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It’s been a big year. 

To recap, we’ve put together this list – curated by the team at Envato – of our top ten trends of the year, and predictions for what will be popular in 2018. Of course, there’s a lot more that happened in 2017 than what’s in this top ten.

A few honorable mentions for trends this year:

Here’s the list of our top ten trends of 2017:

#1: Geometric shapes

"Geometric and polygon art was big in 2017. Backgrounds, textures, and more, all with regular lines and repeating patterns."
David Appleyard
Editor, Envato Tuts+

From zig-zig geo patterns to retro triangles and designs, we saw geometric patterns everywhere this year. It’s also a simple style to try some DIY design – you can learn about it in 60 seconds, or try your hand at creating your own simple geometric pattern.

Pop 3D Geo Patterns by hughadams
Geometric Patterns by WildOnes
Winter Geometric Seamless Patterns by Wutip
Color Blocking Patterns by Youandigraphics

#2: All tropical everything

"2017 had us dreaming of luxurious holidays, complete with lush palm trees, exotic fruit and beautiful wildlife. It was a real feast for the eyes."
Kate McInnes
Quality Media Specialist, Envato
Image: Tropics, GraphicRiver
Tropical Night Flyer, GraphicRiver
Tropical Summer Party Flyer, GraphicRiver
Seamless Tropical Pattern, GraphicRiver

Kate’s honorable mention in design trends: fidget spinners, which got so big this year that they made it into the stock graphics & photography scene. 

#3: Fast typography in video

"One of the biggest trends of this year is fast typography. In an era where we’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at us, the popularity of templates that help deliver messages in fast, visually engaging ways has risen.
Dom Hennequin
Community & Blog Editor, Envato

Fast typography templates: 

Stomp – Typographic Intro by Mnemonick

Rhythmic Typography by blinque

Rhythmic Opener by levmotion

Urban Opener // Dynamic Open by makcinema

#4: Color fonts

"Color fonts are poised to take over the graphic design world in 2018... this unashamedly in-your-face trend promises to put the fun back into typography."
Grace Fussell
Writer, Tuts+

The Fiesta Color font (pictured below – available to download on Envato Elements or DIY with this tutorial) highlights a new trend of colorful, custom fonts. We think this trend will continue into 2018. 

Confetti Type by rhett
RibOne font by Sentavio
Circle Dot Alphabet by itefan
Oilvare Font by adamladd
Abstract ABC by Jim_LePage

#5: Future bass

"THE dominant 2017 audio trend on AudioJungle was Future Bass. While there've been a few noteworthy emergences, such as the SynthWave renaissance we're seeing, it's the contagious sub-lines, the slick sidechaining, and the catchy chopped vocals that have made Future Bass the big consistent winner this year, which is still non-stop exploding.
AudioJungle review team

What’s next in audio trends for 2018? The reviewers said that “we may expect to see a continued and rising interest in ’80s Synthwave (à la Blade Runner, Stranger Things), Hybrid HipHop tracks (sporty stuff!) and we also have the more subtle Chill-Step showing strong signs of proliferation.”

#6: Simplicity in email design

"I think email will become sharper, smarter and more simplified... there will still be GIF's, but they'll be subtle and interactive at times. Text and content will be more concise, and I think emails will be created based on that premise. I imagine we'll actually see more text-dominant emails with text links, and less overwhelming imagery."
Monica McCormick
Email Marketing Specialist, Envato
Email: Airbnb
Email: School of Life

#7: Return of the 90's (and 80's)

"2017 was big on bringing back loads of 90's design, especially early 90's American pop influenced design. We're seeing more nods to the 80's creeping in. 2018 could see us rehashing more 80's & 90's pop designs, as well as grunge, earthy tones being used in creative ways."
Sharon Milne
Editor, Envato Tuts+
Tutorial: How to Create a 90s Style Event Flyer in Adobe InDesign
Tutorial: How to Create a 90s Graphical Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

#8: 2D + 3D design

"We're going to see a lot more of 3D and faux 3d effects, abstract & geometrical elements flowing into the designs to help enhance the visual impact of landing pages, hero sections and newsletters. This will naturally also expand into print and out-of-home advertising platforms. With the evolution of screen technology in recent years, motion graphics will be taking advantage of this design language and have a particularly strong presence in 2018."
Calin Teodorescu
Social Media, Envato

Can you tell the difference between stock photos and 3D designs?

