AG Tags Generator

One of the greatest values of having such an outstanding community that’s filled to the brim with talented and dedicated individuals is their ability and willingness to help each other out. At any given time however, it’s easy to forget the huge amount of effort, certain members of our community, invest in order to be able to make something for the benefit of all others. Today I’m very happy to present one of the tools built by one of these outstanding community members – Adi Goldstein, a composer from Audiojungle (AGsoundtrax).

Tell us a bit more about your important milestones and what inspired you to create this tool?

One of my biggest achievements on Envato and best portfolio item which turn to be my best sellers is a track called ‘Clocks’ which also was one of the first tracks that I’ve started using my tags generator code!

In 2011, I was scoring the Israeli version for the ‘Homeland’, a famous TV series and ‘Clocks was composed to be one of the quirky music pieces for the Israeli prisoners, but at the end the director decided to change the theme to something else which left ‘clocks’ without purpose. This changed once I found AJ 🙂


I don’t know about you guys, but I personally just hate to write tags, each time I need to find the right hashtags for my photos on Instagram, music on Audiojungle or Soundcloud, videos on YouTube, post on Tumblr etc… so I guess that this is something that started as a helping tool for myself, turned out to be a great and helpful tool for all of my composer friends here on Audiojungle, but not only for them, for all who have the need of tagging their files.

So what’s this all about?

Well, AG Tags Generator is a simple web tool which will help you to keep all your tags organized and provide you with quick access to your most used ones, but more importantly, it will help you save tons of time.

All social platforms have different tag requirements in terms of quantity, separators & prefixes as well as other requirements. With this tool you can generate perfectly customized tags for your posts for all the different social networks in mere seconds.

The tool builds customizable boards to organize categories and tags. For instance, if I’m a photographer who’s uploading tons of new photos each week to photodune, I will use my own “Photography” board with my own categories like”Beach” which will include all the tags that fit to describe beaches, by pressing the edit button, I could just add my own new tags and so on, the same goes for say a musician, video maker, and code developer.

Are you offering this helpful tool for free?

This all started 3 years ago, when I’ve first learned about Envato Market, and after getting my first track sold. I knew back then that my life was about to change completely and it really did!

From a musician working hard, 7 days a week, to make a living, here I am, finally having some free time for my family, myself and for creating and composing, which was my real passion in music.

Since then, I’ve always looked at this amazing community and tried hard to figure out a way in which I can give something back, for all good things that it did for me in the past 3 years since I’ve been selling my music on AJ. I thought to myself: “how can I really make something that would benefit all of us and help us with saving a little time, leaving us a little bit more time to create and focus on our music?

I quickly found out that there isn’t really an easy way to fill in the submission tags field, so I figured I could make a small java code that will help me to copying and pasting my favorite tags. The only problem was: How can I do that if I don’t know a single line of code? 🙂

This is why I love the internet! You can always learn everything by yourself! I took a fast course on JavaScript and started with this nice and simple code which back then I’ve posted on my composer website as a blog post. I got really great feedback and people were telling me how much they loved it! This is when I knew I just got what I’ve always wanted and that I was bringing back some love to all the amazing people on Envato. If I had everyone’s home address, I’d definitely send them flowers 🙂

2 years after gathering all the great feedback, from all around the community, I thought: “why not to take this tool one step further and make it a really standalone tool which not only could be helpful for my musician friends, but also for all other Envato authors?” This became one of my main goals when creating the website. In conclusion – yes its free and it will stay like that because this is my way to say “Thank you all for helping me to change my world.” 🙂

Here’s how you can use the tool:

Go over to tagsgenerator.com and log in with either your social accounts, or create an account by using your email address. After doing that you’ll be greated with the main screen, where you’ll immediately see some of the main features include:

  • Easy Copy/Paste and organizing of your tags.
  • Custom separator and prefix.
  • Chrome Extension
  • Tags Presets
  • Custom Boards



1 .Boards: Here you add/edit/delete & favorite your boards
2.Be sure to sign in to your account to keep your changes for the next time.
3.The Setting gear.
4.Your tags presets (Which will be also applied for your chrome extension)
5.After choosing all to your tags you can now add your own presets by clicking on the’+’ sign.
6.If all your tags are set, now you just have to press the green button which will execute the keyboard shortcut of CMD+C or Ctrl+c on a pc.

Editing and Adding Tags.


Hit the edit button for the edit mode.
Enter your tag name and hit enter to add the tag to the list(it will order alphabetic )
Press The red ‘X’ to erase the tags you don’t need for this board



Here you can choose any character to separate you tags.
With the tag prefix you can choose the characters that will appear before the chosen tags.
You also can choose the capitalization for your tags
If you are viewing to many tags you can choose the see all the tags on a small font for your convenience.
This line will show you the setting results .

Chrome Extension


With the help of the chrome extension you can access the tool easily to get to all your previously created presets. To add more presets simply go back to the main webpage. Hope you’ll enjoy using the Tags Generator!