How to Add Impressive Effects to Text – Best Photoshop Tutorials

Create impressive text effects with these beginner-friendly tutorials.

Retro Grunge Text Effect Tutorial

Spend an afternoon learning a few new tricks! Text effects are one of the best ways to hone your skills as a graphic designer. Achieve insane 3D effects or gain more knowledge about layer styles and more.

Let’s take a look at a few awesome text effect tutorials from Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration.

Master the Basics

Need a refresher before you begin? Check out this series of tutorials and learning guides to help you get started.

Design in 60 Seconds: What is Typography?

In this quick video, learn the essentials of modern typography while enjoying a few examples for inspiration.

What is typography

Knowing the basics to typography will help you with text effects in the long run. Check out this video to explore the difference between serif and sans serif fonts.

Serif vs Sans Serif Fonts

Mastering Text Effects – Learning Guide

When you’re ready, dive into this collection of text effect tutorials to master high quality 3D effects and more.

Mastering Text Effects

Easy Text Effect Tutorials

You don’t have to be an expert to create winning designs. Try out these easy step-by-step tutorials from our experts to master your favorite effects!

If you’re looking forward to season two of Netflix’s Stranger Things, then give this great tutorial a shot. Learn how to use only layer styles and simple adjustments to make the show’s famous neon logo.

Stranger things text effect tutorial

With Photoshop actions, you can apply brilliant effects to your text by just playing a simple action. Learn how to create an action that generates realistic grass with this fun tutorial.

Grass text effect tutorial

Double exposure effects are one of the hottest trends going around the design industry today. If you love the process of blending of images for one great effect, then check out this tutorial for a simple breakdown.

Double exposure text effect tutorial

Merge your love of architectural design with a blueprint-inspired text effect! This Illustrator tutorial shows how you to set up the initial grid before using pattern brushes and more to create this handwritten look.

Blueprint Text Effect tutorial

Retro text effects harness the charm of vintage design and bring it into the modern world. Create this retro effect using layer styles, grunge textures, and noise.

Retro Grunge Text Effect Tutorial

Recreate the look of folded paper with this brilliant tutorial! Learn how to take full advantage of the Appearance panel while absorbing great tips on blending and more.

Folded Text Effect Tutorial

Incorporate beautiful floral elements into your typography with this insightful lesson. Learn how to add simple text to a stock image for an incredible effect.

Floral Text Effect Tutorial

Another popular trend that has hit the industry is the use of clean, geometric elements. In this tutorial, learn how to build a creative geometric collage using basic Photoshop tools to divide text into different segments.

Geometric Text Effect Tutorial

Use Photoshop actions to create realistic fur text effects. This tutorial will show you how to set up the initial action before building the furry elements with layer styles and more. Fur Text Effect Tutorial

Need more choices? Browse this massive collection of text effect tutorials to find one that fits your unique style. From 3D effects to popular fan art themes, you’ll definitely love this selection.

100 Best Text Effect Tutorials

In-Depth Video Courses

For a more in-depth look at text effects, head on over to the Courses section of Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration. Not only will you get access to over a thousand informative courses, but you’ll also learn more great tips and tricks for mastering text effects.

Working with Type in Illustrator

In this course, instructor Cheryl Graham shows you the power and versatility of working with type in Adobe Illustrator. Explore these extensive lessons to master typography fast.

Working with Type in Illustrator
Working with Type in Illustrator

Working with Text in Photoshop

If you prefer to work with Photoshop instead, then check out this detailed course. Instructor Howard Pinsky shows you the basics of working with type in Photoshop before challenging you with more advanced techniques.

Working with Text in Photoshop
Working with Text in Photoshop

You’d be surprised with what you can achieve with the right fonts! Enjoy this look at typographic posters and word clouds from instructor Gary Simon.

Illustrating with Type Course
Illustrating with Type: Typographic Posters & Word Clouds


Tackle your favorite text effects to gain insightful knowledge about leading industry software. Upgrade your portfolio with impressive designs your clients will love!

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