Aquatic: Stock Photography from Under The Sea

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” –Jacques Yves Cousteau

Deep below the ocean’s surface there is a vibrant, vast ecosystem full of life: a rich diversity of marine life, with colorful sea creatures and stunning coral reef. And although oceans cover nearly 75% of the earth’s surface, most of us don’t get to explore their depths. So in honor of the massive, mysterious world under the sea, we curated a photo collection around the theme of Aquamarine.

beautiful underwater world by EwaStudio
Pomacanthus navarchus blue angel sea fish in aquarium by Grigory_bruev
Coral reef by Galyna_Andrushko
Group of little fishes under water by Anna_Om
Green turtle by kjorgen
Underwater coral, fish, and plants in Bali by edan3
anemone by ivankmit
Anemones by joebelanger
Green anemone by joebelanger
Yellow seahorse by chat9780
Yellow clownfish by joebelanger
Red sea anemone on reef by joebelanger
Tropical Perch by joebelanger
Gopher rockfish on reef by joebelanger
Colorful nudibranch by joebelanger
Cowry snail by joebelanger
Crevice kelpfish on color reef by joebelanger

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