60 Best Stock Music Tracks for an iPhone X Review

Great tracks to go with the plethora of iPhone reviews about to hit the internet.

Apple has announced the new iPhone which means a couple of things. In the coming weeks every news bulletin will do a story on people lining up overnight to get one. And that a plethora of new iPhone reviews are about to populate the internet.

Music is often the last thing video makers think of after writing and filming their reviews. Yet it can be the difference between your review seeming amateur or professional.

So, we thought we’d help all you young video reviewers out by rounding up some of the best tracks to use.

Here are the 60 Best Stock Music Tracks for an iPhone Review.

Neutrino by musicdream

This track starts with a pitter patter and builds very gradually. It ends with its concept fully realized as the rest of the layers enter.

It’s soft, ambient and the light synth that runs from beginning to end gives it that “tech” sound.

Ocean Drive by FlossieWood

Ocean Drive sustains a small sound throughout. With subtle, purposeful moments of elaboration on the main idea. It’s light, elegant and interesting.

Abstraction by GhostBox

This track by GhostBox is modern with glitch elements that fit neatly into the tech review style. It’s a very clean sounding track with an underlying warmth that keeps it from being alienating.

Design by butterflystudio

Design is a truly sensational track that could stand up on its own. Having said that it’s a great fit for a review video. Its unique blend of sounds make it seem futuristic which works well in the tech genre. And its sound is low profile enough to not distract from the main focus – the narration.

Ambient by SolarStudio

This one by SolarStudio would work well with a cinematic style of review video. If you’re planning to open your piece with a slow pan revealing the new iPhone model this would be a great choice. It’s fresh, calm and unobtrusive. Good for complimenting a cleanly shot and tightly edited video.

Inspiring Ambient Technology by KR_Music

Inspiring Ambient Technology is futuristic but still warm and even a little chirpy. The chord progression is bright and understated in its movements. And it has a freshness that will suit the feel of a review of a new product.

Ambient Background by Garnavutka

For a less predictable choice consider this track by Garnavutka. The ambient drum and synth tracks, and lightly sung female vocal sample create a modern yet inviting atmosphere.

Ambient Technology by TwoTriangles

If you’re looking for a track that’s light and understated but still takes you on a journey, consider this. Ambient Technology is an exercise in restraint. It introduced each track like a little building block but never lets the sound get too big. It’s elegant which is a perfect match for a review about the new iPhone.

Abstract Technology by LOiME

This bright and resolute track would make a great opening for an iPhone review. The drums are crisp and the chord progression is warm. It’s the ideal balance of being futuristic but accessible. Like going to space in a warm blanket.

Future by MoodMode

If you want to treat your iPhone review like a video game then this may be your track. Future features a big sound that will command the energy of the video. “I mixed stylish synth’s with glitch drums and created clean and minimal atmosphere,” says MoodMode the track’s author.

The Dubstep by AudioRocket

If you’re a fan of Flume but don’t want to pay the money required to use one of his tracks, consider The Dubstep by AudioRocket. It features the fresh synth wave style Flume is famous for. And it’s mixed with the subtly warped vocal elements and crisp drums that define this style.

Timelapse Trip-Hop Beat by khursey

This is a popular track that’s been used by popular YouTuber Roman Atwood, which we highlighted in 2016. Its blend of piano and electronic elements make it modern while still being grounded in the present. And the warped underwater sounding effect at its opening grabs the attention.

Funky Technology by TheRoyalLine

The title says it all with this one. Funky Technology mixes a funky beat with a catchy lead synth pattern and chords. This track makes the future sound fun. And it’s like the style popular tech YouTubers like MKBHD currently use.

Infographic Background by AlexFuture

This track by AlexFuture takes the best aspects of the corporate genre and merge them with fresh instrumentation. It’s easy to listen to and will fade into the background seamlessly so that viewers can focus on the narration. It’s suitable for most styles of tech review.

Modern Classical by -MARiAN-

This track is perfect for an ultra slick review of the new iPhone. Picture this playing under shots of the phone’s aluminum body glistening past the camera. The atmosphere it creates will immerse viewers into the world of your review. It will take it to the next level.

Glitch Technology by CleanMagicAudio

This contemporary piece is the perfect match for a deep dive review of the new iPhone. Paired with slick cinematography and graphics this track would be an asset to a good review.

Uplifting Indie Electronic by AudioSuite

This track by AudioSuite finds a balance between being exciting and energetic. It blends elements of the house genre with some general electro. “It manages to find a smooth blend of optimism and mellowness, and conveys a sense of progress and development,” says the track’s author.

GoPro Action Sport by BearStockMusic

If your brand is loud and in your face, then GoPro Action Sport might be for you. It’s intense but can still fit well in the background driving the energy of your video to its full potential.

Drops by MusicDog

Drops is calm, ambient and ideal for supporting narration. It’s definitely serious in its tone. So it’s best suited comprehensive analysis rather than the loud, energetic reviews.

