Are You Planning to Combine Work with Travel These Holidays?

Alone: In the Wild by Dave Morrow

A lot of us will be traveling to interesting places over the holiday season. Are you tempted to get a bit of work done while you’re away?

Having a flexible job that is not location-specific can open up a lot of opportunities. Instead of having to take time off work to travel, you can take your work with you.

But how does that work in practice? Well, there are a bunch of people in the Envato community who have already given it a go, and we can learn from their experiences.

Melissa Antonelli spent five weeks this year living and freelancing in Italy

You can read all about it in the FreelanceSwitch article Have Internet, Will Travel: A Freelancer Case Study.

When Melissa lost her marketing job, her boss asked her to continue working for him as a consultant. That extra freedom cut the tether to her desk, and gave her the freedom she has been enjoying ever since.

I was doing the same job without the stressful commute, and I wasn’t tethered to my desk all day. It was perfect.

Besides traveling to Europe, Melissa takes advantage of her freedom to travel around the United States. She especially enjoys working in locations where she can go snowboarding in her lunch breaks.

Melissa spent five weeks living and freelancing in Italy

ChristianKragh creates ActiveDen and AudioJungle items while travelling the world

You can read all about it in his Envato Notes Author Interview.

Christian travels a lot. His workspace is basically a MacBook Pro with all the software he needs, and a few guitars. “The actual ‘space’ is anywhere,” he says.

Where has Christian been?

Where I’m from is a complicated story and it’s the reason why I’m currently a traveling little troubadour but I’ll try to keep it quick: born in Denmark, moved to Rochester, NY immediately, 3 years later moved to Berlin, Germany, 3 years later moved back to Rochester, NY, 7 years later moved to Antwerp, Belgium, 5 years later I left home and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 year later moved close to Birmingham, England, 1 year later I spent half a year in Sydney, Australia and the past year I’ve spent traveling around, mostly between Rochester, NY and Denmark but also Germany, France, England and other US states.

That’s the beauty of a portable workspace and flexible work.

Christian's portable workspace

A mystery author is working out of a caravan while traveling long-term

We haven’t heard from our mystery author for a while, but you can learn a bit about his story from his Featured Workspace posts – Part 1 and Part 2.

This author makes a living from the Envato marketplaces, which allows a very flexible lifestyle. He just needs his computer, and the Internet from time to time. To power his laptop he sometimes has to use solar panels.

Hundreds of kilometers from the nearest town (and heading away) we reached a high point and our “Internet alarm” went off. Quickly pulled over and whipped out the 6 dB gain omni – got a fairly decent connection for this area (90 kbps) and stopped for an hour catching up on work.

Our mystery author working outside his caraven

Hey, Mystery Author. What about an update?

Japh Thomson traveled Europe while working for Envato

Read all about it in this Meet the Staff post.

Japh is now Envato’s WordPress Evangelist. But last year when he worked for Support, he took his job on the road when he traveled to Europe with his family.

I really pride myself on being mobile. My workspace really consists of my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad, and I can work from pretty well anywhere as long as I can get internet access. (I actually worked from my car for over an hour the other day while I waited for my favourite cafe to open!)

I work from at least three different locations most weeks. Actually, when I worked in Support for Envato, I was travelling around Europe, and liked to tease Drew that I was working from my balcony in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower!

Japh working on a balcony in Paris

Aussie Jordan McNamara took Support on the road while traveling the States

Read all about it in this Meet the Staff post.

Not to be outdone, last year Jordan from support headed from Australia to the States to do some traveling. We caught up with him mid-air to get the story.

At the beginning of this year, I started to think about the fact that we have so many of our staff (at all levels of the business) working remotely – so maybe I could do the same for a bit and do some exploring!

And voila! I’m currently planning on going to the United States (well, I’m already here – I’m writing this on a flight to Chicago!) and Europe. More specifically, I’ve just visited Los Angeles for two days where I stayed in a hostel in Hollywood.

Well, that’s not the end of the story – there are lots more experiences that I don’t have time to cover here. Like Review Manager Jarel Remick traveling the world while working. Or how he and a bunch of other Americans spent a month working in our Melbourne office.

What about you. Do you have any big or small plans to work while traveling?