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7 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand With Content

Personal branding has become an essential part of building a business, particularly if you’re a solo-prenuer or your business is based on personal skill.

If you look back ten years, you’d be hard pressed to find any mention of the term ‘personal brand’. It would be even more difficult to find someone to explain to you what it means.

These days, personal branding has become an essential part of building a business, particularly if you’re a solo-prenuer or your business is based on personal skill. If your aim is to build a thriving and engaged online community (and that should be your aim) here are seven things you need to consider when creating content for your personal brand.

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Be valuable

Your followers, clients or customers want value from everything you ship. Before you publish your next blog post, before you update your status on Facebook and before you put your next picture on Instagram, asked yourself – is this adding value to the lives of my community? If the answer is no, don’t publish it.

Be consistent

Think about the way we used to watch television before streaming services. We would tune in every week, sometimes every day at an allocated time to watch our shows and we would repeat this behaviour every week, often rearranging our lives around this schedule.

If a channel replaced a show with a sports broadcast or took a break over a holiday season, the routine was broken and this often resulted in a loss of viewers. Apply this theory to your own personal brand. Be consistent, post when your readers expect you to post and never let them down.

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Read Your Audience

Do regular audits of your social media platforms, check your statistics and do more of the stuff that works. That Instagram post that got 200 likes? Do more of that. The Facebook status that no one commented on? Do less of that. Give the people what they want.

Actually Say Some Stuff

Be wary of adding to the noise on the internet. There’s a lot of dead weight out there. Take a firm position, make a statement, stand for something and inspire your community. Pictures of your gorgeous lunch are fine but make sure your next contribution to the world has some utility for others.

Entertain, Educate, Empower

The best content or product is one that leaves it’s consumer in a better state. You’re only as good as the last thing you did so make it does one (or all) of the following. Entertain, educate, empower. Make your audience laugh, make them think or inspire them.

Be Relatable

Consumers love to take ownership over their favourite brands so make it really easy for them to own you and be proud of you. Give them some behind the scenes glimpses of your business, run a quirky competition every now and then or shoot a video asking your consumers to tell you about themselves. This is the reason why magazines interview celebrities. People are naturally nosy and they’ll love to see your work in progress.

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Ask Yourself – Would You Follow You?

Every now then do an audit of your personal brand. Look at everywhere you publish content and ask yourself honestly ‘Would you follow you?’. If the answer is no, you need to start looking at ways to change that.

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