Technology Background by AudioBeard

This is a cool, weird spin on the typical style of background music for tech videos. It sounds like it’s taken inspiration from artists like Aphex Twin. I love the addition of the piano to instrumentation that’s otherwise all electronic. It’s a nice touch.

Inspiring Technology Abstract Creative by Aquavitae

The unusual mix of sounds makes this track by Aquavitae a unique choice. It’s clean, and the chord progression evolves it into something interesting.

Big City by Alexiaction

This minimalistic track by Alexiaction is almost like having just a beat behind you. Which makes it adaptable to whatever imagery you’re showing. Listening to it in isolation you’ll notice that it does indeed take you on a journey. But only when you listen closely. That’s why it’s perfect for almost any review video.

Ambient Technology by OnTheTune

This track blends acoustic instruments with electronic elements and a hip hop beat. The result is a flowing, warm sounding track perfect for immersing viewers in your review. It’s also easy to cut and edit.

Futuristic Glitch Technology Corporate by StereoNuts

If you like the futuristic sounding “glitch” genre, then you’re gonna like this track by StereoNuts. It’s clean and energetic, but not imposing. It’s versatile enough to sit behind most styles of narration and review.

The Dubstep by AudioRocket

This is a great dubstep track that isn’t too heavy. It’s bright and the atmosphere it creates is one of inspiration and excitement. Pair this with a sharply edited review and you’re good to go.

Forceful Tech by ArashDarehshouri

While its name may sound a little harsh, this track by ArashDarehshouri is anything but. It has a soft sound but an energetic beat. The synth and guitar arpeggios give it a welcome layer of complexity to make it interesting but not too attention grabbing.

Ambient and Elegant Corporate by MichaelCatAudio

For a serious and considered analysis of the new iPhone, try this track. Ambient and Elegant Corporate is smooth, and is a great choice to sit behind narration.

Upbeat Inspiring Motivation Dubstep by WhiteTiger_Production

This track is a bit little edgy but still low key enough to sit in the background. If you treat your brand is a bit like a video game or action movie, consider this for your new iPhone review.

The Glitch by Synthezx

This is a powerful and emotional track. It features an ideal blend of cinematic and electronic. While it’s modern and a bit futuristic, it’s still emotionally engaging and not alienating. I think it sounds like a more electronic version of the Westworld theme. Consider this if your brand isn’t afraid of emotional depth.

Technology by BlackTrendMusic

BlackTrendMusic continue to churn out fantastic tracks that I refer to as “crispy”. And this one does not disappoint. The clean but soft beats and pop-corn sounding synth pattern make for a very playful and subtle track. But it’s the finger snaps coming in and out that add something special. Using a track like this will take almost any video to another level.

Ambient Technology by AudioTape

This track by AudioTape is a complete work of its own. It’s well written, well produced and takes the listener on a journey. But it’s also low profile enough to compliment a video and sit behind narration. It’s subtle, thoughtful and great quality.

Robots by Nazart

If you want your review to resemble the intensity of a Marvel trailer, Robots by Nazart will do the job. It’s dramatic but still subtle, especially after the opening.

Uplifting Indie Pop by JohnRosso

The iPhone is all about bringing people the future, but making it feel accessible. This warm, ambient track by JohnRosso does exactly that. Using electronic elements sparingly and purposefully, it’s dominated by piano and guitar. This track is a good fit if you’re looking for something modern and uplifting.

Deep Ambient Summer by TheQLon

Deep Ambient Summer is fun and dancy while still low profile. It’s light and melodic and will add a sunny atmosphere to any video. Several different length versions of the track come with it making it very versatile.

Piano Ambient 2 by MusicFilmStudio

Graceful and elegant, this is a great if you want to emphasize simplicity and emotion. While its lightness allows it to fade into the background, it’s hard not to let it touch your soul.

A Hopeful Future by Sate

If Moby were to create a track for an iPhone review, I’d bet all my money it would sound something like this. This track is quirky, crispy and modern. If you’re wanting something unpredictable, then pick this.

Spacey Mystical Music by KabbalisticVillage

I can imagine The Verge using this track for a review. The spinning drums add something different compared to most tech tracks. And it feels like a nod to 90s and early 00s house.

Corporate Technology by GreenElephantProduction

Fresh, low profile and a little bit dancy, this track is ideal for a review of the new iPhone. It’s modern enough to suit the subject matter but the beat makes it fun and will stop the tone from being too serious.

Perfect Ending by Oenyuar

Wanting to go epic with a capital ‘E’? This track by Oenyuar will deliver. The choir that opens that track amps up the drama. And the melancholic strings mixed with powerful hits of the drums are intense.

Cinematic Abstract by DSProMusic

This track by DSProMusic would make an elegant beginning to a review of the new iPhone. Along with the electronic elements you can hear birds tweeting in the background. “This music is a symbiosis of nature and technology,” says the author. “The idea of the music is the birth of something new. It’s a new life, new technology, new age.”

Space Hip Hop by Bransboynd

For people wanting a high-taste mix of crispy beats with a hip hop feel, you need to check this out. Space Hip Hop by Bransboynd creates what the author refers to as “techno space mood”. It does so by fusing the genres together, creating something interesting, versatile.