Check out our side-by-side comparisons: How 3D Renders Are Being Used for 2D Artwork

#9: More microinteractions

"These small “product-related moments” add magic to sites, delighting and surprising users, while at the same time engaging users and enhancing user experience."
Jenni McKinnon
Freelance writer, Envato

A microinteraction is a small moment that accomplishes a single task. We’ve seen them everywhere from social media sites to our WordPress themes on Themeforest, and it’s a design detail that will only grow in popularity. 

Image: Surprise and Delight: How Microinteractions Can Bring a Boring Website to Life

#10: Print isn't dead

"Designers feel strongly and positively about print, and print remains crucial to how professional graphic designers make a living. Print lends itself to certain audiences and offerings where communication needs to be retained, contemplated, touched or trusted."
Eric Schwartz
Content Insights Manager, Envato

According to a study done by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), 97% of graphic designers work on print design projects, compared to 36% who work on TV, film, or video projects. The top print project types include brochures, marketing materials, cards, and direct mail. 

Clean Proposal by RoyalBlackStudio
Movember Event Flyer by Guuver
Business card template with red design by PixaSquare
Vengeance Poster / Flyer by ninebrains

Agree or disagree? Let us know what your favorite trends of 2017 were, and what you predict will be big in 2018. 

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‘Ultra Violet’ Design Inspiration for the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year https://envato.com/blog/ultra-violet-design-inspiration-2018-pantone-color-year/ Mon, 11 Dec 2017 05:00:38 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62657 How to incorporate the 2018 Pantone of the Year into your design work.

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Image: Pantone

The 2018 Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet, an ‘inventive and imaginative’ shade of purple.

It’s a shade that Pantone calls complexcontemplativeprovocative, and thoughtful. In their dramatic unveiling of the 2018 Color of the Year, Pantone makes references to pop culture, politics, and the cosmos. It’s a tall order for a color, but we’re on board.

Image: Pantone

Whether it’s just a color, or more of a ‘way of life‘, we think it’s a color that’s definitely on-trend this year. At Envato, we’ve seen a plethora of purple designs on our marketplaces, and on Envato Elements. We’ve also seen a stellar amount of space-inspired websites and space-inspired graphic designs.

The color psychology of Ultra Violet

A study done in 2003 by Color Assignment showed that while 23% of women like purple, men don’t seem to like purple at all – but that perception seemed to have changed in recent years. Purple is a color strongly associated with courage, royalty, and spirituality.

From green to purple: an Envato story

Last year’s Pantone color of the year, Greenery, shared a suspicious resemblance to the shade of the Envato logo. But for the last year, the Envato design team has been harboring a slight obsession with purple shades. We’re not saying we’re trend-setters, but…

Left: Envato Elements; right: Envato Websites.

Here’s a curated collection of designs on Envato Elements where the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year is dominant.

Downloadable graphics, backgrounds, and patterns:

Watercolor Texture Shades of Lavender by cornercroft
Space Nebula Backgrounds by themefire
Purple Flowers Social Media Designs by annabalashova
Abstract Triangles Backgrounds by themefire
Sangria design by designloverstudio
Violet Liquid Marble Backgrounds by themefire
Space Watercolor Backgrounds by M-e-f
Sun Lights Abstract Background by mamounalbibi
Magic Poly Backgrounds by M-e-f
Blooms in Spring by hellomartco
Topographic Styled Colorful Lines Background by Shemul

Stock photography:

Lavender sunrise by Jasmina_K
tropical beach by dotshock
CNC Laser plasma cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. by cookelma
Misty forest in autumn by pawopa3336
Fairy Lights by lightzone


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Celebrating Accessibility in Design: International Day of People With Disability https://envato.com/blog/celebrating-accessibility-design-international-day-people-disability/ Tue, 05 Dec 2017 03:29:40 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62621 Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all.

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At Envato, we’re committed to making the internet a more diverse and accessible space for everyone.

This December marked the 2017 International Day of People with Disability, with the theme of “transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all.”

To mark this event, the Envato Tuts+ team published a series of new articles and tutorials relating to accessibility in design:

Hone your graphic design skills while raising awareness for this holiday.

This article is part of a small business series on practices. If you run a business, this guide has some helpful tips for making your hiring practices more inclusive!

