10 ways to turn a logo into a cool gift for the holidays


The holiday season is just around the corner, and with this comes a whole new season of gift giving and sharing. The question is, how can you stand out in your gift giving this holiday season? Today, with the help of GraphicRiver’s range of off-the-shelf logos and Envato Tuts+, we’re presenting 10 amazing ways you can turn a simple logo into a cool and personal Christmas gift.

Here are some real examples to get your mind thinking of those friends who could use some logos this season:

  • A friend who owns a local pub, restaurant, or coffee shop might just need a design upgrade.
  • A creative who will be astonished when you gift them with some design resources.
  • A family member with a small business is struggling to stand out from the crowd.

We will start with some simple tutorials to help you brush up on all of the necessary design skills, and follow it up with some amazing templates to get you going.

1. The Logo Design Process for Ultimate Potential

This amazing tutorial walks you through the design briefs, research, and creation of a logo from the very start to the final touches. It should give you an idea of the significance of logos and the importance of the minute details that some people may miss. Get started with this tutorial so you are ready to go when we get to the templates.


2. Endless Infinity Logo Template

Thousands of people all across the world are opening up management and consulting firms on a freelance basis. Help your friend out by buying him this awesome logo to give his brand a fresh look.


3. Dr. Teeth Dental Logo Template

Know of someone who owns a dental or orthodontic clinic? This is the perfect logo for them. Edit, refashion, and customize this logo to fit their facility with this cool iconic branding template.


4. Coffee Spot Logo Template

With a new coffee spot on every block you are sure to know the local one. Consider getting them this amazing logo to help improve their branding presence.


5. 10 Photorealistic Logo Mockup Templates

Now that you have the Coffee Spot logo, you can share the design presentation with these cool mockups, one of which is on a coffee mug!


6. Versus Motors Logo Template

The perfect logo for an up and coming car company is right here. Could be a great and kind gift to your neighborhood car dealer.


7. Badges & Sticker Templates

Want to go a different route and make a logo on your own. Buy one of these cool badge or sticker kits and customize the logo to your own liking. From vintage grunge effects to clean cut web badges, GraphicRiver has a variety of templates like no other.


8. Minimal Icon Generator

Have a nephew or niece with an interest in development or design? Grab them this awesome app icon generator so they can get started on their next application that will top the charts. Logos are becoming just as prevalent on apps as they are for other businesses, so don’t pass up this awesome kit.


9. Flat Color Swatches & Gradients

Struggling to find the perfect color or tint for your logo, icon, or button? Grab this beastly pack of color swatches and gradients and take your design to the next level.


10. 280+ Logo Mockups

Finally, choose from one of the hundreds of logo mockup templates to present your final projects and gifts with. Share your logo design presentation in style with this incredibly realistic mockup template.


Next Steps

Now that you are updated on the latest logos and tutorials you can hack together an awesome Christmas gift for your friends and family, and being the coolest guy/gal at the holiday get-together.

Before you leave, be sure to check out more of these cool resources in case you are feeling especially generous this holiday season:

Have an awesome holiday season!


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