28 Backgrounds and Pattern Ideas (That Aren’t Gradients)

Marble patterns, collages, pineapples, and more.

Collage Colorful Patterns by Youandigraphics
Gradients are back in a big way. As a major color trend, they have saturated the design market and can be seen all over the web.
Image Source: MarketingLand; Spotify
But they aren’t the only design option. And with so many brands using gradients now, it might be time to think of different patterns and backgrounds to use to stand out from the crowd.
There are plenty of other options for website backgrounds, packaging, wedding and party invitations, business and greeting cards, and fabric design and fashion apparel. Get creative and incorporate them into any design project.
If you’re after some great ideas for backgrounds, whatever your project, have a flick through this collection of our favorite new patterns and images right now:

Fruits & Florals

1. Summer Seamless Patterns 


4. Watercolor Pattern Blue Rose

Confetti Collage

5. Confetti Style Patterns 

6. Collage Colorful Patterns

 Hip & Abstract

7. Abstract Hipster Shape Backgrounds

8. Hipster Shapes Backgrounds

15. Abstract Generative Backgrounds

16. Colorful Smooth Wavy Backgrounds

17. Liquid/Fast Style Backgrounds

Geometric Patterns

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