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Welcome to the Famous 5. Our look at five big names or big  brands that have used Envato items.


DeLonghi have used the appropriate titled Coffee Afternoon in a set of commercials for the Australian market. They features everyday people in different situations making coffee using a DeLonghi machine. They’re simple and they really work! In fact,  I’m ready for a cup right now.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser have used two Envato audio tracks in videos demoing their Opera Touch browser for mobile, and Instant Search feature on desktop. The mobile demo uses Abstraction by rarebeats, which pairs beautifully with the smooth animation and modern color scheme. And the Instant Search demo for its desktop product uses Inspiring Abstract also by rarebeats.


L’Oreal Indonesia have used Envato audio track Elevate The World by vizion-studios for an ad for its men’s product. Part of its “Break The Routine” series of videos, it shows professional men interacting with colleagues, friends and family as they go through their day at work and at home. It appears to be encouraging men to break up their routine by leaving a moment to take care of themselves. Which, of course, means using a L’Oreal cleanser.


Nivea Sweden have used an Envato audio track in this ad for its men’s body shaving balm. It’s a quick ad, and a kind of strange one. Using stop motion effects to turn the model’s body hair into an animation. At any rate it’s pretty unique. And to top it all off, it’s using Synthwave by Nicolas T.


And finally, to end this big brands edition, Volkswagen France are using an Envato audio track in an ad for the new Volkswagen Polo. Featuring handsome young people driving around from one exciting situation to the next, it shows off the latest update to the popular model of car. It uses FortyTwoStudio’s Modern Indie Rock, and has been viewed on YouTube alone more than 1 million times.

And that’s this week’s big brand edition of the Famous 5. We’ll be back next time with more Envato items used in famous places. Bye bye.


Host & Editor: Dom Hennequin

Logo: designercow

Music in opening segment: “This is Summer” by penguinmusic


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What is Gutenberg? An Explainer https://envato.com/blog/what-is-gutenberg-an-explainer/ Fri, 25 May 2018 05:52:03 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=69328 WordPress is about to change in a really big way. After many months of development and testing, the platform is making one of the most drastic shifts in its history. A shift that may frustrate many, but could make building a website a whole lot easier for a whole lot of people. It’s called Gutenberg. […]

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WordPress is about to change in a really big way.

After many months of development and testing, the platform is making one of the most drastic shifts in its history. A shift that may frustrate many, but could make building a website a whole lot easier for a whole lot of people.

It’s called Gutenberg.

Classic WordPress

Originally, to create a WordPress website, and turn it into something that fit a brand, required a developer and designer, or for you to have some knowledge of code.

They’d need to create a theme, or buy one from a site like Envato and customize it.

And, in most cases, to customize it further, you’d need their help too.

Page Builders

This convoluted process opened the door to page builders, a category of plugin that makes editing WordPress websites, using a compatible theme, more visual.

Products like Visual Composer, and Elementor have made entire businesses off of making WordPress sites more easily customizable. They make composing a web page more visually interactive, and allow you to create entire sites, in some cases, with drag and drop functionality.

Page Builders provide you with what are called “blocks” in the side menu.

Each block represents an area of content, be it text, photos, video etc. You drag the chosen block into the main canvas, and from there you can customize its look, and functionality.

You can combine blocks, and even save them as templates that fit your customizations and ensure continuity. Or, if you prefer, you can style each individual block completely differently. Page Builders make this entirely possible, and super easy.

To achieve the same thing using the classic WordPress editor would require some development knowledge of complex shortcode. And even then, it can involve a lot of trial and error to ensure it appears on the final page the way you imagined.

Page Builders like Visual Composer and Elementor, allow you to see the results of your changes live as you’re making them.

As a result, these plugins have become, for millions of WordPress sites, a must have.

Which brings us to Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg?

The next major update to WordPress will see the introduction of the Gutenberg editor.

It will see the usually stark backend with limited functionality, transformed into something resembling the page builders we’ve just talked about.

Pages will be broken up into content blocks that you can drag and drop into the canvas, edit their style and functionality, and watch your web page forming live before your eyes, with little to no coding required.

Want to change the font? You can do that and see the result straight away.

Want to change the an image, you can do that and see how it sits on your site instantaneously.

Inserting a video player, image gallery, buttons, or changing the color scheme will all be able to be done much easier; a positive change for the less technically savvy.

However, not everyone will be happy.

Some developers, and devotees to the classic WordPress editor, have already expressed their disinterest in what they see as a slightly dumbed down UI.

While extending the editor in WordPress’ previous standardized interface was complicated, the ability to easily extend the classic editor gave those users full control over their sites.

On top of that, there’s the fact that a lot of themes will not be compatible with Gutenberg when WordPress finally rolls out the new editor.

While this can be adjusted by theme creators, there’s a risk some less savvy customers may try to update to the Gutenberg edition of WordPress and mess up their site.

Plus, what does this mean for the business models of WordPress developers. If it’s easier for mere mortals to create and edit websites, will there be less of a dependency on them?

They’re all valid concerns.

Gutenberg is the biggest change to WordPress in over a decade. You’re never going to make a sweeping change like this and please everyone.

Plus, there are sure to be growing pains. The chances of the new editor working flawlessly from day one are virtually nil. Like any update like this, it will be a work in progress for much time to come, even after its release.

In preparation for the inevitable mix of confusion and outrage they’re expecting from some in the WordPress community, the core team have a plugin that replaces the Gutenberg editor with the classic one. And perhaps that’s something to consider doing until they’ve worked out the kinks.

But if WordPress are putting it all on the line to rollout an interface change as significant as this, you have to assume there’s a reason for it.

Offering a more visually interactive way to build websites, that brings WordPress’s functionality in line with other website builders like Squarespace and Wix, brings their offering up to date. And, hopefully, sets them up for a future where people might not even be building sites on computers anymore.

So, buckle up. Because change is coming.

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What Conan O’Brien, Russell Brand, and More Used From Envato | Famous 5 S3 E2 https://envato.com/blog/what-conan-obrien-russell-brand-and-more-used-from-envato-famous-5-s3-e2/ Fri, 11 May 2018 06:14:23 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=69041 Welcome to the Envato Famous 5. Our look at 5 famous people or brands that have used Envato items. Today we show you items used by Conan O'Brien, Russell Brand, and more.

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Welcome to the Envato Famous 5. Our look at 5 famous people or brands that have used Envato items. Today we show you items used by Conan O’Brien, Russell Brand, and more.

Russell Brand is using Themefusion’s Avada, one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, which we sell here on ThemeForest. He’s also using The Grid plugin from CodeCanyon for his layout. And, Custom Post Types and Taxonomies for Fusion Builder from CodeCanyon for the events portion of the site. It all adds up to this sleek, functional home for his events, podcasts, and bio.