Apple has created powerful built-in assistive technologies for creating an accessible user experience. We explore functions like Voiceover, Switch Control, Word Completion, and more.

From adding `alt text` to testing for non-conflicting colors, many components of accessible presentation design are behind-the-scenes. This article provides a helpful checklist (and a guide if you’ve ever wondered what the built-in accessibility checker does in PowerPoint).

Accessibility is a team effort, and one that impacts all aspects of the internet. This guide from teacher and front-end developer Sami Keijonen is a great introduction to accessible design.

What’s it like to view the web with a visual impairment? Tuts+ looks at the tumblr home page with a simulation of different visual impairments.

Designing for mobile? Here’s how to test for accessible design for Android apps.

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Curated Collection: New Designs on Envato Elements This Month https://envato.com/blog/curated-collection-new-designs-envato-elements-month/ Fri, 24 Nov 2017 02:08:21 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62077 So many new designs, fonts, Photoshop add-ons, WordPress themes, and more

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There’s a lot of designs on Envato Elements – it can be hard to keep track of what’s new!

We sorted through our library of 400,000+ assets to create this collection of some of our favorite recently uploaded items, including picks from our brand-new WordPress themes and plugins collection.

WordPress themes 

Ivy – Photography / Portfolio / Agency Theme

OGDEN Creative portfolio WordPress Theme

Unity – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Franco – Elegant WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Bonfire – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Life – Boxed Portfolio WordPress Theme

WordPress plugins

LinkedIn Plus

Touchy – WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin

Apollo – Sticky Full Width HTML5 Audio Player


Ballet Ballerina Balance Posing Stretching Grace Concept

Two Women Shaping Blown Glass on the Blowpipe

Man with dog on the trip in the mountains


Merry Christmas, Christmas balls vector design

Abstract Watercolor Pattern Collection

Happy New Year Greeting 2018

Photoshop actions

Toxic Potion Glitch Effects Pack

Aesthete Collection

Celebratum 2 – Christmas Snowflakes Photoshop Action

Photoshop & Illustrator brushes

Charcoals Brushes Set for Adobe Illustrator

50 Watercolor Brushes

50 Vector Dot Brushes


Rouged Brush

Zembood Vintage

Sisterfields Script

Splasher + WhiteFill version

Graphic templates

Business Card – Gym, Fitness and Health Vertical

Business Card

3D renders

Perennial Rye-Grass

5 Pound Note

Rubber Mallet

Check out the library for recently uploaded designs and templates.

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Outdoorsy, Wilderness-Inspired Designs and Graphics https://envato.com/blog/outdoorsy-wilderness-inspired-designs-graphics/ Fri, 17 Nov 2017 09:36:14 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=54281 Adventure is out there – outside, and online.

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Whether you’re launching your own adventure blog, or just looking for a new mountain-inspired logo for your business, the outdoorsy aesthetic has made an impact both on and off the web. Think mountains, vintage National Park-inspired logos, campfires, and autumn leaves.

Image: national-park-posters.com

Here’s a few adventure and outside-inspired websites to check out for inspiration:

To create your perfect outdoor adventure site, you need the right designs. Check out these logo kits, website templates, and more – all made by independent creatives and available for unlimited download on Envato Elements.

For your logo:

Vintage Outdoor Travel Logos

Outdoor Adventure Logos

12 Outdoor Badges & Logo

Logo Creation Kit – Camping Edition

15 Outdoor Adventure Icons

Outdoor Camping Badges and Logos

Outdoor Adventure Icons

Outdoor Adventure Badges Collection

Outdoor Flat Icons

Background patterns & images: 

Outdoor Adventure Patterns

Outdoor Explorer Tee Design

Outdoor Social Media Background Pack

Romantic Autumn Lightroom Presets

Website templates:

Outdoor — OnePage Responsive Template

Dolomia – Hiking, Outdoor, Mountain Guide

Maxigen – Hiking & Outdoors PSD Template

Hiking & Camping- Outdoor, Adventure Shopify Theme

Product mockups: 

Outdoor – Clothing Product Catalogue

Outdoor Hero Header Mockups

Pack Branding Mockup

Font & typography: 

Backwoods Cabin Font

The Great Outdoors


Deadhead Script

Now, go outside.

(Or, stay inside and check out more outdoor-inspired designs). 

