11. Hell, turn it up to 1100. This track begins with some relentlessly pace-y violins, building the intensity until a dramatic bass drop. Then the intensity explodes with pounding drums bordering on the electronic, storming through the remainder of the song. It is a complete spectacle.

Neon Lights VJ Pack – bank508

Eurovision is all about being bright and colorful and this Neon Lights VJ pack offers just that. Against a simple black background, this template finds a balance between slickness and eccentricity.

This Is The Revolution – benjijackson

And finally, we couldn’t possibly do a Eurovision Song Contest list without the obligatory random Australian entry. For no reason, other than its enthusiasm, my home country has been invited to compete in the last couple of years. So, fittingly, we’ve included an Australian song in this list. ‘This Is The Revolution’ by benjijackson is catchy and altogether pretty harmless. A perfect entry for this contest.


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