We Are Still Here (Trailer)

We Are Still Here is a horror film that came out in 2015. And, in its trailer – which has been viewed over 2 million times – it’s using AudioJungle track, Dark Horror Trailer. It’s a pretty typical horror film set up: A house has spirits from 120 years ago reemerge. And they, well, you know, start killing people. It didn’t receive a huge release, but it does has a 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so, it can’t be that bad.

Skyline Drive Caroline

YouTube channel LJWF. has used an AudioJungle track in this video following Skyline driver Caroline. As she races through the streets, and fills up her tank, Synthwave 80s by Nicolas_T plays. It’s a handsome match.


Processor company AMD have used an Envato track in this video discussing their work on the Ghost in the Shell video game based on the manga, and 2017 film starring Scarlett Johansson. It talks about converting some of the scenes from the film into a VR experience for the Oculus Rift. And, it uses Inspirational Dubstep by NIDRED in the background.

Conan O’Brien

And finally, Conan O’Brien has used an Envato item in one of his latest skits. While trying to play an audience participation game on his late night talk show, Conan, asking for facts about participants, notices a trend – they all seem to be part of the same sex cult. Realizing there’s no way any audience member that volunteers isn’t going to be part of this sex cult, Conan decides he’s going to join it. At which point a breaking news alert is shown on screen, using motion graphics from Envato. Breaking News Pack by 4xcrew pops up on screen, as it jumps into the news of Conan joining a sex cult, and members of the cult announcing they’re leaving it in disgust. It’s simple, it’s funny, and it’s using Envato.

And that’s the Famous 5 for this week.

All the items that popped up in today’s episode are linked in the video description.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share this video.

And, we’ll see you next time on the Famous 5.


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Best Stock Music Tracks of 2018 https://envato.com/blog/best-electro-stock-music-tracks-for-youtubers/ Fri, 11 May 2018 00:30:41 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=69027 Music can be the difference between an amazing video, and an average one. So, picking the right music is very important. In this series we're calling, Now Playing, we'll be taking a look at the best, and freshest tracks across a number of genres that are the best options to pair with your next video.

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Music can be the difference between an amazing video, and an average one. So, picking the right music is very important. In this series we’re calling, Now Playing, we’ll be taking a look at the best, and freshest tracks across a number of genres that are the best options to pair with your next video.

This week we’re taking you through stand out tracks in the Electro genre.

Looking to start a party with your video? Rave Generation has the pace, and excitement to get your audience on their feet. LoopsLab succeeds at perfecting the electro vibe often heard in clubs. This is great music for a Roman Atwood style vlog.

If your video is a fast moving, intense experience, extreme will be what you’re looking for. Its aggressive drumbeat drives the energy of the arrangement. And, the electronic lines that play on top take you on a real journey, coming in and out at different levels of intensity. It also offers you a few different cuts of the track to make looping easier, and suit various lengths of video.

Summer Party is an easy to listen to electro track. It’s bright, but never loud, and altogether a smooth sounding composition. The synth waves that flow through it resemble the sound of actual waves, creating that summery feel. And, the lead synth part is fun, and playful.

This smooth sounding track will conjure images of waves rolling onto the sand. Picture orange and pink skies as the sun sets, and cocktails being consumed by a crowd of people. It’s a great choice for a channel focused at young people.

An exciting track, Energy Dubstep is an exercise in pacing, and layering. It begins in a muted fashion, raising the tension, as you feel it holding back, knowing it’s about to let loose. Then as the other synth layers, and samples come in, it hits a satisfying peak, before a well crafted ending. It’s crisp, and fun.

This smooth, bouncy track will suit a variety of videos. Its chord progression is unique, helping it stand out from the pack. The little clicks, and sounds that are layered into it make it feel fresh. As do the powerful synth chords that drive it. The drums are crisp, and the lead synth has a sound that’s gooey and inviting.

A smooth, low profile track that still has some drive, Electro by Audio_Wave has elements reminiscent of video games. It would be well suited to tech, gaming, or even sports videos. While it’s pretty pushy, it’s not agressive.

OddVision have a reputation for producing some of the best Future Bass tracks around, and in this one they deliver. That Future Bass is a solid entrant to the popular genre, producing those desired builds, then drops that make this trendy sound so enticing. Excite your audience with an engaging track like this.

Deepersound is another noted creator, in the area of cinematic electronic music. This one has moments that feel epic, and married with visuals like sweeping shots of a stunning location, would produce a breathtaking result. But, it’s also a great track if you’re trying to enhance a viewer’s focus on what the narration. It wouldn’t be out of place on a Deep Focus playlist you’d find on Spotify.

With a great driving sound, this track by LuLu_Production offers something that will add intensity to your next video. As the title suggests, if your video centers around sport, fitness, or action, this will be a great track for you to check out.

This track by Prigida is an exercise in restraint, and release. The experience is like that of a slingshot, pulling back to build anticipation, and then releasing that built up tension like an elastic. It’s fantastic for a fun video.

You can imagine this track being used for everything from sports to fashion videos. But its warm chords, and interesting, if at times broody chord progression make it unique. The synth voice they’ve used for the main body chords is a little bit retro. And, it’s got many elements of a normal summer electro track, used in a slightly more complicated way. It stands out.

Definitely suited to action oriented videos, this track by BrainMire is intense. If you’re producing something with the mood of Fast and the Furious, bingo, you’ve found the one.

Another future bass track, this one by AQUALIQUID is very warm, and a delight to listen to. It’s a unique track that won’t stand out too much in a video, making it perfect for underscoring. And, it ticks all the boxes of a good future bass track: fresh, crispy, and smooth. Sounds like I’m describing an M&M or something, right?

And, finally, this track by Antracto is a happy, epic one to finish on. With its fresh electro instrumentation, oozy layers of synth, and a drum track that sounds more acoustic than electronic, it finds a balance between being futuristic, and accessible. Its chosen chords are warm, and mostly bright. And, the subtle layers, like the claps on the snare beat, all add up to something fresh.

Thanks for watching the first episode of Now Playing. We’ll be back next time with a look at the best Hip Hop stock music tracks to pair with your next video.

Hip Hop

Happy Jazzy Hip Hop by CoffeeMusic is a lot of fun. The track’s irreverent style will surely suit a whole slew of YouTube videos, ranging from vlogs to ads for trendy brands. I’d love to see this track paired with a montage of someone skating through New York as the sun sets. It’s very that.

This track is great background music. Good for silent montages, or underscoring for a lifestyle video. It’s very chilled out, and won’t draw much attention. Great for supporting the main content.

Upbeat Hip-Hop by Watermello, on the other hand, makes quite an impression from the very beginning. It’s bright, carries a big energy, and quintessentially YouTubey. It fits very neatly into the style of music vloggers like Casey Neistat use.

Hip-Hop Chill is a little more sparse. There’s less going on in this track. And whatever movements, and developments take place, they’re very spaced out. It’s slower, more chilled out, and a better pairing with narration.