This Future by LumenMedia

This Future is very, well, futuristic. Combining glitch elements with crisp drums and ambient synths, it’s an ideal companion to a tech review.

Electronic Pop by GEGMusic

Wanting to cut through the futuristic sound of most reviews. Consider going for a retro vibe. Electronic Pop injects the energy of 80s electronic music into this track. It’s perfect for a cool, bright, tongue-in-cheek style of iPhone review.

Technology Background by Audio_Wave

This is a beautiful track by Audio_Wave. It’s a perfect companion to narration thanks to the slight distortion on the main chords. The mood is inviting and radiates a sense of harmlessness. It will put your audience at ease.

Future Bass by OlexandrIgnatov

This style of this track by the talented OlexandrIgnatov is very much in vogue amongst popular YouTubers. It’s fresh, bright and energetic.

Inspiring Ideas by Twisterium

Once again, if you’re looking for something with an element of retro this is a great choice. The drums and synth create a driving energy that lasts the whole track. It’s fun and confident but not overwhelming.

Viewpoint by nikitsan

This track is light and different to what you’d hear in most technology reviews. It seems more futuristic than others on this list, but still very playful and inviting. I can imagine this suiting a bright neon color palette.

Tech Corporate by RainyAudio

Tech Corporate is an extremely cool track that would fit a slick and concise analysis of the new iPhone. It features quirky elements like a popcorn sounding effect. But the chords played by the synth are brooding and serious. If you’re a reviewer with some gravitas, consider this.

Ambient Chill by Max-Music

Is your brand more cool, calm and collected? Then Ambient Chill by Max-Music would be a nice choice for you. It’s quiet, subtle and perfect for drawing focus from the viewer. Pairing this with calm, clear narration would be perfect.

Stratosphere by cjramirez

Looking for something to drive the energy of your video but not overpower it? Check this one out by cjramirez. Stratosphere is fresh and low profile with a small sound and minimal layers of instrumentation. Its beat and the synthesizers bring most of the energy without going overboard.

Fashion Background by R1Studio

This track’s a bit of a departure from the others on this list. If you were to do a review of the new iPhone from a fashion perspective, this track would be perfect. The ambience gives it a sleekness that suits the general interpretation of high-fashion. It also creates an atmosphere that feels like a runway is in close proximity.

Glitch Inspiration by NIDRED

This courageous track is bold and extremely fresh. The atmosphere it creates is a little intense, but in a good way. The claps that ride above the beat work as a crisp, clean accent. And the synth arpeggios that feature throughout can’t help but keep the listener engaged. This would be a very interesting choice to pair with a voiceover. Although it won’t work for everyone.

Inspiring Trailer by SlowwickSounds

If you were to review the new iPhone for a business audience, like Bloomberg’s, this would be one to consider. It’s cinematic orchestration will add a sense of adventure to your video.

Upbeat Hip-Hop by Trendsound

If Sam Sheffer were to use an AudioJungle track for his review of the new iPhone, this would be it. It’s fun, fresh and features a funky hip hop beat. Need I say more?

Chill Technology by 8thModeMusic

This track by 8thModeMusic is fluffy, light and electronic with real sounding drums. I picture it paired with a calmly presented iPhone review that uses a pastel color palette. It’s a great track if you want to put your audience at ease.

Technological Innovations by penguinmusic

It’s hard to listen to this track without feeling a smile come across your face. Technological Innovations by penguinmusic was actually inspired by Apple’s official videos. It’s elegant, minimalistic and above all, playful.

Motivational Synth Pop Corporate by MilkyRourke

It’s also hard to listen to this one and not feel positive when the chords kick in. It’s a little retro, a little futuristic and more than anything, very bright. It’s a great choice to compliment your video.

Design by Anjey

Design is a interesting track that would work well with a review from a high-taste reviewer. It’s unlike most of what’s heard behind reviews today. And the instrument used for the melody line is unusual, in the best of ways.

Motivational Ambient by Control_Room

This is excellent track by Control_Room features both modern and some retro elements. This would be a perfect fit for a publication like The Outline whose mix of irony, nostalgia and serious analysis this track embodies.

That Hip-Hop by COSMONKEY

Ok. If you aspire to be the next Casey Neistat and you want to mimic his style, this track is the key. That Hip-Hop by COSMONKEY matches the hip-hop/electronic wave of music that’s enveloped YouTube. It’s clean, it’s fun and it’ll work well under narration.

Modern Technology by Sunnydeemusic

And finally, this gooey, synthy, crispy piece by Sunnydeemusic is different, gentle and smooth. Remember that the key to Apple’s success is making the future feel accessible. This track does that by using electronic instrumentation, and tweaking the sound to be warm. This one’s a winner.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To discover more suggestions for music to add to your review of the new iPhone check out this thread on our forums. And, of course, you can find many more options on AudioJungle.

Special thanks to Scott Wills, Adrien Gardiner and Monica McCormick for their help putting this thread and article together.

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