How to Make a Passive Income with the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Many top internet marketers earn good money by creating niche Amazon affiliate websites – here’s how to set one up.

Most bloggers will tell you that affiliate commissions are a great way to monetize a blog. It doesn’t have to be the primary monetization method, but it’s an extra weapon in your arsenal to maximize profits.

And, if you do commit to earning affiliate commissions, you’ll be interested in learning that the world’s most popular affiliate scheme is, you guessed it, Amazon’s. Affiliates earn a respectable 4-8.5% per sale, but the main draw is the volume of products available to promote and the well-respected Amazon name driving sales.

In fact, many top internet marketers earn good money by creating niche Amazon affiliate websites. If you want to add your name to this list, I recommend downloading Envato Market’s WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin

The plugin allows you to add any Amazon products to a WooCommerce website – as such, the plugin requires that the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated. When a visitor attempts to purchase one of these products, they’re redirected to Amazon, and you earn an affiliate commission.

Sound good? Well, today I want to show you how easy it is to use WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates to setup and monetize your next niche website.

Getting Started

Before we can use the plugin’s functionality, we need to install it.

This is done the same way as any other plugin. All you need to do is login to the WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Click Browse… to search your hard-drive, select the relevant .zip folder, and then click Install Now > Activate Plugin.

The next task is to configure the plugin with your Amazon account. To do this, head to WooZone > Configuration > Amazon config. You will then need to login to your Amazon Web Service account to retrieve your Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and also your Affiliate ID for each territory. When done, hit the Check Amazon AWS Keys button. A few seconds later, you’ll see a confirmation that your account was able to connect. Finally, click the Save the Settings button.

With this task complete, you’re good to go.

Bulk Product Upload

If you want to earn Amazon affiliate commissions, first you’ll need some products to promote. Fortunately, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates makes it super-easy to add Amazon products to your website – either individually or in bulk.

The easiest way to do this is by heading to WooZone > Import Products > Advanced Search.

WooZone Bulk Import

Search for your keywords, then Amazon will return hundreds of products in your niche. Select the ones you want, and then click Import Products.

WooZone Bulk Import List

This takes a few minutes, depending on how many products you select, as the plugin has to download all relevant images for each product. The plugin will also download the sales description, product variations, categories, and customer reviews straight from Amazon.

Importing Products

With the downloads complete, you’ll be able to see all your imported products by navigating to the Products section of your dashboard.

Imported Products

These products are published to your WooCommerce store as usual, and when customers try to buy one of the products, they will automatically be referred to Amazon with your affiliate code attached.

If you’d prefer to upload specific products, you can do so by importing a CSV file listing your product’s ASIN codes.

Amazon Content Spinner

eCommerce store owners are regularly advised about how important it is to write your own sales descriptions – in terms of boosting SEO and converting more customers.

Unfortunately, writing hundreds of sales descriptions is a time-consuming task that many store owners conveniently overlook. If you fall into this category, you’ll love this next feature: Amazon Content Spinner.

To access this awesome time-saver, navigate to WooZone > Product Import > Amazon Content Spinner. You will then have the option to “spin” content for any of your uploaded Amazon products.

Amazon Content Spinner

Simply click the SPIN Content Now! button and the plugin will automatically generate a unique sales description based on the original Amazon description. If you dislike the descriptions, you can click to undo it and restore the original one.

When you’re happy, the newly generated description is automatically published on your product pages.

Amazon Analytics

As any eCommerce store owner will tell you, it’s useful to know what your best performing products are. To assist with this, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates also supports an advanced analytics functionality.

To access this, click through to WooZone > Plugin Status > Product Stats.

You will see a list of your imported Amazon products, as well as a few key statistics for each one: number of hits, times added to cart, and number of times redirected through to Amazon.

Product Stats

You can also view a summary of your top products by navigating to the plugin dashboard, simply by clicking WooZone.

This is the quickest way to identify the best-performing products, which you can then feature more prominently on your site.

Front-end Users

So far, I’ve demonstrated how easy it is to use the plugin from the WordPress back-end. Just as important, however, is how the plugin looks at the front-end — as seen by your visitors.

Well, there’s lots of good news: the plugin seamlessly integrates the Amazon affiliate products with the rest of your WooCommerce storefront. There is nothing to indicate to visitors that you don’t stock the products yourself, and visitors won’t be able to tell the difference.

WooCommerce Amazon Storefront

Visitors can click through to specific product pages. This is where they can view the product description, images, reviews, and product specs the plugin downloaded directly from Amazon.

WooCommerce Amazon Product Page

If they like what they see, they can utilize the WooCommerce functionality to add products to their shopping cart. When they attempt to checkout, however, they are redirected to Amazon.

WooCommerce Amazon Redirect

The products are automatically added to the Amazon cart, with your affiliate code attached. The customer can then proceed to checkout using Amazon’s standard checkout process. Of course, when they do this, you get paid!

WooCommerce Amazon Checkout

Quick, easy, and effective.

Final Thoughts

The WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a great way to run an online business with minimal risk. You don’t have to worry about purchasing stock; you can simply list Amazon products, then earn a slice of the action.

If you’re interested in building a niche affiliate website, I strongly recommend downloading the plugin. It’s super-easy to use, saves heaps of time, and allows you to put together a website that really maximizes affiliate commissions.

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