This track by Trendsound is cool with a capital ‘K’. Ok, I know that was very uncool. It’s a more aggressive style of hip hop that will certainly be awesome to some, and seem a bit intimidating to others, which is actually good for some brands. You might pair this with a montage of streetwear from a brand like Supreme, or maybe even for a scene in a TV show like Atlanta.

The Trap by Artlss falls into a similar category – it’s not going to be for everybody. But it nails the style it’s going for, and would definitely suit a video that has a lot of action in it. Everything from actual cinema, to ads for a gym would find use for this track.

Upbeat Hip-Hop is uplifting. Its chords are bright, and its beat is exciting. The whole thing would pair well with a video on tech, fashion, lifestyle, travel, or something in that vein. Hearing this music with some fast, beautiful graphics, or vibrant shots of the city and its people would fully realize the vibe this track is establishing.

This track by MusicByDuana switches up the typical hip hop stock track by using a different instrument as the lead. While the beat is very much of the hip hop variety, the xylophone sounding lead part is unusual, and delightful. It makes the track a little more low profile than if the composer had used a more dominant instrument, making it perfect for a video.

Aggressive Sport Hip-Hop is incredibly commanding. Great for sports, and action videos, this one requires a certain level of intensity in the visuals to really work. It nails the bold cinematic style it’s going for.

With a hip hop beat, strings, and a popcorn sounding synth pattern, this track breaks a lot of conventions. Even the chord progression doesn’t quite go where you think it will. The result is surprisingly uplifting. It’s a fantastic track to pair with material that’s informative, and enlightening.

This track feels epic, and combined with material that’s cinematic, it will produce quite an astounding result. The music feels almost emotional in its mood. It’s dramatic but uplifting.

A real carefree track, That Hip-Hop by 99Instrumentals has a playful vibe that’ll make anyone smile. Put this together with some fun content, and you’ll turn whatever material you’re showing into something that feels engaging, and fresh.

A low profile track, Hip-Hop by Eleone is the perfect underscore for someone wanting their video to feel fresh, while still having the music ultimately blend into the background.

LA funk sounds a little Jamaroque inspired. It’s funky, and really easy to listen to. It’s also simply orchestrated, and will work well under narration.

And, finally, the trip hop genre has proven very successful on YouTube, and this one will be well suited to something cinematic. Travel vlogs, montages, things that are visually spectacular will pair well with this track by AlexandrFokshtein. And, if done right, it will lift your visuals into something special. That’s the potential of this track.

Recommended Video


Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro

For YouTubers, a big part of what keeps people coming back to a channel is familiarity. Envato has an entire library of YouTube opener templates optimized establish your brand within those first few seconds. And, with these Premiere Pro templates, you can do it all without needing to use After Effects.

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Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro https://envato.com/blog/best-youtube-opener-templates-for-premiere-pro/ Fri, 04 May 2018 04:51:11 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=68601 For YouTubers, a big part of what keeps people coming back to a channel is familiarity. Envato has an entire library of YouTube opener templates optimized establish your brand within those first few seconds. And, with these Premiere Pro templates, you can do it all without needing to use After Effects.

The post Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro appeared first on Envato.


For YouTubers, a big part of what keeps people coming back to a channel is familiarity, which is established by them getting to know your personality, and presentation style. Everything from the way you film your videos, to your on screen graphic style contributes. Which is why a consistent opener is a must have for a lot of successful YouTubers.

Within those first few seconds – and they shouldn’t run longer than a few seconds – you can communicate the look, feel, and energy of your channel. The colors, animation, music, and footage you choose, should set the scene for each video you upload.

This may seem like a lot of pressure to put on an opener, but you shouldn’t be daunted. Envato has an entire library of YouTube opener templates, optimized to make the most of those first few seconds. And, the ones we’re going to talk about today are exceptionally easy to use, because they’re Premiere Pro templates.

Premiere Pro templates are motion graphic templates that are entirely editable within the Adobe program. So, there’s no need to learn After Effects to create impressive animations like these. You just drag and drop the template you want out of the Essential Graphics section of the program, change the logo, and or text, and you’re done! Simple.

So, without any further ado, here’s our list of the best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro.

This template is ready to go for YouTubers. The colors and animation already fit the bright, irreverent atmosphere a lot of YouTubers create. And, the colors, text, and logos are easily customizable within Premiere Pro. It features a comprehensive library of templates for everything from the opening of your videos, to the lower thirds, and transitions. It’s everything you need to brand your YouTube channel.

Short YouTube Intro is a ball of energy. Definitely suited to a young, energetic YouTube channel. It has 3 photo/video placeholders, and a avatar or logo placeholder. It’s also more than just an opener. Bundled with it are a bunch of “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons.

There’s not much to this YouTube template. It’s perfect for an intro, or outro of a video. Simply showing a bit of footage, and the YouTube logo, with your channel URL beneath.

For a fast-moving opener that feels fresh, this template by Power_Bank will hit the spot. It has a focus on video and photos, featuring 127 video and photo placeholders. It also features 24 text placeholders. It has a modular structure, and will make for a modern, energetic opener.

This grungy template will turn heads. Depending on what audio track it’s paired with, it can be grungy, or just earthy. There are 11 placeholders for images, 12 text holders with a really simple, but effective style of panning back and forth from one image to the next.

With 42 media placeholders, and 41 text holders, this slideshow pack provides a robust toolkit that will cater for a bunch of different styles of video. It fits into the fast paced urban opener style that has become super popular on YouTube. And, with the ability to simply drag and drop your content into this Premiere Pro template, you’ll be starting your videos in an exciting way in no time.

Another urban style opener, this one really shows off what makes this genre work. Fast switching between footage, and still images. Splitting the frame in twos and threes. And, layering on text, and other, almost, glitchy elements to age the footage a little. This is another easy to use template that works with Premiere Pro. Just drop your media in, and you’re good to go.

Here’s another urban opener that comes with 22 photo/video placeholders, and 6 text placeholders.

This one comes with 19 media placeholders, 15 text placeholders, and a video tutorial.

And this one includes 34 image or video placeholders, 40 simple to edit titles and 1 logo placeholder.

Powerful and stylish, Dynamic Opener is a Premiere Pro template with a modern design. It features cool glitching effects, elegant text animations, and swift transitions. This template includes 55 image or video placeholders, 7 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s really easy to use, and it makes for a perfect opener to an energetic YouTube video.

Stomp openers, named after the style of music they’re often paired with, are very popular with YouTubers. This one by voofka features 70 media placeholders, 40 textholders, and is ready to work with Premiere Pro.

Classic Intro is a simple opener template that glides from scene to scene. It’s clean, and elegant, featuring 8 image placeholders, and 7 text holders. It also comes with a video tutorial.

If your channel suits the vibe of an action movie, you might like Dynamic Action Opener. It’s fast, and punchy, and comes with 36 photo or video placeholders, as well 18 text placeholders.