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Announcing WordPress Themes & Plugins on Envato Elements https://envato.com/blog/announcing-wordpress-themes-on-envato-elements/ Mon, 13 Nov 2017 05:30:32 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=60389 Over 300+ WordPress themes and plugins are now available for unlimited download on our subscription library.

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Image: Dropout Theme on Envato Elements

We’re launching WordPress themes and plugins on the Envato Elements library!

Envato Elements is an unlimited subscription service for designers and creatives. Our design library includes fonts, graphics, online courses, 3D renders, and more. But, there was something missing.

WordPress themes are at the heart of what we do at Envato. Now, we’re bringing that expertise to Envato Elements by adding WordPress themes and plugins as a new category. Some of our best and newest designs will be available for unlimited download on Envato Elements, including 210 WordPress themes and 100 plugins.

Here’s why we’re excited about it:

Unlimited downloads = no commitment to one theme forever

If your website is due for a makeover, finding the right theme is important, and it’s hard to commit to just one. Find the perfect theme on our library – and download stock photos, graphics, patterns, icons, and everything else you need for your site, all for one subscription price.

Made for designers = all the options

One thing we’ve heard from designers and developers is that access to a wide range of design options is important. With unlimited access to over 300,000 stock photos, nearly 20,000 graphics and 3D models, 1,000 fonts, and more, a subscription to Envato Elements is a valuable resource. By adding WordPress themes and plugins to that library, we think it’s the value-add that many designers have been waiting for, and that subscription services could be the future for designers and developers.

Integration-focused = works with what you need

Our library is built to work with the programs and tools you’re already using, including WooCommerce, Visual Composer, WPML, Bootstrap, Sketch, and more.

Annual subscription = simple pricing structure

One yearly subscription price will grant you access to of the design assets on Envato Elements, including WordPress themes and plugins. The best part? It’s at no additional cost. If you’re a current Elements subscriber, you can change your payment from monthly to annually to gain access – we’ll even adjust the amount based on remaining days left on your current subscription.

Constantly updating library = new, fresh designs all the time

This is a point that’s better as a show, not tell approach.

Here’s some of the designs available right now on our library (new themes are being added all the time by our community of independent designers, which means this list below is probably already out of date – check out our newest themes on Envato Elements to see the latest.)

Convertible | Business WordPress Theme

CIRCLE – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Max Museum – History & Archeology WordPress Theme

Bershka – Modern Multi-Conceptual Portfolio

Worldblog – WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme

Honshi – Creative WordPress Theme

Vinero – Very Clean and Minimal Portfolio WP Theme

Grafika – Full Screen Portfolio & Blog Theme

Paragon – Colorful Portfolio WordPress Theme

Dropout – Creative Multi-Purpose Theme

Tempcore – Responsive WordPress Theme

Nerva – Premium Minimal WordPress Theme

Rose – Minimalist Agency, Architecture, Blog Theme

Pirouette | Dance WordPress Theme

SoundRise – Music and Artist WordPress Theme

EGO – WordPress Theme with Multi-concept Portfolio

Videoly – Video WordPress Theme

IGNITE – Simple One Page Creative WordPress Theme

Impose Blog – A WordPress Blog Theme For Bloggers

Maxigen – Hiking & Outdoor WordPress Theme

OSCAR – Creative Portfolio, Agency WordPress Theme

Construction – Building and Architecture WordPress

Cospo – Creative Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Theatre WP | Art & Culture WordPress Theme

Anaglyph – One page / Multipage WordPress Theme

Sportsman – Creative WordPress Blog Theme

Browse the new WordPress themes & plugins library on Envato Elements.

Freebie alert! If you’re not ready to commit to an annual subscription to Envato Elements, give it a spin for free first: the Confidence Mulitpurpose Nonprofit WordPress theme will be available to download from November 13 – 30, plus more free files on our freebies page

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The ABCs of Halloween Design https://envato.com/blog/illustrated-abcs-halloween-design/ https://envato.com/blog/illustrated-abcs-halloween-design/#respond Mon, 30 Oct 2017 21:54:28 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=49989 An ode to October and all things Halloween.

The post The ABCs of Halloween Design appeared first on Envato.


O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.

– October, Robert Frost

October is one of my favorite months of the year, and arguably one of the best for the design world. Halloween, scary movies, autumn leaves: regardless of your opinion on the pumpkin spice latte, the imagery around the fall season can’t be beat (even at Envato HQ in Australia, where the view from the office window is more sunny springtime than fall foliage). 

