14 Modern, Stylish Fonts That Aren’t Helvetica

A sans-serif font is sometimes just what you need for your design project.

The type style is clean without a lot of decoration and usually well-balanced and easy to apply to the design grid.

Geometric modern sans-serifs are in style right now and can be seen in website, mobile and branding projects, in particular. Modern sans-serifs work well on screen and appear crisp and bold. They don’t have fine and small embellishments that can get obscured on a digital display. Sans-serifs in general are highly readable for headlines and more importantly for small text, like the ingredients on a food label.

At Envato Elements a whole new crop of clean and modern sans-serifs can be found, providing a fresh take on this effective type style. Collected here are some choice favorites that would work in a variety of project types, like editorial, brand, poster, package, and signage designs.

1. Martian B

Martian B is an industrial-grade sans-serif with nine weights. The typeface is versatile and would work particularly well in high impact headlines, signage and editorial design projects. Martian B has a modular well-balanced look with curves that are like rounded rectangles.

2. Breymont

Breymont is a stylish and clean geometric sans-serif with some visual quirks. The O with a slash and mirrored letters give the design edge. The font has an even stroke and is available in all caps. It would be work well as a minimal display type in a range of project types.

3. BW Stretch Font Family

The BW Stretch typeface is a bold and experimental grotesque perfect for display headlines, signage and branding projects. BW Stretch does just that, it stretches from a condensed version to a wide expansive letter, depending on your selection. Designers can get creative with the layout creating exciting typographic designs with visual impact.

4. MM Cruella

MM Cruella has a circular geometric look with soft rounded terminals. The display type appears fashionable and also a bit funky with stencil elements and extended As that remind one of the iconic Avante Garde typeface. MM Cruella has many options for ligatures and alternates giving the design flexibility and visual character.

5. Ridley

Ridley is a modern sans-serif with with nine weights. The design has a spacious presence with a beautiful perfectly circular dot for the i. Elegant and refined with a classic feel — it would be an excellent choice for editorial and corporate design projects.

6. Frank

Frank is a remix on classic sans Din, Eurostile and Futura and has a utilitarian and industrial look. The typeface has five weights and would look great in signage, poster and editorial design projects.

7. Reiju

Reiju is a condensed modern sans-serif with a futuristic and feminine style. The design has a modular and minimal look with some alternates that play with negative space by taking out parts of the letters. Reiju would be a good choice for display type, branding, fashion and apparel projects

8. Visby

Visby is a gorgeous geometric sans-serif. The design has perfectly circular counters combined with some subtle variation in letter and stroke width. The combination gives the design an open, friendly and more humanistic look than some alternate geometric sans-serif choices. The typeface has eight weights and is suited for editorial, poster, web and mobile design.

9. Argon

Argon is a high impact display typeface with a 60s retro plus futuristic vibe at the same time. The type design is in an offset style with evenly spaced strokes that appear maze-like and add dimensionality to the design. Creative and inspiring, Argon would be a great choice for logos, posters and display type projects.

10. Abside

Abside is a modern geometric inspired by the Neretto typeface. The design is evenly weighted throughout with distinctive rounded terminals that mellow the design and make it appear a little vintage. The typeface would work well for craft beer labels and album covers, in addition to a variety of other project types.

11. Maxwell

Maxwell is a condensed sans-serif typeface with a 50s retro look. The design has unique elements like a low crossbar on the letter E and capsule-shaped bowls that give it a distinct appearance. Maxwell would be a good choice for signage, invitations, posters and display type.

12. Metrisch

Metrisch is a finely designed sans-serif with great attention to detail. The letter stroke has some very subtle differences in weight which gives the design a humanist appearance. The type forms themselves are of similar size, geometric and spacious giving the design an appealingly open and balanced feel. Sharp corners and cuts on terminals gives the design added precision and polish. Metrisch would work well in editorial, poster, web and display type projects.

13. Alma Mono

Alma Mono is a monospace sans-serif that appears both tech and cute. The design has unique rounded terminals which soften up the general “computer” look of a typical monospace design, making it a little easier on the eyes. Alma Mono would be a great choice for display and editorial type project or within a text editor for those who write lots of code.

14. Reef

Reef is a sans-serif font with rounded corners and terminals giving it a smooth appearance. The font appears like a semibold and is somewhat condensed. Reef would work as a display type for longer sentences, in badge designs or as a tag line. The font would also be a good choice in poster and invitation design.

Margaret Penney

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