If you’re a fashion or beauty vlogger, this opener is definitely one to consider. It features smooth animation, with fresh elements like the way it slices the text, and transitions from shot to shot. The colors are bright, and beautiful, and overall it feels modern. There are 23 media placeholders, and 19 text placeholders included.

This trailer template is reminiscent of the types of openers that used to be more prevalent on YouTube. They’re still pretty popular with video game related channels. It’s that epic style that matches that type of content. Not too much to do with this template other than to insert your text or logo.

Particles is an extremely elegant opener template, perfect for the simple flash of a channel name. It features beautifully animated floating particles behind your titles. Not much more to it, other than to insert your text.

Fire Titles are simple, but stunning. Paired with the right footage, they can be extremely effective at making a striking impression on your audience. My only advice is to make sure your content matches how much this template will hype it up. Insert your titles, and you’re good to go.

Cinematic Opener well and truly lives up to its name. It will turn your still images or video into a stunning multilayered illusion. Place your text or logo on top of it, and you’ll blow people away. It comes with 13 media placeholders, and 13 text placeholders.

Fast Colorful Opener is a fast, colorful opener. Hah! As the title suggests, it’s quick, and bright, and does a great job of marrying text, and images together in a way that’s vibrant, and fresh. It’s perfect for a travel, or food channel. It comes with 4 text holders, and 5 media placeholders.

And, finally, to my absolute favorite on this list. This 80s VHS intro pack nails the over the top animation style of that era. It offers a range of template options, all as 80s as the next. And it comes complete with that type of authentic VHS noise that used to annoy those who wanted to watch a clear version of their favorite movie, which we now sell as an effect on VideoHive. As with most things from the 80s, this style has really come back thanks to things like Snapchat, Instagram, and shows like Stranger Things. So, a pack like this is a great choice if you’re a millennial focused channel.

That’ll do it for our list of the best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro.

You can find links to the items on this list in the YouTube description.

And find more Premiere Pro templates on VideoHive.


41 Premiere Pro Templates to Animate Your Next Video

Increasingly, it’s expected that videos include animation. These skills don’t come naturally for everyone. But they’re becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention. We’ve launched a new category on VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates. Here are some of the best.

The post Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro appeared first on Envato.

What Roman Atwood, Jimmy Carr, and More Made With Envato https://envato.com/blog/what-roman-atwood-jimmy-carr-and-more-made-with-envato/ Fri, 27 Apr 2018 05:33:16 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=68546 This is the Famous 5, Envato's series looking at Envato items that have popped up in famous places. This week we look at items used by YouTuber Roman Atwood, British comedian Jimmy Carr, and more.

The post What Roman Atwood, Jimmy Carr, and More Made With Envato appeared first on Envato.


Welcome to the Famous 5. Our show highlighting five items from Envato that have popped up in famous places.

Roman Atwood

Using: Motivating Hard Dirty Rock by DigitalSoulsMusic

YouTuber Roman Atwood has once again used an Envato track from AudioJungle. In his video REAL LIFE MARIO KART!! He’s used Motivating Hard Dirty Rock by DigitalSoulsMusic. It adds a level of intensity to footage of his practice round of taking on the go-kart track. It’s been viewed over 1.8 million times.

ASPCA | April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Using: Sad Piano by ilovemedia-es

April is prevention of cruelty to animals month. And, to promote the cause, the ASPCA has released this video, which uses an Envato track. Sad Piano by ilovemedia-es scores this emotional footage of distressed animals. This ad has aired on TV in the US.

Jimmy Carr

Using: Mobile Menu by BonfireThemes and Social Sharing Button

British comedian Jimmy Carr is using two Envato items on his website. For the mobile version of his site he’s using Mobile Menu by BonfireThemes which creates a hamburger menu that takes out the full screen when on a mobile device. The other item he’s using is Social Sharing Button, also by BonfireThemes. You can find that in the bottom right of the site.

Playboy Korea

Using: The Voux by fuelthemes

Playboy Korea is using The Voux by fuelthemes. While opinion may be divided on the cleanliness of the content, the design of the site is most certainly clean using minimal whites, and light outlines to mark off the content areas.

Arbitrary Vlog – SONG LYRIC TEXT PRANK ON MY EX-GIRLFRIEND??? Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

Using: Dubstep Logo Pack V.2 by AhmeddAshraf

And finally, YouTuber, Arbitrary Vlog has used an Envato item in this popular, and awkwardly hilarious video. Dubstep Logo Pack V.2 by AhmeddAshraf features at the beginning of most of his videos. This one in particular seems to have struck a chord, with the vlogger texting his ex-girlfriend Shawn Mendes lyrics pretending to try and get her back. Her reaction is priceless. It’s all pretty cruel, but it does make for a kinda funny video.

And it seems like others agree, as it’s been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

And that’s the Famous 5.

All the items featured in today’s episode and where they popped up are listed in the description below.

Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe.

We’ll see you next time.

Music Credits

Intro and Outro:

Music: Fashion Vlog Travel Pack by KickTracks


Jimmy Carr segment:

Upbeat Dance Pop by MaikonMusic

Playboy Korea segment:

Modern Fashion by Fugu_Vibes


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10 Best PowerPoint Templates, April 2018 https://envato.com/blog/10-best-powerpoint-templates-april-2018/ Mon, 23 Apr 2018 00:51:41 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=68329 Here's our selection of the 10 best PowerPoint templates available right now. Whether you're doing a business or creative presentation, we've got you covered with this short list.

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Hello, and welcome to Envato’s list of the 10 Best PowerPoint Templates for 2018.

A clean, minimalist template, Mina comes with over 80 unique slide layouts in full HD resolution. It’s perfect for displaying design portfolios, and clean, professional business presentations.

  • Clean, minimalist design.
  • 80+ unique slide layouts.
  • Full HD resolution.
  • Good for design portfolios, and clean business presentations.

Universe is a striking dark-themed template set that will catch the eye. It comes with over 100 unique slide layouts with customizable shape colors, sizes, and positions. It also includes elegant transitions, and animations, company profiles, data-driven charts, and maps.

  • Striking dark-themed templates set.
  • 100+ unique slide layouts.
  • Customize color, size, and position of shapes.
  • Includes elegant transitions, and animations, company profiles, data-driven charts, and maps.

Vigil is a great presentation pack for any business. With over 500 editable font icons, drag and drop picture placeholders featuring auto-adjustment, team templates, iPhone, and iPad mockups, maps and more, you’ll find it worth considering for your next professional presentation.

  • 500+ editable font icons.
  • Drag and drop picture placeholders featuring auto-adjustment.
  • Team templates.
  • iPhone, and iPad mockups.
  • Map templates, and more.

Dream is an exciting new template pack that features a modern, and unique design. It’s very visual, bringing images to the forefront of your presentation. It’s great for creative portfolios, branding, and advertising presentations.