In honor of the October, here’s a roundup of some of the best design assets related to fall and Halloween design this year:

A is for Apple Picking

The classic fall pastime: venture to an apple orchard, pick several baskets of apples from the trees, go home, anxiously Google “recipes that use a lot of apples”.

B is for BOO!

Ghost decoration by PixelSquid.

C is for Coffin

Old Vampire’s Coffin, also by PixelSquid.

D is for Dracula

Dracula, illustrated edition.

E is for Evil Skulls

A multicolor skulls design pack.

F is for Fall Foliage

Autumn leaves.

G is for Goblin

Lots of 3D goblin hands to choose from.

H is for Halloween Costumes

Animals in Halloween costumes > people in Halloween costumes.

I is for It

Easily the hottest costume of the year.

J is for Jack-o-Lantern


These come in a series of different emotions, so you can choose how your pumpkins are feelings about being carved. (Illustrator: )

K is for Kandy Corn

L is for Lattes

Probably of the pumpkin spice variety.

M is for Monsters

A whole gaggle of monsters.

N is for Ninjas

O is for Octoberfest

I think Octoberfest technically starts in September, but we’ll bookmark these flyer templates for next year’s celebration.

P is for Parties

A custom party flyer.

 Q is for the Queen of Death

There’s also a king of bones, a scarecrow, a witch, a wizard, and more in this illustrated character set.

R is for RIP

Headstone illustration by .

S is for Skeletons

Skeletons of the dancing, cartoon variety. (Illustrator: )

T is for Trick-or-Treating

This design is all treats, no tricks!

U is for Unicorns


Unicorns would make a pretty good Halloween costume.

V is for Vampires

Illustrator: .

W is for Witch


Just a with, hanging out with her crows.

X is for X Rays

X-rays are Halloween-related, right?

Y is for Yikes!

As in, yikes, this zombie Photoshop action is scary. 

Z is for Zombies

Zombies are a popular theme in movies, TV, and in illustrations.

Happy Halloween!

A version of this article was published in 2016 and has been updated for 2017. 

The post The ABCs of Halloween Design appeared first on Envato.

https://envato.com/blog/illustrated-abcs-halloween-design/feed/ 0
Create Artwork With Photoshop Actions: 1 Photo, 14 Ways https://envato.com/blog/photoshop-actions-elements/ Mon, 30 Oct 2017 01:09:25 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59850 With one click, Photoshop actions transform an ordinary photo into a work of art; watch the transformation process in a video highlighting some of our favorite Photoshop actions.

The post Create Artwork With Photoshop Actions: 1 Photo, 14 Ways appeared first on Envato.


Photoshop actions are one of the most popular creative assets in the graphic design world.

It’s easy to see why – with one click, Photoshop actions transform an ordinary photo into a work of art.

The power of Photoshop actions is perhaps best demonstrated in a before-and-after format. Inspired by the creativity of our community, and by this 1 turtle, 10 ways design challenge, we’ve decided to apply the same thinking to highlight Photoshop actions.

We worked with a freelance producer on Envato Studio to create a video showcase of how different Photoshop actions can transform the same photo. Watch below:

Video created by doru on Envato Studio. Audio is Intelligent Glitch by 

Original image: 

Photo: Dancing Girl on Street, Envato Elements.

Here are all of the variations of the photo, as shown in the video: 

Photoshop action: Rain
Photoshop action: Color Splash
Photoshop action: Flames
Photoshop action: Fusion
Photoshop action: Geometric Art
Photoshop action: HDRFX
Photoshop action: Mixed media
Photoshop action: Anagylphs
Photoshop action: Myth
Photoshop action: Painted
Photoshop action: Modern Art
Photoshop action: Sketch
Photoshop action: Space
Photoshop action: Vintage

Want to learn more about Photoshop actions? Read next:

Browse the Photoshop actions library on Envato Elements.

The post Create Artwork With Photoshop Actions: 1 Photo, 14 Ways appeared first on Envato.

Flat Lay, Go Away: An Analysis of a Popular Photo Trend https://envato.com/blog/flat-lay-go-away-analysis-popular-photo-trend/ Mon, 23 Oct 2017 01:29:31 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59589 A love-hate relationship with flat lay designs (and a collection of our favorite flat lay photos)

The post Flat Lay, Go Away: An Analysis of a Popular Photo Trend appeared first on Envato.

