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Ask Collis No.2

Every month we’ll choose a bunch of your questions, and Collis will answer them.

Collis is Envato’s wise and fearless leader. Every month we’ll choose a bunch of your questions, and Collis will answer them. You can add your questions to the pot by heading over to this Web form. It’s also a great place to catch his previous pearls of wisdom.

Here are this month’s questions:

Hey Collis, I’m happy to have found a place where I can ask you a question! About a month ago you mentioned something about a streaming service or something along those lines, for AudioJungle. Are you able to elaborate on that?

We don’t have any plans for a streaming service on AudioJungle, however I might have mentioned selling tracks for listening to, that’s something I believe is coming soon. Also we’re hoping to add a way to buy and sell sheet music too! But no streaming services, at least not that I know of 🙂

Everywhere you look, it seems like the pro’s are suggesting that the only method to promote your blog is to write guest articles on popular blogs. While that works, is there anything else that we can do?

Absolutely, there are lots of things! For example you could find a Subreddit on that is close to your blogs topic and try to submit your best articles there to gather traffic. You can go commenting on other blogs (with thoughtful comments) and network with other bloggers to get them to pay attention to you and your blog. You can buy some traffic from a service like StumbleUpon to give your blog a bit of a jumpstart. (Though obviously that entails spending money!) You can write articles on your blog that follow on from other people’s articles and make sure you link back, in order to try to get their attention and maybe a link (and some traffic). You could try to join a blogging group or network.

Anyhow there are lots of other things too! Basically I think you just have to try absolutely everything you can think of. Some things will work, others will be a bit of a waste of time, but you never know till you try!

You can find more information on growing a blog, specifically as a business enterprise, in my book How to Build a Successful Blog Business!

Any thoughts for a “WritersTuts+” kind of site? It’s a fantastic market and Envato would no doubt be a leader and do it the “write” way!

🙂 That actually would be very cool! I know there are a few great blogs about writing around, but certainly a good place for us to go. I think this year we might not launch any more Tuts+ sites as we are busy consolidating and working on our Apiqa project. But certainly when we do, that would be cool!

Could there be marketplace features such as build your own bundles where you could combine files and save a couple of dollars or buy two and get one free? 🙂

Aha, we’ve explored that idea actually! It’s not on the cards for now as there are a lot of more pressing things to do, but certainly something like that might eventuate … one day. 🙂

How would you describe your typical marketplace customer?

It really varies across the marketplaces. They have one unifying attribute though, they have awesome taste! 😉

What are your thoughts of an Envato marketplace for Mac Apps/iPhone apps?

This was in fact the very reason we started Mac.AppStorm back in the day. It’s something we still discuss, but there are no immediate plans. Apple are doing a great job with their App Stores, and I’d only want us to build a marketplace if I thought there was a real service we could provide to app developers. If it’s just a me-too effort then it feels like there’s no point.

Are you planning in coming out with a video-tutorial site, for filmmakers?

Definitely one day! I know that Adam from Aetuts+ has a lot of experience in that field, so we have the talent in the team already which is cool. As I mentioned above, we don’t have immediate plans for any new Tuts+ sites as we are still consolidating, but at some point I’d like to think a VideoTuts+ is on the cards!

Why do all the Envato sites run on .net domains and not .com?

The marketplaces are all .net because the very first domain for then-FlashDen we could only get in .net format. So we just decided to run with it! Since then we’ve managed to acquire a lot of the .com’s – sometimes for way too much money. 🙂

I have to say though I kinda like .net, it reminds me of the 90’s!

What books/tutorials would you recommend for aspiring ThemeForest authors? 😉 Mainly interested in learning HTML, CSS for now.

I have to say, it’s been a while since I learned HTML and CSS, so I’m a bit out of the loop. I know we have a Photoshop to HTML book over at RockablePress, and certainly Nettuts has lots of great material in the HTML/CSS category. Other than there, I also recommend CSS-Tricks as a fantastic resource.

Those might be good starting points, but there will be lots more material out there! Good luck with the learning!!

What do you like best? and why? A. Peanut butter B. Chocolate C. Envato

Close call, but I’m going to go with the one that gives me money to buy as much A and B as I need! 🙂

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