5 Ways to Use WordPress Plugins and Themes to Impress Your Customers

Want your business to stay on trend and always ready to impress? Your website needs to be proof of that.

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Staying on top of trends is no easy task; however, the payoff is always worth it. Much like how a fast website and one that anticipates the needs of visitors ahead of time is looked upon favorably by your audience, so is an on-trend website. Not only will it be faster, sleeker, and smarter than your competitors’ websites, but it will also signal to your visitors that you’re on the cutting edge and that it’s this same cutting-edge approach you’ll use to deliver high-quality solutions to them as customers.

Of course, it takes time and effort to keep a brand looking modern and a website on trend. But that’s what plugins and themes are there for, right? Sure, they’re helpful in lightening your workload by automating functionality or design you’d otherwise have to code by hand, but they’re also key drivers in helping a business stay on top of – and even ahead of – trends.

5 ways WordPress plugins and themes help your business stay on trend

There are WordPress plugins to help you do, well, pretty much anything. The same goes for themes, too. From basic blogging support to building advanced e-commerce sites, these WordPress tools save you time in implementing some really cool features that every business website should have.

If you’re not taking advantage of WordPress plugins and themes to maximize the impression you make with visitors, then you’re missing out. Consider the following ways in which these tools will help your business stay on trend and keep your audience engaged.

1. Look modern

Right now, there are some simple principles you need to follow in order to give your site a modern look:

  • Minimal design
  • Simple, yet bright color palettes
  • Clean, easy-to-read typography

The Pillar Multipurpose theme is a great example of this as it helps you put a clear focus on what matters most: your messaging.

2. Appear professional

Of course, staying on trend is only part of the puzzle here. As a business trying to establish its presence online, you have to remember that your design still needs to be professional. It doesn’t matter if you find a WordPress theme that looks exciting or you like the idea of adding a fun new animation plugin to your site. Only use plugins and themes that add to that overall professional image you want to give off.

As far as themes go, a multipurpose one like Elementy is always a good choice as it’ll be modernly designed while still giving you the flexibility to play around with different templates, layouts, and features.

3. Dress to impress

Once you’ve found a beautifully-designed WordPress theme, you should take a look around at the sort of plugins that are available. While it may seem like you have an average business site on your hands, a few well-chosen plugins could easily amp up the allure on your site. Of course, all this depends on the type of site you’re planning to run, but we guarantee you there is a plugin to help you accomplish your goals.

Consider the following cutting-edge features:

  • Video background headers
  • Animated microinteractions (like spinning icons)
  • Parallax-scrolling images

What about a contact form that unexpectedly pops up on your visitors’ screens rather than taking them to a new page? That would be an impressive surprise that wouldn’t take much effort at all on your part with the right plugin installed.

4. Tell a unique story

One of the cool things about WordPress plugins and themes is that there are literally thousands of them available. Add to that all the templates and images available you can use to customize your site, and the possibilities become seemingly endless, giving you a chance to create a unique brand and story for your visitors to follow along with. And with plugins like Flow-Flow, you can continue telling that story and engaging with visitors even after they move off your site and onto social media.

5. Put mobile first

With mobile visitors officially overtaking those who use desktop computers to access the Internet, there’s absolutely no way you can compromise on the mobile-friendliness of your website. This means you need to use responsive WordPress themes that look and work just as well on your visitors’ smartphones as they do their laptop computers. WordPress plugins that add new features to your site–like the Superfly menu plugin–also need to be responsive for this very reason.

Take it to the next level

If you’re looking to keep your WordPress website on trend, the smart choice would be to invest in tools that ensure your site looks fresh and cutting-edge at all times. Be sure to check out Envato Elements for thousands of ready-to-use templates, themes, photos, and plugins to take your website to the next level.

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