Envato Market Progress Update 2013


Hi Elites

Congratulations to you all on another spectacular year of growth and creating wonderful works.  I’ve loved meeting some of you in the States and Melbourne this year and speaking to many more.  We hope to continue to increase our communication with you, although let us know if it is too much!

Left to right: Travis, Joffer, Carmen, Japh and Scott in Hollywood

I thought you might like an update on our progress at Marketplaces HQ and around the world, since our last Marketplaces Community update video:

  • Delivery of site improvements by the development and product teams has had some cool stuff ship including:
  • 100% cutover to consolidated search engine with some promising improvements in conversion already
  • Elasticsearch consolidation enabled some new features to ship already; with comments search and spelling suggestions launched this week
  • Automatic payments launched recently, so that you don’t have to manually request payment each month.  More than half our authors adopted the automatic method in the first payment cycle, so we figure it was overdue!

In the Marketing realm, you may have noticed we’ve really upped our efforts on email marketing:

  • Our email address lists are almost double a year ago
  • We continue to launch new kinds of emails such as ‘inspiration’ emails to showcase the beautiful items on the markets
  • In October we hit new records sending 1.8m emails, with really high click through rates.  Even our main newsletter had open rates above 20% (well above common industry numbers like 5%!)

We continue a big focus on Search marketing, both paid search to promote your files as well as all the SEO work we do in the background structure of the site.  Saijo, our resident SEO guru, is also stepping into the limelight a little more these days to build links to our sites with guest blogs and other PR activities.

And of course we launched Google Analytics a while ago to you.  We hope you’ve enjoyed doing some of your own marketing, or at least using GA to get more insight to your users, where they come from and where they go!

And in the background, we are really working on a bunch of operational improvements to try to remove any pain points, and make us super smooth to do business with.  Things like clarifying Review requirements, improving our Review processes, looking at our Support processes and how we can better support your Support to customers, and the list goes on.  

We knew a lot of the issues from chats and forums, but it really brought it home when we met with people like Mike McAlister, Chris (TheMolitor), and Andy and Tom from Themeva in the US recently.  We have not forgotten those chats guys, and you should be seeing progress in a number of Support and Review areas over coming months.

Coming up, we are will continuing to focus on Search relevance improvements, and we will be watching the new ‘Marketplaces hub’ and network navigation post launch to see how much extra traffic we can gain between the Marketplaces.  We will do more to bring the markets together if it proves a good way to add more value to you and your buyers.

I am also really excited about the preview and shortlisting capability we have coming, as a precursor to the long sought after shopping cart :-)…watch this space…

But for now, thank you all so much for your support this year and your incredible work.  We all remain inspired in Marketplaces by what you are doing and the lives you live.  We are all determined to work hard to support you and get ever better at helping you earn with us online.


From left to right: Japh, Helen, Lance, Justin and Scott.

All feedback welcome as always and looking forward to being in touch and lots of success together in 2014