15+ Stunning Poster Designs and Templates to Download

Downloadable and ready to customize for your next event or project.

Posters can provide us with some of the best-looking graphic design work in the business. Envato Elements is full of poster design ideas and templates for whatever you need. Whether you’re on the look out for a retro feel, a modern vibe, a new band poster, or even something a little Sex in the City, it has it all.

So here is a list of some of the coolest poster designs and templates:

1. Urban

This indie style poster brings an exciting mix of both retro and modern style. It has a professional touch and could be utilised a number of different ways. Definitely one to keep in mind no matter what your project.

2. Outdoor Event

Another poster with a retro vibe mixed in, this one is perfect for a festival, carnival, or concert of any kind. It’s eye-catching without being too “in your face”, a great way to advertise an event you might be putting on.

3. Poster Video Mockup

Poster mockup

Once you’ve designed your poster, how do you show it to the world in the best possible way? This video mockup is the answer. You just upload your completed poster to see a young woman post it up on a wall in this short video that will be ideal for social media sharing.

4. Cafe Promotion

The title really says it all for this one. Perfect for any cafe and has a very modern tone. A cool feature of this one is that every object in the poster is editable, meaning you can shape it the way you would like.

5. Summer Club

Whether you’ve just opened up your new club, or are looking for something to hang in your room, this poster is awesome! It makes use of current trends, while also adhering to the “less is more” theory in regards to text.

6. Live Music

Simple but effective, this poster allows users to easily edit colour and text. If you are in need of advertising for your live gigs at a pub, or are hosting a music session at your place, this is a fun idea for getting the information out there.

7. Beach Summer

Planning a summer bash? This poster design has a very relaxed feel about it and can be easily edited.

8. Barber Shop

The barbershop style poster and design is massively popular at the moment and this is just that. With it’s retro-vibe and easy to edit layout, this poster is able to advertise whatever you need, not just a barbershop.

9. Karaoke Party

This one comes with five different colour versions, meaning you can get exactly the look that you want. It is easily editable so if you’re not throwing your annual SingStar tournament you can use it for something else.

10. Indie Camp Festival

Using a cartoon style imagery, this simple design is a winner. It’s bright and attractive, and like many of the posters on this list can be customised to your needs. This could be definitely pass as signage for Coachella, Splendour in the Grass, or any major festival.

11. In The Bar

Yet another fantastic design that touches on a number of style to bring the end product. Once downloaded you can edit the images, text, and more. No doubt a band could customise this to be a poster for their own upcoming gigs.

12. Cocktail Party (Two Options)

It’s stereotypical, but this poster design is fun and just a little bit flirty. Grab your Carrie and Samantha and be ready to party, even if it’s not a cocktail party you can use it for whatever you may need.

13. Vintage Golf

Wanting something slightly more sporty? This vintage golf poster uses some classic design elements to advertise whatever you need. Perfect for a golf club, a birthday invitation, or just getting a group together to knock around the back nine.

14. Sailor Party

Yet another case of less is more with this poster design. It’s subtle touch means the audience isn’t overwhelmed, while the colours combine well. Promote away for anything you want, edit the way you wish because you’re the captain now.

15. Spring Fest

One of the most popular poster templates on Envato Elements, this Spring Fest design is a great choice heading into the back half of the year. All the text is editable, while the download also comes with a help file.

16. Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this last one is perfect for Australia. This fun design can be edited the way you want, while a second colour scheme is also optional. A perfect poster for all the dads out there.

More design ideas: