30 Outstanding ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Under Construction’ Website Templates

There are many benefits to publishing a temporary “under construction” web page. See what those benefits are and be inspired by 30 of the best “coming soon” website templates.

So, you’ve registered a domain, and you’re putting the finishing touches on your website. But, it’s going to be while before your masterpiece is ready to go live. Now what?

Well, now you have the chance to make art out of being stuck in the in-between with an  “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” web page template. While you’re busy completing your app, eCommerce store, or personal portfolio, a temporary placeholder web page can provide many useful benefits including:

  • Create marketing buzz and help promote your product, app, company, or personal brand
  • Drive people to your mailing list, and acquire subscribers
  • House a visual countdown clock, informing users when to expect your full site or product to be available
  • Help establish an SEO foothold for your brand, and some keywords associated
  • Promote your social media feeds and increase your number of followers
  • Provide a contact form to make it easier to receive feedback, or to network and make connections with your audience

A treasure trove of beautiful templates

Don’t settle for a simple “Under Construction” template when you could use one of these to really get customers talking!

There are over 700 “Under Construction” templates on ThemeForest. For an extremely affordable price, ThemeForest will allow you to discover, customize, and launch an amazing page remarkably quickly, saving you both time, and money so you can focus more of your valuable time and effort on your project.

We invited our community to share their favorite Under Construction HTML templates, and curated this list of some of the best.

LEGEND – Iconic Coming Soon Template by Madeon08


This “coming soon” template is very clean and comes in multiple variations. There’s an enjoyable audio and video version but the Star Wars countdown variant is also fantastic. A very unique and creative template.

Recommended by ThemeSLR

Blum – Responsive Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign


This is a creative, modern, and vibrant “coming soon” template, and is well-crafted using the perfect combination of the right colors, and fonts. It also comes in multiple variants – gradient, solid, video etc. It’s perfect for any kind of website.

Recommended by ThemeSLR

Urbano – Animated Under Construction Page by DazeinCreative


Urbano is a great-looking, flat design, under construction website template built for creatives. The animated cars at the top of the page make it very appealing. And, as an added bonus, perhaps the cars will help improve your web traffic too?

Recommended by ThemeSLR

Days – Responsive Coming Soon Page by ex-nihilo


A perfect “coming soon” template for any professional freelancer or agency. It comes with a dark, stylized, corporate theme with bold typography and subtle use of color.
This page could say “New Website: Coming Soon” and the strong template would speak for itself.

Recommended by ThemeSLR

UkieWatch – Responsive Animated Template by UkieWeb


UkieWatch takes “under construction” to another level with no less than thirteen super cute, and attractive construction animations to entertain visitors. The pixel perfect animations not only capture the visitor’s attention, but hopefully provide a memorable experience.

Recommended by ThemeSLR

Coming Soon Teaser by svencreations

It’s minimal, unique and creative. The demos are original, and unique from each other. Check out “Envato Turns 10” and “God Loves You” to see what can be made with this template. The possibilities are endless.

Recommended by SvenCreations

Beavis – Next Level Multi-Concept HTML5 Coming Soon Template by Hencework


The design work throughout Beavis is really impressive. The variety across each demo showcases some really unique design elements in the layout.

Recommended by SvenCreations

PHLY – Versatile Coming Soon Template by Madeon08


The list would be never complete without this template. The usage of split design makes this template stand-out in a positive way. The number of variants it provides is another attraction. Truly the trendsetter.

Recommended by SvenCreations

Mountain – Responsive Coming Soon by MountainTheme


It’s a classic template with over six hundred sales to date. It’s simple, clean and minimal and recently updated with a lot of variants.

Recommended by SvenCreations

VOUPE – Coming Soon Template by TheTheme99


Strong typography is such a strong factor in this design. It has a unique style, and layout, and the accented colors are something special.

Recommended by SvenCreations

Firetime by mivfx


Firetime is a responsive “coming soon” HTML5 landing page template. Designed to be mobile friendly, this cool “under construction” page has a very modern and trendy design built for those who want future-proof website design.

Recommended by SuPraTech

SoonX – Coming Soon Template by themesindustry


SoonX has been built in HTML5 and is responsive across every device and screen. It’s easy to customize, beautifully animated, verified 100% by the W3C, and includes AJAX based e-mail forms integrated with MailChimp.

Recommended by SuPraTech

NC-Hold Coming-Soon Page by NCodeart


The NC-Hold Coming Soon Page is designed to grab attention and introduce your site using lots of features and flexible ease of use. Select what you require and customize according to your needs.

Recommended by SuPraTech

MODERN Coming Soon HTML Template by ModernThemes


Modern is very clean and features multiple eye-catching variants. Amongst the variations are a realistic rain effect, a flurry of snow, and several particle animations.

Recommended by ranaroy39

Blank – Responsive Coming Soon Template by weareblank


Blank is creative, clean and has a high-end, luxury feel to it. The word-based countdown timer takes center stage and provides visitors with an opportunity to sign-up for updates or a newsletter.

Recommended by ranaroy39

CREATION – Creative Template For Coming Soon Page by mivfx


Featuring some lovely vertical-scrolling animations, Creation is a hybrid of a one-page website template and a “coming soon” page. It’s a creative concept that allows you to display multiple sets of information in a clean and minimal fashion.

Recommended by ranaroy39

Bientot – Beautiful & Creative Coming Soon Template by mivfx


This template is suitable for any type of business. The colorful background gradient is effective and memorable with any type of image.

Recommended by ranaroy39

Precise – Responsive Coming Soon Template by ivanbohatyr


Simple, fresh, and clean. This coming soon template features background video and slider options that makes this a very compelling design that many will appreciate.

Recommended by ranaroy39

Mirai – Unique Coming Soon Template by ThemeImperia


Uber minimal, and uber chic. The split screens are very well executed and provide the user with a fresh, new look.

Recommended by wisedesignthemes

cm’soon – Coming Soon Template by egotype

Featuring a beautiful left side navigation menu and a very nice vertical scroll on the right side of the screen, this “coming soon” template is what splits screens were made for.

Recommended by wisedesignthemes

Ley Premium Under Construction Template by ex-nihilo


This template has almost everything: multiple demos, animations, and a very compelling design. It offers users everything from fullscreen to split-screen, and is easy to customize.

Recommended by wisedesignthemes

Pixos – Responsive Coming Soon by ThemeOxygen


If fullscreen, and responsive are must haves, this template has it all. It’s a creative design where images, and text are used very well. It has a number of beautiful effects that make this template very unique.

Recommended by wisedesignthemes

Langtang – Coming Soon Template by Axel_design


The Langtang template is a creative “coming soon” solution with a modern and clean design. It is suitable for many purposes, and categories, with beautiful full screen images with animations that will catch the eye of your visitors.

Recommended by wisedesignthemes

Moonlight — Multi-Purpose Coming Soon Template by pixelthrone


Purposefully simple, but presented in a very clean, and elegant way. It offers all you really need from a “coming soon” template. Multiple layouts within the same template, and is continually updated and maintained by the author after several years.

Recommended by lumberjacks

Noir – Multi-Concept Coming Soon Template by Aether-Themes


This template is simple, soft, and very pleasing to the eye. With clean design warmed by tasteful, smooth animations… what’s not to like?

Recommended by lumberjacks

Elegant – Minimal Responsive Coming Soon Template by Lumberjacks


More than just a typical “coming soon” website. It features a modular layout, with must-have elements that can make your launch page stand out from the crowd.

Recommended by lumberjacks

PURE – Sublime Coming Soon Template by Madeon08


PURE is one of my favorite “coming soon” templates, simply because of its sleek design, and the several available scrolling effects. This could be the template you’ve been looking for to make your website unique and spectacular.

Recommended by Madeon08

Bicolor – Creative Coming Soon Template by AwedooStudio


Simple, yet effective design, and layout made better through the use of color, typography and a great user experience.

Recommended by Madeon08

Opia – 3D Parallax Coming Soon Page by Aether-Themes


Opia looks outstanding; a visual treat with a beautiful parallax effect on the home page. The global design is meticulous, made with good taste, knowledge, and love!

Recommended by Madeon08

LUXURY – Responsive Coming Soon Template by Medhati


LUXURY is a creative, modern, professional, and responsive HTML5 “coming soon” page featuring strong imagery and bold typography. The template contains many useful resources including an AJAX subscription form, AJAX contact form, and some awesome icons. Perfect for creative professionals and agencies.

Recommended by Medhati

More Inspiration

These are just a small sample of an ever-growing library of under construction and launch pages. For more inspiration check out our links below:



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