Make A Calendar Personal with Print Templates

Calendars are a timeless gift. So why make them generic? Before you hit the shops this holiday season, explore GraphicRiver’s immense collection of individually reviewed, quality print templates. With some basic design know-how, you can easily customize a calendar in time for 2014.

Add birthdays, anniversaries and photos for that extra personalization. Then it’s as simple as selecting a High/Main Street or online digital print service.

As much as we like to think that our daily schedules and routines revolve around smartphones and Gmail, nothing beats an awesome designer calendar on the home or office wall. A quick glance and you know exactly what day it is. There’s also that child-like excitement of turning the page to see what each month reveals.

Here’s 14 premium print templates and vector files for 2014 you can turn into a cool calendar creation. Download, design and print, ready in time for Christmas.

1. Remember those holiday snaps you’ve got sitting on an SD card collecting dust? This design is just waiting for you to drop them in!


2. Rectangle. It’s so last year. Make it round. Come on, it’s 2014!


3. Go for this super-slick abstract and tell them it’s a magic-eye design. They’ll stare at it for hours… and keep coming back to try again.


4. Wall planners don’t have to be corporate and boring (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Look at this! Print in A1 or A2 for big impact.


5. Don’t just give them a gift. Wow them with a hugely interesting fact. 2014 is the Chinese zodiac year of the wood horse.

Retro calendar for the year 2014. Origami horse. Vector.

6. Detail-rich cartoons will keep you coming back to explore again and again.


7. Some basic Illustrator knowledge, and you can change the colour scheme of this vector calendar design to suit any interior.


8. Do you have a hirsute relative? Someone you suspect might be a werewolf? They totally need this howler of a MOON CALENDAR. Also perfect for the budding astrologer.


9. Grunge meets vintage. Perfect for the hipster who has everything. Although, they probably knew about calendars before they were cool.

Vector design template with grunge vintage calendar of 2014 - different frames and labels for each month

10. Kids love their very own calendars. Perfect for the bedroom wall and super-educational for those starting out with numbers. Print it in a gloss coat finish so you can wipe clean those sticky finger marks.


11. Keep it simple. While you’re there, make it a slick, flat, geometric A3 design. So hot right now!



12. For that extra dose of personalization, grab all the components you need and build your own print template. Did I mention it includes these adorably cute cats?

Calendar With Cute Brighrt Cats

13. And the perfect calendar template for a family gift? Fill this with family photos and kids drawings. Customise the boxes with relevant and important dates: school holidays, special milestones and reminders.


14. Sure, this design will need updating to 2014, but it’s a classic. Add the inspiring quotes of people your friend worships: Steve Jobs, Confucius, Keith Richards. Or for TV fanboys, mash up some Walter White, Eddard Stark and Don Draper.


Next Steps

Now it’s over to you. What’s the best calendar design you’ve ever seen? We’d love to hear your favourites.

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