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30 Best After Effects Templates for YouTube Intros, Titles and Openers

This list of the best After Effects templates for YouTube intros, titles, and openers will help you meet the expectations of your audience on YouTube.

Portrait for Dom Hennequin By Dom Hennequin
Posted 06 Feb 2018
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YouTube creators have never had it tougher. Yet, the opportunity to create video content has never been greater.

While it's increasingly difficult to breakthrough in the online video market, people's appetite for video content continues to grow. They expect videos from their favorite creators to drop more often, while also expecting the quality in both the content, and presentation to be very high. 

The reality for creators is that it's hard to create good, well-presented content, quickly. Which is why After Effects templates for YouTube have become vital parts of the workflow for creators. But, with so many to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones will work best for you, and your channel. 

This article aims to help you out. So, here's our list of the best After Effects templates for YouTube intros, titles, and openers. Oh, and what's great about this list is that it's just part one. If you're still thirsty for more at the close of this article, we'll have a part two coming very soon!

Made explicitly for YouTube creators, this kit by Pixrate is superb. It includes templates for titles and openers, as well as transitions, lower thirds, logo reveals social media promos and everything in between. There are a number of different, very on-trend, design styles to choose from. It's definitely one of the most comprehensive YouTube packs I've seen. 

Broadcast Package by Motion-Bear

Fit for a broadcast network, this pack will give you everything you need to run a YouTube channel or even a TV channel. It includes stylish openers, transitions, lower thirds, titles, logo IDs, and social media templates. It features gradients, and a lot of color, but not in a jarring way, it's quite soft. All animations are smooth and playful. It's a great choice for a young brand. 

3. Typo Opener by BLAQMATRIX

Typography templates are very on-trend at the moment, and this opener pack shows how versatile the concept can be. No matter what you choose, this template will make your words eye-catching, and the star of the show. Great for a quick reveal of your brand, then straight into your video. 

This super quick intro makes an impression, fast. Moving swiftly between some lines of text, and images, it lands on the logo and sets the mood in almost no time. 

5. Upbeat Opener by MbrEffects

A simple, fresh-looking opener that syncs well with an upbeat track, this one is versatile. Minimal enough to look modern, and basic enough to fit almost any brand, insert your text, match it with the music, and you're off. 

This template features a whole grab basket of stunning templates in which to insert your text and have it be the star of your video. With vivid pinks, royal blues, and a great variety of modern design options, this pack should have at least one thing you can use, if not more.

If you're looking for a template pack that will appeal to the Snapchat, and Instagram generation, I think you've found it.'s Beauty Youtube Design Pack is great for channels focused on fashion, or beauty, but could also work for almost anything aiming at a young, social savvy audience. It features templates for everything from video openers to lower thirds, and even for YouTube thumbnails. Its color scheme is bright and irreverent. And, it includes playful animations of its elements, as well as a bunch of icons that resemble the stickers you'd find in Instagram Stories, and Snapchat. 

8. YouTube Opener by Afterdarkness75

Looking to make an impact in a short amount of time? YouTube Opener by Afterdarkness75 uses jolty movements of animated elements to catch the eye and command attention. The different styles of the template make it versatile enough to fit anything from a fashion to sports, and a lot more in between.

Youtube Channel Promo by NijatCG

Stick to the look and feel of YouTube with this template. It opens with the YouTube logo, then transitions to your Avatar. It then offers you the ability to create a montage out of a selection of your videos. This would make for a great, if not lengthy, opener, closer or even just a promo for your channel.

10. Intro by templatesbravo

A really fresh concept, this template uses animated brushstrokes to catch the viewer's eye, allowing you to add words you associate with your channel, and finishing on your logo. It's fast, fresh, and very snappy. 

11. Elegant Opener by Renname

This slick opener looks modern, and offers a suite of different ways to layout and animate your text. The animation style is smooth, and all the elements that make up the template feel clean, but maintain a softness that's inviting. 

"Stomp" intros are very popular these days. Pairing a fast-moving template with text that animates to the beat, on top of images that change just as fast, has become the favored style of many a video content creator recently. And, this template gives you the option to do that, and work in the YouTube logo, as well as your avatar. 

A similar style to the "stomp" item above, this template, as its title suggests, makes the typography the focus, and is an exercise in treating the visuals, and music track as one. It's fast-moving, animating the text and background image as a unique partnership. It also gives you options for glitch animations for the text, and to animate text as entire sentences, words or letters. 

Fast Opener by LimeTime

This stomp style opener is clean and fresh. It alternates between smooth, and jolty animation, with typography as the centerpiece. And, although the demo shows a full trailer length example of what you can use it to make, it has all the tools to help you create a fast, effective intro. 

This pack offers you beautiful, minimal templates for a simple opener featuring your avatar, channel name, lower thirds, subscribe buttons, and more. With a mostly white color scheme, featuring sparing, intentional use of color, and very smooth animations, this will be a great investment for a broad range of genres of the channel. It's timeless.

YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro

16. Fast Intro Opener by EvgenysFx

This template, which employs kinetic animation of typography, is fast-paced and delivers a lot of information at once. You can use this template to show off imagery that fits with your channel, mix it with words about you or your channel, and set it against an engaging track. You'll definitely command the attention of the viewer. 

This template pack is so smooth, it's hypnotic. A combination of footage, and copy, will fill this one up. It's best suited to travel genres of video, or styles that really have nice cinematography to showcase. But, hey, you be the judge. 

18. Dynamic Opener by efline

This opener by efline is great for showing off loads of clips, and images in a fresh, edgy way, overlaid with text. I can see this working for music brands, channels about streetwear, and more. 

Make your copy the star of the show with this typography-based opener. The template allows you to animate your text in a mixture of arrangements on top of your chosen footage. It's stylish, snappy, and very on-trend right now.  

Part of the kinetic typography trend that continues to sweep video platforms everywhere, this stomp template is one of the cleanest I've seen. By overlaying your text on some high-quality imagery, you'll make a big impression in a short amount of time, on your audience. 

Typography by rgba_design is striking. Cutting back and forth between the footage, images and text placeholders, it's a rapid, yet smooth way to hook your viewer into your video. Refine your copy, break it up word by word, and make an impression.

Doing a YouTube series on travel? Then take a look at this template. It's a bright, fun, animated cartoon template, made up of illustrated buildings, bridges, planes and even hot dogs. A lovely way to start your video.

Are you a gaming channel? This might be a good opener for you. Featuring high-quality 3D animation, your logo will explode onto the screen with this template by flasheasy. 

This promo template pack would make a great opener for a modern, fashion, or culture-based YouTube channel. It features eccentric transitions, mixed with stylishly sparse titles placed within an elegant box. It's extremely trendy.

Clean Corporate by nitrozme

From the same folks, Clean Corporate is exactly what it sounds like. The template pack includes a royal blue color scheme, with a professional blue and purple gradient variant. The font choice is tidy and modern. It's great for quick openers, on-screen captions, and showing off websites. 

From the same author, this colorful, slick opener is very on-trend. Featuring gradients that aren't overpowering, and beautiful layouts that focus the eyes on the right elements, this template will be great for showing off your channel name, and avatar quickly, and creatively. It can also be used for opening credits to a bigger project. 

More suited to a sport or action brand, this quick, neat opener template will allow you to display some stylized footage, overlaid with animated text, ending on your logo. It's a simple, fully realized concept with a lot of energy.

28. Motion Titles by ionestudio

Simple, and elegant, this motion titles pack gives you a large bunch of animated templates to choose from, and overlay on whatever footage or imagery you want. It's a great fit if you want something modern, and it looks timeless. 

29. Broadcast Package Sway by Premiumilk

This one's mostly a promo pack, designed to be made into a broadcast-ready commercial, but it has all the elements of a great video opener. It's stylish, colorful, with eye-catching transitions, and effective use of typography. It's definitely an easy way to make an impression right at the beginning of your video. 

30. Minimal Opener | Slideshow by framestore

Finally, this fresh template features beautiful typography, clean, and creative wipes, and zoom video effects. It works best with beautifully shot footage and photos. It's elegant, minimal, and quick. A wonderful way to welcome people to your video. 

This is just a curated selection of After Effects intros, titles, and openers for YouTube. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited video templates.