  • Modern, unique design.
  • Brings images to the forefront.
  • Great for creative portfolios, branding, and advertising presentations.

This presentation pack takes inspiration from the layouts of magazines, and breaks the mould of your typical PowerPoint presentation. Drop Creative is made up of unique layouts with elements like photos, and titles overlapping. The use of white space provides a freshness to the look, and makes your images, and text the star. And, the addition of gradient highlights add some welcome playfulness, and color. It’s a fantastic template pack for graphic, and photography portfolios. Good for creative presentations in general.

  • Takes inspiration from magazines.
  • Breaks mould of typical PowerPoint presentations.
  • Unique layouts with photos, and titles overlapping.
  • White space makes images, and text the star.
  • Fantastic for graphic, and photography portfolios.

With pastel gradients, layouts that space out elements, and astute use of white space, Creativa is modern, and calming. It feels youthful in the colors it uses, and finds a great balance between showcasing images, and text. It features computer, iPhone, and Samsung mockups. It also features unique layouts like pricing charts. I can see this working well for a presentation showcasing a new, youth-focused app.

  • Pastel gradients.
  • Spaced out elements.
  • Astute use of white space.
  • Modern, and calming.
  • Youthful colors.
  • Balances images, and text really well.
  • Computer, and phone mockups.
  • Pricing charts.
  • Would work well for showcasing a new app.

Business Proposal Pitch is one of the most comprehensive Corporate PowerPoint templates around. It includes over 120 slide layouts with templates for almost everything. It features graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, pricing pages, team pages, product mockups, and much more. It’s everything you need to slap a professional looking presentation together in no time.

  • 120+ slide layouts.
  • Graphs, tables, diagrams, maps.
  • Pricing pages, team pages, product mockups, and more.
  • Everything you need to slap together a professional presentation quickly.

Epic Presentation features 104 unique slide layouts, a wide range of color customization options, and some impressive animations. It comes with some different theme options, including a dark version, and provides templates for everything from infographics to calendars. Your presentation will be in vogue with this pack.

  • 104 unique slide layouts.
  • Wide range of color customization options.
  • Impressive animations.
  • Theme options including “dark version”.
  • Templates for everything from infographics to calendars.

Triangulum is a bold set of templates whose design centers mostly around its triangles. It features large, eye-catching headings, placeholders for charts, and infographics, and unique animations.

  • Bold template design centered around triangles.
  • Features large headings.
  • Placeholders for charts, and infographics.
  • Unique animations.

And finally, Simplicity is a comprehensive template set that features truly breathtaking design. With a simple, restrained color palette, a focus on high resolution images, and tidy layouts, it succeeds at being beautiful, and highly functional. There are 450 unique slide templates. It comes with layouts for almost everything. It also features a set of minimalist icons. With this pack, your presentation will be incredibly modern, and elegant.

  • Comprehensive template set with breathtaking design.
  • Simple, restrained color palette.
  • Focus on high resolution images, and tidy layouts.
  • Beautiful, and highly functional.
  • 450 unique slide templates.
  • Layouts for almost everything.
  • Minimalist icon set included.
  • Will make for a modern, elegant presentation.

That’s our list of the 10 Best PowerPoint templates for 2018.

You can find links to each one of them in the YouTube description. And you’ll find more PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver.

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41 Premiere Pro Templates to Animate Your Next Video

Increasingly, it’s expected that videos include animation. These skills don’t come naturally for everyone. But they’re becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention. We’ve launched a new category on VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates. Here are some of the best.

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41 Premiere Pro Templates to Animate Your Next Video https://envato.com/blog/best-premiere-pro-templates/ Wed, 21 Mar 2018 22:55:48 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=67893 Increasingly, it's expected that videos include animation. These skills don't come naturally for everyone. But they're becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention. We've launched a new category on VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates. Here are some of the best.

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What are Premiere Pro Templates, and who are they for?

Expectations on video content creators are rising.

It’s no longer enough to have your content beautifully shot and edited. Increasingly, it’s expected that it will include elements of animation.

These skills don’t come naturally for everyone. But they’re becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention.

Vox videos are a great example of this done well.

Each one seamlessly blends footage with animations that emphasize the content.

Vox, like a lot of publications producing this style of video, have a team that works on this stuff. That’s not going to be the case for most video creators.

So, with animated titles and graphics becoming more of a standard, what should you do?

For a long time there have been After Effects templates. These work well, but for filmmakers the program can be daunting to use. It also means you’ll be going back and forth between your editing program and After Effects for each animation.

These are issues Adobe is attempting to solve.

The company recently announced a new file format called Motion Graphics Templates. These allow you to edit a graphic template entirely within Premiere Pro, Adobe’s popular film editing program. Meaning, it’s now a lot easy for filmmakers to include animation in their projects.

Accordingly, here at Envato, we’ve launched a new category on VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates.

To give you a taste of it, here’s our list of some of the best. 

Openers, Transitions, Titles, Sound Effects Packs

This is a huge Premiere Pro Pack contains more than 200 creative assets. From transitions, to animated titles, to sound effects, it’s got all you need in one toolkit.

Want to add a bit of comic book flair to your video? This pack by Recarto will deliver what you need. With 20 smoke explosions,  electrical discharges, animated transitions, and templates, you’ll be able to apply the characteristics of The Flash, or Back to the Future to any element in your project in seconds.

The BOXD line of products is very well known to VideoHive customers, and now they’ve made a Premiere Pro version of their popular Titles and Lower Thirds pack. These work extremely well for autoplaying videos that use a lot of captions. They’re minimal, yet bold enough to look modern, and funky, yet not distracting. Highlights of this pack include the fact that the boxes are self-sizing, meaning no tricky adjusting of the boxes to fit the amount of text you want to insert. There are 20 templates included. You get color control. And it’s really easy to use.

Bold, smooth, and simple, this opener by Power_Bank is versatile. With large text that inhabits the screen in a commanding way, transitions and animations that make use of contrasting colors, which you can customize, and animations that use the entire canvas, this well organized project makes it easy to take your video to the next level.

This beautiful drawing opener allows you to turn your photos and footage into a stunning animated sketch book. It features 17 text holders, 15 placeholders, and runs at 01:35.

This titles pack stands out from the pack because of the spin it puts on otherwise pretty standard templates. The animations are also unique. There are 25 ready to use titles and lower thirds included. Plus, a video tutorial to help ease you into the workflow.

If you’re a YouTuber who wants to stay on brand with the video platform then this may be a good promo pack for you. Featuring a cube animation which you can insert your videos into, plus an avatar and channel name template, you’ll find it easy to promote your channel no matter where this video is consumed (even on Facebook!).

This bunch of eye popping, creative transitions may be the perfect detail to add to your video. They’re all very cute, and some are pretty unique in their design, colors, and animation. These would be a great fit for videos targeting a millennial Snapchat generation audience.