All images: Envato Elements (1, 2, 3, 4)

What’s a ‘flat lay’?

Even if you’ve never heard the phrase ‘flat lay’, you’ve seen it before: a photo of meticulously arranged items, photographed from above.

It’s a style that’s particularly popular among food bloggers and #lifestyle bloggers, but you can find it everywhere – from big tech product launches to small business websites. Here’s a few examples of websites big and small using flat lays in their designs:


From apple.com/watch.


From Square.


the weekend…

A post shared by K e l l y (@kellysnapshappy) on

From photographer @kellysnapshappy.


Etsy home page, 2017.

We love flat lays. They’re visually appealing and easy to work with – a simple way to visualize a concept. Plus, there’s something satisfying about a perfectly lined up set of art supplies, or an imagined Instagram-perfect journaling session. It’s creative, unique, and easy to make your own – whether you use a stock photo, or grab your camera (okay, iPhone) and go the DIY route.

We hate flat lays. They can feel inauthentic and overused, especially when it’s applied to a tech product. If Facebook killed the gradient, then Apple will kill the flat lay.

Love it or hate it, the flat lay design style is one that’s made a big impact in graphic design, social media, and more. Check out the 3 million posts tagged #flatlay on Instagram for evidence. If done correctly, we think that flatlays can be a good choice for your site (even if you’re not a food blogger) (but especially if you are). Here are a few of our tips for utilizing flatlay design well:

The golden rules of flat lay design

1. Does your flat lay layout actually make sense?

Nothing distracts from a flat lay design quite like a weird combination of items. If it doesn’t look natural, then it’ll just be a distraction.

2. Is it original?

There’s over 10,000 ‘flat lay’ designs on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find one that matches the look you’re going for. If you’re looking for a design that definitely hasn’t been used elsewhere, you could also work with a customizable flat lay style scene generator. With these, you can move items around, add your own designs, or incorporate your logo into the scene.

Branding Mockup Essentials Vol. 4 by Genetic96.
Hand Lettering Logo Mockups by august10.

3. Is it a balanced composition?

Image: fresh blueberries on light green paper background by magone.

A flat lay is a photograph. That means it should adhere to be basic rules of photography – and composition is one of the most relevant for this style. Whether you choose a flat lay that aligns all the items towards one central item, or the items are scattered throughout the photo, make sure there’s a focal point for your design.

Some flat lay designs we’d actually use

For the foodies

Flatlay of pastel pink strawberry and coconut ice cream scoops

Disregarding the fact that no human person eats ice cream in this way, this is a pretty photo composition. And millennial pink is still on-trend, right?

Food background flatlay

Mushrooms or seashells?

Vegan tacos with pickled zucchini and chili pepper

These definitely don’t look like tacos in the traditional sense, but they’re nice to look at.

Ice cream cones and berries

A nice, balanced design (even if it is missing the actual ice cream).

Belgium waffles with raspberries and yogurt

For something a little brighter.

For the beauty blogger

Flat-lay of woman’s fall accessories and coffee

A vintage-style design.

Creative beauty feminine arrangement of flowers and cosmetics

Neon yellow eyeshadow might not be our shade, but this flat lay is well-balanced and uses the notebook as a focal point.

Flat lay men’s casual outfit

Casual shoes, check, car key, check.

Female outfit laid out on bed, morning light

The imperfections in this image – like the unmade bed – adds some authenticity to the photo.

Festive flat lays

Christmas homemade decoration flat lay

This author’s portfolio is full of gingerbread men and candy cane designs.

The ‘we’re a tech company’ flat lays

Desk with various gadgets and office supplies

Next trick: drinking coffee while wearing virtual reality goggles.



Gardening tools on wooden background flat lay

Autumn pattern

Subtle enough that it could be used as a website background or pattern.

Pine cones

Love it or hate it? Check out our collection on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, and let us know how you feel about flat lays @envato.

Thanks to Jade Butler for creative collaboration, and to Chris Martin, who wrote a tweet that inspired this article.

The post Flat Lay, Go Away: An Analysis of a Popular Photo Trend appeared first on Envato.

