10 stock music tracks you should’ve used in 2016


In 2016, 98,130 stock music tracks were added to AudioJungle’s library. With so much to choose from you may well have overlooked some absolute gold. As AudioJungle’s content specialist Adrien Gardiner consistently keeps his finger on the pulse of the marketplace, and put together this list of 10 tracks he thinks you need to know about.

“Funk” by guitarsstate

Get Down! This mildly frenzied funkadelic romp will definitely add the right dash of retro spice to any visual. Too cool for school, the catchiness here is contagious, so grab your goggles, and get your groove on!

“Cinematic/dramatic” by Sky-Productions

Wide background - bright sun with beams, dark clouds

From its humble beginnings, this piece effectively captures the imaginations of hearts and minds, as it swells and soars to elevated heights, with an awesomely inspiring crescendo, a cascade of feelings flowing forth.

“Corp Motiv” by TimCat

modern business center in hongkong

An infinite simplicity of good things rings true with this tune’s swirling upbeat positivity. Lively and lovely, the track’s unassuming arrangement conveys a striving sense of success, determination, and enduring motivation for all.

“Epic Technology” by Peacockmusic

Portrait of a businessman wearing sunglasses

A cutting-edge announcement. Something new is in the air, so brace yourselves! Defining a new era of high-tech development, progress, and hope, you can trust the best is yet to come with this empowering corporate composition.

“Folk” by AudioSputnik

Young hipster friends on road trip on a summers day

Green pastures and waterfalls, frozen in timelapse? Or anything else you’d need to showcase, in a wholesome, good-natured, down to earth way. Looking ahead, or looking back fondly, this piece will capture that moment perfectly.

“Indie” by Denisdrummer85

Portrait of happy couple outdoors

Happy days are never far away with this bouncy upbeat Indie vibe, casually coursing upward and onward. A lively, energetic ditty that can bring life to any work, and a smile to anyone’s face.

“Jazz” by JonnymakesJazz

Elegant jazzman in smart clothes and hat holding saxophone

Paired with the best Bordeaux and Brie, this upbeat, medium tempo acoustic jazz set revels in its happy joie de vivre. You can tap your feet to the catchy beat, soak in the charming manouche melodies, and watch the crowd go by. And, as you listen to it, you can also read our article on this author and how he creates for AudioJungle too.

“Summer Fashion” by AntonG

beautiful young fashion model woman walking on fashion show event

No matter what time of year you listen, summer will always be upon you with this fresh, fashionable and easy-going house beat. Persuasive and memorable, the mellow synth stabs and funky guitar licks drive the warm, delicious groove exquisitely.

“Abstract Emotion” by Deepersound


Abstract emotions abound in this ethereal electronic essence, a sublimely chilled hybrid track, blending a laid-back ambiance, with overtones of technological advancement and a touch of drama.

“Dubstep” by CleanMindSounds


A great forward-paced dubstep track, with a gradual buildup and a perfectly moderated chilled-out vibe, making excellent and tasteful use of chopped vocal samples, interspersed throughout.

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About the Author Adrien Gardiner

Adrien Gardiner is a content specialist for Envato's royalty-free marketplace AudioJungle.