This slideshow template is fresh and comes with everything you’ll need to create a great video. There are no plugins required. It includes 12 media placeholders, and text placeholders. It also features a well organized, easily customizable modular structure.

This slideshow template is easily editable featuring drag and drop functionality. It features a punchy urban style and is full HD. To get it working it comes with a video tutorial. It’ll take your project from being a basic photo slideshow to being an engaging video experience.

This beautiful template pack comes in two versions: a 1 minute version, and a longer one at 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The short one includes 13 media placeholders, and the long version includes 32. It uses a modular structure which allows you to freely change the duration of each scene. Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to insert your videos and photos, and change the text. A detailed video tutorial is provided. And this template is well suited for romantic projects like weddings or anniversaries.

This template has an awesome look, great design and clean titles. It features photography animated in a creative way, has easy to use drag and drop functionality, and works with photos and videos. It includes 25 media placeholders, and 6 text placeholders.

Set within the context of opening credits, this template will compile your photos or videos into a unique slideshow. Your media will appear as polaroid photos, and projections of the reel. It also comes with the sound effects you can hear in the demo, and a video tutorial.

This slideshow opener is perfect for films, documentaries, corporate presentations, and travel slideshows. It’s offered in full HD, with 13 image/video placeholders, 10 text holders, 1 logo templates, dust and light details and more. It also includes a video tutorial to help you use it.

This slideshow template feels fresh and, as the title suggests, elegant. The wipes from shot to shot, and ripple effects on the footage along with that glisten make it feel cool but not cold.

Modern Slideshow template offers 17 photo/video placeholders, 12 editable text layers, and one logo placeholder. It’s a good fit for fashion, sports, or travel products. It’s fit for use on TV shows, commercials, and online videos. Its quick, energetic feel captures the eye.

Get emotional with this template. This beautifully crafted aged film template will showcase your photos in a way that feels authentic. It comes in a longer version, (2:10) and a shorter version (1:10). And it includes 35 photo/video placeholders, as well as 35 text placeholders.

This stunning ink slideshow will lift your media into something impressive. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your footage and changing the text. It includes an easy to understand video tutorial covering how to use this template. 11 photo/video placeholders are offered, including 11 text holders.


This Premiere Pro template is tidy and creative. It features an elegant collage design that can be customized in just a few clicks. It contains 18 text placeholders, and 10 media placeholders. No plugins are required, it renders fast, and all combines to allow you to create corporate videos quickly.

This clean, professional, and modern template is great for modern corporate videos. 10 photo/video holders and included, as well a PDF and TXT tutorial.

This template is a good fit for professional presentations, although a little unconventional. It’s ultramodern, features a unique, colorful design, and clean animations. The drag and drop functionality makes it simple and fast to create something amazing. It’s well suited to slideshows, promotions, events, commercials, and more.

This is a universal Premiere Pro template featuring a clean design with smooth animations. It’s fantastic for business presentations, corporate slideshows, promotions, and events.

Looking for a stylish, elegant slideshow templates with simple text animations? This template is a great choice. It contains 10 image/video placeholders, 9 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It also uses a modular structure, making it easy to customize.


This template commands attention. Its clever use of zoom and parallax effects help it engage the eye. These effects, when mixed with other elements like text, really pop. With no plugins required, and fast rendering, it’s a great experience to use.

This pack is a powerful slideshow template with a retro looking design. It features elegant text animations, and smooth transitions. It comes with 5 editable text layers, 6 image/video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s easy to use, and makes for a delightful video opener.

Clean Slideshow is a beautiful Premiere Pro template with a minimalistic, eye-catching design. Everything from the images, to the text and colors is editable. It’s the perfect project to display your photos for weddings, anniversaries, vacations and more.


This pack features a versatile set of glitch effects and sound effects to make your video seem either futuristic, or retro. With more than 60 transitions, 50 titles, 200 sound effects, and 60 overlays, you’re well catered for. It uses a modular structure, no plugins are required, and it’s in full HD. It stands out from other glitch templates out there.

This powerful template features a retro design, and elegant text animations, and transitions. It includes 9 image/video placeholders, 7 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s a great opener for corporate presentations, promos, and more.

Inspiring Glitch Opener is a stylish and modern Premiere Pro template. This project is perfect for your promo, opener, showreel, slideshow or special event montage. Create your next inspiring video in only a few minutes. It’s simple to use with 14 image/video placeholders, 8 text placeholders, 1 logo placeholder, and more.

Glitch opener makes for a perfect intro. It’s great for a photo/video slideshow, tv-show or any other media product . You can use images instead of videos in all the placeholders. You can easily change the colors in just one simple step. It features drag and drop functionality for inserting your media and audio. After that you hit render, and you’ll got yourself a video. It features 10 text placeholders, 18 photo/video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s easily editable with just a few clicks.

This stylish, professional glitch opener is perfect for movies and commercials and more. It features drag and drop functionality, and contains 10 different scenes you can use and order as you desire. A full video tutorial is included for you to use the product with ease.

Color Grading

This enormous library of motion design tools will help any video creator. It provides an plenty of tools and controls to enhance the final look of your project. It’s easy to use with drag and drop functionality. Plus video tutorials are included.


RVGanimation’s Urban Intro feels unique among urban packs. It has a nice mix between using text, footage, and aged film filters. It feels like a cohesive assortment of elements that is ready and waiting for you to insert your footage. It includes 14 media placeholders, 9 text placeholders, and more.

With a mix of ripple effects on the footage, as well as select areas of color grading to and from black and white, and the addition of small details like the + and o signs, this pack gives you a lot to customize and work with. It has a modular structure, includes 34 image or video placeholders, 40 title placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder.

This template really fits the YouTube trend of the moment, featuring 29 photo/video placeholders, 17 text placeholders, a modular structure, and an easy to use UX.


Modern Opener is really effective in how it plays with the whole canvas of the screen. The way each template animates either zooms out from that borders of the screen, with the text following the movement, or slides from the side of the screen, again the text not following far behind. It simultaneously creates a sense of space and depth, and attracts the eye, feeling immersive. It includes 38 photo/video placeholders, 15 text placeholders, a modular construction, and a video tutorial.

Short and sweet, this opener is simple and effective. The elements fill the screen, and the way the boxes, the text, and the footage marry together is something special. It’s fantastic if you’re looking for a slick, clean design. 4 media placeholders are included. 8 text placeholders.

Clean and elegant, this intro template is wonderful for a modern and professional project. Featuring placeholders for your footage or photos that glide in a unique way across the screen, accompanied by a soft blue color scheme, and simple text placeholders, it’s easy to see how this pack could work well for a variety of projects.

Modern and professional looking, yet uniquely versatile, this pack provides a fully realized concept that’s tidy and fresh. With 12 media placeholders, 12 text placeholders, useable by dragging and dropping your content into them, it’s perfect for corporate presentations, promos, news explainers, and much more.

This pack gives you what you’ll need to create fresh, modern looking titles and lower thirds all within Premiere Pro. It’s a similar concept to the popular BOXD version of this product, but a little more unique in some of its layouts and animations.

This striking pack of minimal titles are clean and dynamic in their design and usability. They’re ideal for everything from high quality videos on culture, technology, or even corporate topics. They’re easily customizable, and require no plugins.

These templates and so many more are part of our brand new Premiere Pro Templates category on VideoHive. It’s ready for you to explore, now. 



30 Best After Effects Templates for YouTube Intros, Titles and Openers

People’s appetite for video content continues to grow. They expect videos from their favorite creators to drop more often, while also expecting the quality of both the content and presentation to be very high. This list of the best After Effects templates for YouTube intros, titles, and openers aims to help them out.


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Best Design Items to Appeal to the Millennial Generation https://envato.com/blog/best-design-items-millennials/ Wed, 28 Feb 2018 05:54:05 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=66245 Designing for a millennial audience is a tricky affair. As a companion piece to our guide to designing for millennials, we've put together this list of new items that work well for the demographic that was virtually born on the internet. Take a look.

The post Best Design Items to Appeal to the Millennial Generation appeared first on Envato.


Designing for a millennial audience is a tricky affair. As I discussed in a previous post, their a temperamental audience that has no time for experiences the load slowly, want to know exactly what they should be focusing on, and want to feel special. As a companion piece to our guide to designing for millennials, we’ve put together this list of new items that work well for the demographic that was virtually born on the internet. Take a look.

Graphic Design

This retro Photoshop Action will take you back to the graphic design style associated with old video games. The color options are bright, with the purple, blue, and orange version being very on trend right now. But it’s tastefully executed and not overwhelming. It should have no trouble catching the eye.

Web Design

Select-Themes have a whole portfolio of options when it comes to millennial friendly designs. But one that really caught my eye was this one called Mixtape. Built for music artists, it offers a number of variations of the theme, and they’re all bright, with a strong focus on high resolution images, and exciting patterns. Most interactions are accompanied by animations, it makes the experience very engaging.

Elated-Themes is another fantastic creator of millennial focused themes. Mane is a great example of one. With a beautiful bold design, a mix of pastel pinks and complimentary, darker greens against a mostly white canvas make it look fresh. That, plus the way the graphics are layered and animated make it extremely engaging. Check out the demos. 


Purpose built for social media, this templates pack includes three post sizes, making it easily adjustable to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram’s preferred resolutions and dimensions, including square videos. It’s also ready for Snapchat and Instagram Stories, with vertical video templates. Its color palette is bright and playful. It’s got everything you need to engage an audience whether they’re scrolling through their newsfeed or skipping through video stories on their phone.

This template pack is purpose built for YouTube. It’s modern, and offers a large suite of templates and animations for almost anything you want to create. It includes templates for titles, openers, transitions, lower thirds, logo reveals, social media promos and pretty much anything else you can think of. It’s one of the most comprehensive YouTube packs out there.

Aimed at a young, social savvy audience, this template pack is purpose built for the Snapchat generation. It includes colorful video openers, lower thirds, even YouTube thumbnails, all purpose built for millennials. With playful animations, and icons you can add that resemble Snapchat stickers, you’ve got a lot to work with with this pack. 

This pack is purpose built for Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Featuring 10 multipurpose templates, it gives you everything you need to created compelling content to be shared on a mobile screen vertically, as well as templates that can be used for advertising too. The templates are fresh, playful and well suited to the platforms most popular with millennials.

Minimal and functional, this template offers a few options including titles, lower-thirds, descriptions, news cards and more. The boxes cleverly resize themselves to match how much text you’ve added, and a few different animation styles are offered. It’s perfect for videos you want viewers to be able to watch without sound.

With a slick design and fluid animations, this template set packs a punch. It comes with titles, lower-thirds, logo, and quote templates, all featuring an elegant minimal design. It’s built to impress.

This pack by therealist brings a simplicity to lower-thirds that’s hard to beat. The minimal design and clean animation will made the information you’re sharing through them the star of the show. If lower-thirds are all you need, this one will get the job done well for a generation where functionality is valued first and foremost. 

This pack offers everything you’d need to run a YouTube channel, or even a broadcast channel, as the title suggests. It includes a full kit of titles, openers, transitions, lower thirds, logo IDs, even social media templates. And with its use of gradients, and bright colors, along with stylish animations and playful layouts, it’s a wonderful choice if you’re trying to appeal to millennials.

A few words animated effectively can make for a really engaging video. Typography templates have grown popular in the world of autoplaying video because of their dual ability to communicate a video’s content without the sound being on, but also to capture the attention of users scrolling through a newsfeed. This template will make your words eye catching. 

Finally, featuring gradients that aren’t overpowering, beautiful layouts focusing the eye on the right elements, and more, this template pack is built for millennials. It’s well suited for channel reveals, featuring a spot to put your channel name and avatar that animates beautifully. It can also be used for opening credits to a bigger project. 

Find out what the generation born on the internet wants from design. Read more about millennials here.


The Rules of Designing UX for Millennials

Millennials are an elusive group to capture the attention of. So, what is it they want from a user experience? How can you get them to try your product, or visit your site? And, are they really that obsessed with avocado on toast? Find out in this article.

The post Best Design Items to Appeal to the Millennial Generation appeared first on Envato.

The Rules of Designing UX for Millennials https://envato.com/blog/how-to-design-ux-for-millennials/ Wed, 14 Feb 2018 06:05:20 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=65883 Millennials are an elusive group to capture the attention of. So, what is it they want from a user experience? How can you get them to try your product, or visit your site? And, are they really that obsessed with avocado on toast? Find out in this article.

The post The Rules of Designing UX for Millennials appeared first on Envato.


Millennials are an elusive audience that every brand is courting, and every other generation has got something to say about.

Apparently they’re whiny, selfish, and will never be able to afford a house because of their relentless appetite for avocados. Yet, they’re the audience advertisers are the most desperate to reach.

So, what is it that they want from a user experience? And, with so many mediums trying to capture their attention, how can you build something that will make them come your way, and stick around?

The rules of designing for millennials

Firstly, whatever your product, it needs to adhere to these rules:

It needs to be fast

Millennials have absolutely no tolerance for things that are slow. With every brand courting them, and offering other experiences they can choose to spend their attention on, there is absolutely no chance they will stick around for an experience that doesn’t load quickly.

Optimizing your product for speed is vital. If it’s a video, consider uploading to a platform like Vimeo, or YouTube. If you’re running a publication you should be optimizing your website for Google AMP, and Facebook Instant. Anything that can make each experience they have with your product, wherever they’re coming from, fast, and satisfying puts you in a position to satisfy a millennial audience.

Mobile optimize your product

Millennials are the smartphone generation. As a millennial myself, I know I almost exclusively listen to music, listen to podcasts, use apps, read articles, and surf the web on my phone. On top of that, it’s almost always while I’m doing something else like commuting, or streaming something on another device.

