7 WordPress Plugins for Streamlining Your Workflow

As a freelancer or agency, you know how tiresome and distracting it can be to field emails, schedule client meetings, and actively work to generate leads for your business.

Typically, when a business considers automating their workflow, it requires a number of tools to cover all their bases. You’re likely already doing this with CRM software, finance management tools, and a collaboration platform. Of course, that’s not to say that utilizing multiple tools is inefficient; you’re simply using the ones that get the job done best for that specific task in your workflow.

When it comes to managing and streamlining workflows for the digital face of your business, though, there’s really only one tool you need and that’s WordPress. With thousands upon thousands of beautifully designed plugins to choose from, you can streamline a number of processes and save yourself the time and frustration of having to manually attend to them.

As a freelancer or agency, you know how tiresome and distracting it can be to field emails, schedule client meetings, and actively work to generate leads for your business. All you want to do is focus on doing your work and managing your business. So, if you’re not already taking advantage of these 7 WordPress plugins to streamline your workflow, then you should start right now.

Ninja Kick by looks_awesome

For: Contact forms

Without a contact form, your visitors would be relegated to calling, emailing, or finding another way to get in touch—and those contact methods tend to take up a lot of your time, too. With Ninja Kick, you can simplify the whole contact process between visitors and yourself.

The cool thing about Ninja Kick is that it’s not just a contact form plugin. Rather, this is a plugin that removes the additional friction that happens when visitors have to click on a CTA in order to find your contact form. With this plugin, your contact form slides or pops onto the screen, keeping visitors in one spot and giving them what they want right away.

Superfly by looks_awesome

For: Navigation

In another example of how you can remove friction from the user experience, there is the Superfly plugin. Similar to how Ninja Kick works, this one makes your website’s navigation easier to interact with by removing the need to click it open. It also creates a more attractive and engaging navigation animation, keeping your visitors’ focus trained on moving around the site and not off of it.

Email Customizer by cxThemes

For: Email marketing

Now, for those of you who have monetized your site with WooCommerce, you know how important it is to continue to foster a relationship with your customers. It should never end with the purchase. That’s why transactional emails are a crucial part in maintaining contact with them, even after the sale is made. Of course, those emails need to be composed and pushed out to your customers, so that requires work on your part. Right?

You’ll be happy to know that there is a way to automate this process with the Email Customizer plugin. And, not only that, this plugin will help you create beautifully designed transactional emails, so your automated responses won’t just be a simple “thank you”, but instead something more impressive.

Flow-Flow by looks_awesome

For: Social media

Marketing is one of those parts of your business that inevitably will require an investment of your time. However, that doesn’t mean that the sharing of content needs to be as cumbersome on your workflow, especially when you have a plugin like Flow-Flow that simplifies the integration of social media feeds into your WordPress website.

Booked by BoxyStudio

For: Client or customer registration

Registration plugins tend to be associated with websites for hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels, so you’re likely familiar with them if you’ve built sites for those types of clients.

But what about for your own website? If you’re in the business of doing client-based project work, then you probably have a system in place whereby you schedule an initial call to meet with prospective clients, discuss their needs, and provide consultation on next steps. Using a registration plugin to schedule those initial feeler calls wouldn’t be such a bad idea then. You’d be able to spend less time watching the phone or your inbox and more time working.

Events Schedule by Curly Themes

For: Event calendars

One of the more effective and powerful ways to engage your audience is through “live” events: webinars, seminars, classes, and even local on-site events. If you’re offering this type of premium engagement for your audience, then you need a better way to organize it.

Using the Events Schedule plugin on your WordPress site, you can post a calendar of upcoming events, sell tickets, manage bookings, and secure payment. All of this, of course, will be automated, so you can spend more time creating your presentation or planning your event and less time managing the intake of signups or collecting payments.

Rankie by ValvePress

For: Tracking SEO

Google Analytics, of course, is an essential tool everyone needs to keep track of what visitors are doing. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have a plugin that pulls more comprehensive information about your Google ranking into the WordPress dashboard? Well, Rankie will do that for you. In addition to keeping you informed of your site’s rank, it also comes with a keyword research tool to help you continually work on improving that rank.

Each of these WordPress plugins will give you a more streamlined workflow, freeing you up from tedious tasks you don’t need to be managing from day to day. If you’re already subscribed to Envato Elements, you’re in luck as all seven of these are included in your monthly subscription. And if you’re not yet signed up, now’s a good time. There are hundreds of thousands of templates, fonts, and photos waiting for you!

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