How to Build Your Product’s Brand (When Your Product Doesn’t Exist Yet) https://envato.com/blog/build-products-brand-product-doesnt-exist-yet/ Wed, 18 Oct 2017 21:57:09 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59258 How to get people to back your crowdfunding campaign for your still-to-be-created product

The post How to Build Your Product’s Brand (When Your Product Doesn’t Exist Yet) appeared first on Envato.

Image: Cold Brew Coffee Mockup by amris.

Crowdfunding can be hard. It’s even harder when you’re trying to launch something new.

How do you make a video, show off a product, or create buzz around your campaign – when the thing you’re making isn’t yet in existence?

It’s a bit of a catch-22: you need funding to create your product, but you need the product to generate excitement about it (and excitement = funding).

Whether your product is digital – like software or an app – or a physical item, there are ways around this problem. Here are a few tips for building a brand around a to-be-created product.

1. Digital product? Use mobile and computer mockups

For digital products, a realistic mockup can help to make your concept more relatable. Here’s an example from a Pozible campaign: Goodments, a project that allows users to invest in ethical businesses that align with their values. Created by a husband and wife team, this app overlays independent sustainability ratings on financial data. To showcase their concept, the creators used mockups of what their app could look like.

If you have an app concept in mind, all you need is PhotoShop and an idea of what it could look like. Creating a mockup of your design makes it more tangible for potential backers of your project – it helps them imagine what your app will look like in real life.

Image: Photo-realistic mockup by Pixflow. Browse more iPhone mockup templates.

Showcase it across multiple platforms – there are also mockups for computers and tablet devices.

Or try the amazing mockup generator on the Placeit website, which makes it so easy to create a mockup without needing to use Photoshop or any other graphics software. Just upload your image and watch it get placed perfectly, ready for you to download. Try it out with this stylish Macbook mockup.

Macbook mockup

2. Nail your product packaging

True North – The Flavour Trail was a campaign to create a subscription spirits kit service for premium and craft spirits. Their Pozible pitch promises “beautifully packaged” products that will combine “physical and virtual experiences”. With a passion for adventure, chemistry, and whiskey, the True North team created a compelling story that led to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

For physical products, a unique packaging design can take your product from generic to memorable. Choose your brand’s colors, logo, and look – then bring it to life through images (and maybe more mockups).

3. Branding is all about the details

Creating a product mockup with the logo of your soon-to-be-funded product is an obvious first step. But what’s the next step?

Creating a consistent experience is essential for your crowdfunding strategy. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram profile for your audience to follow along on your progress. (Pick the best one, and do it well – you probably don’t need to be on every social media platform!)
  • Link your own personal social media accounts, or make sure to tell your personal story in the campaign. As the saying goes, the investor’s rule is to “invest in people, not companies”.
  • Have perks for your campaign backers? Make them personalized (it doesn’t have to be fancy). Maybe this means DIY-ing some stationery for your thank you cards, or creating custom social media shoutouts.
Image: Olive Identity Stationery Template

4. You need a video

Did you know that campaigns with videos have a higher rate of success than those without? Creating a video doesn’t require expensive video equipment or a big budget. Here’s an example of a video from My Money Zen:

My Money Zen is a campaign for an online course for “smart people who are smashing it at work (and in life!), but they come home and feel crap about themselves because they don’t feel like they are good with money.” They had a challenge to solve: without a real online course to demonstrate to potential backers, it was difficult for them to show what they were trying to achieve. An explainer video is a great way to solve this problem.

A short video (the recommended length is under 3 minutes) is an impactful way to tell your story. This is especially true for campaigns that have non-existent products. Sometimes, most compelling way to tell a story is also the simplest; some of the best video campaigns are direct-to-camera stories. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these tips for creating a compelling crowdfunding video.

5. Be playful with your brand’s design

Here’s an example we love – Lindsay, a campaign for an online international publication that wants to create a physical print magazine. A magazine mockup would have been a successful way to showcase this idea, but the creators of Lindsay take it a step further. First, there’s the cover image, which asks a question to immediately draw potential investors in:

They’ve also created an animated GIF to further show off the (hypothetical) magazine.

This campaign also has a video, unique giveaways for backers, and a network of people built-in as collaborators for the first magazine issue. In short, it’s a campaign that goes above and beyond to build a brand around a to-be-created product.

Good luck making your crowdfunding campaign product come to life!

All design templates mentioned in this post are available with an Envato Elements membership. This article was originally published on the Pozible Blog.

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