If you are targeting a millennial audience, there is absolutely no excuse for not building your site to be optimized for mobile. In fact, you probably want to consider building your site first, and foremost for mobile, then adapting it for the desktop. That’s how important that platform is to this audience.

Come to terms with the fact that millennials don’t go to homepages

While Facebook’s recent algorithm changes mean there’s diminishing incentive to share to the platform for brands and publishers, it doesn’t mean millennials will be running to your homepage anytime soon.

The reality is that they’ll still usually be referred from social media, a search engine, or an aggregating service. So, it’s up to you to try and both attract them to your site, and retain them when they get there. No matter which way they get in.

If you’re a publication, autoloading the next article beneath the current one, so that they can effortlessly scroll from one to the next, is a start. Just make sure that next article is closely related to the previous one. Try, and get them to sign up to an email newsletter, so that your newest articles, or product news will be right in their inbox.

Do whatever you can to keep them around on your site, and coming back, building your rapport, and trust with them.

Don’t force them to download an app

Looking at the homepage of most people’s smartphones, it’s clear most of us don’t need any more apps.

While apps provide great advantages when it comes to controlling the user experience, and collecting user data, they’re just not something people are keen to download more of.

As mentioned in the section above, millennials are unlikely to even find your brand, and its content, anywhere other than social media, or Google. So, focus on other ways you can retain them without bombarding them with ads for your app. Or, worse, blocking them from viewing your content unless they download it.

Unless you are some sort of subscription service, do whatever you can to reduce the friction between them discovering your brand, and consuming your product.

Make your product high quality, and focused

Millennials seem like they live hectic digital lives, full of loud social media channels, and brands constantly yelling at them. And, well, they kinda do. Which is why the only things that cut through for them are high quality products with a clear focus.

There’s no shortage of sites that shamelessly try to capture clicks, rather than deliver true value. Millennials have enough options for those sorts of experiences in literally every other part of the internet. Provide what they prefer: a straightforward focus on delivering a specialized product that’s purpose built for them.

Remember, millennials want to feel special. Delivering content that feels specifically tailored to them will mean they feel like they’re getting something that gives them a unique perspective on the world that, maybe, puts them a step ahead of the next person.

Make them feel like a trendsetter.

Millennials like a lot of change in a short amount of time

Think fast fashion brands like H&M. As soon as a trend has caught on, there’s something new in the pipeline for next season.

This doesn’t mean you should be endlessly pivoting its product, or changing its design aesthetic. Rather, it means that your style guide should be clear on the fundamentals of your brand and user experience, while have built in flexibility that allows for some elements to be constantly changing.

Maybe you change the product’s color palette every few months. Or, the shape of your buttons alternates, or animates differently. Or, each of your feature articles is completely bespoke to match its topic like Bloomberg Businessweek did for many years with its cover.

Don’t get stale. We hate that.

Products that are built well for millennials

There’s a whole wave of products that have emerged over the last few years that feel really of the moment, and a good fit for millennials.


One site that’s built inside, and out for this generation is Axios.com.

Launched in 2017, by the founders of Politico, Axios focuses mostly on politics, and is built for the mobile age. Each article offers a snippet of less than a hundred words with a “Keep reading” button that identifies how many words are left in the article – usually somewhere from 100 – 600 more.

Each article is short, and focused, using dot points, and clever use of font weights to emphasize the most important elements of a story in a minimal amount of time.

It’s also built to be easily shareable, and be viewed on Facebook. The experience is so mobile friendly, it feels like a Newsfeed in itself. Even when you open one of the articles on Facebook, or Twitter, it’s sticky enough that you get sucked into reading another, and another, with the next article card loaded beneath, and related.

It’s a great experience.


Quartz has always done a magnificent job of smoothly moving you from one article to the next.

It was also one of the earliest examples of a publication built for mobile inside, and out, with a clear business focus, and a well honed design identity.

Its homepage is also a shining example of how to use space in an engaging way. And, also how to deliver content on your homepage, sometimes, without another click being necessary.

Quartz App

If you are going to try to make a news app for a millennial audience, here’s how to do it well.

The Quartz App is focused on delivering the news of the day in an interactive, digestible manner.

Structured like a messaging app, it greets you, then offers you a short teaser of each story in message form. You then choose from two responses as to whether you want more, or whether you’re not interested.

With its mix of casual language, use of emoji, GIFs, and a drip by drip style of information delivery, it’s an excellent example of how to build a modern news app.

The Outline

Always a favorite of ours, The Outline, launched in 2016, takes a refreshing approach to user experience, from its design, to its content, to its advertising strategy.

Its aesthetic is challenging, and provocative, which works, because its content is also challenging, and provocative.

It’s trying to innovate with its approach to advertising on the site. It wants you to interact with the cards advertising The Chi on Showtime. But, it’s an opt-in experience. Which potentially means the metrics they measure, are more meaningful because people choose to interact.

Also, the suggested articles beneath the main one offer a glimpse of the content, but require you to press “Read more” to see the full version. Once again, not in any way trying to fool you into reading something else, thus making their metrics more meaningful.

BuzzFeed Listicles

Emulated by almost everyone, the BuzzFeed listicle is a study in a simple, but great user experience that millennials like.

The headline promises something that the content then delivers in a very straightforward way.

Each listicle item has a headline of its own, an image or GIF, and body paragraph, all designed to make you react.

With three ways to engage you within every listicle item, times that by 17, and even without reading the body of any of them, the list will probably deliver.

The Daily

New York Times’ podcast The Daily is a news program released every weekday morning, hosted by Michael Barbaro.

Generally around twenty minutes long, which, the general length of a commute, it takes a deep dive into one of the day’s stories, while highlighting the other day’s headlines.

After numerous attempts at multimedia, in podcasts, and notably in video, this has been the Times’ first breakout hit. And, a lot of it comes down to the user experience design of it.

Firstly, podcasts have a similar ability to email newsletters, in that they invite retention through subscriptions. Once a user has subscribed, they receive the content in a much more frictionless way than stumbling across it on social media, or visiting the site’s homepage, cold.

Beyond that, Times subscription or not, it’s complementary to the main written content that many will probably read later that day. It’s not reading the newspaper to you. It’s not taking a deep dive into every single story. It’s taking one story that’s already published in the newspaper, and looking at it from another angle, often interviewing the article’s author to get some insight into how the story came together.

It also helps that the host isn’t using a voice of god approach in his delivery, often synonymous with traditional newscasters. Barbaro is more of the Ira Glass school of presenter, where the language of the script is carefully aligned with the way he speaks naturally, and not unnecessarily pompous. The result of which is intimate, perfect for a podcast, a medium people usually consume alone.


Spotify uses both visual design, and listening data to get you discovering new music.

It’s been investing a lot of resources into regularly refreshing the covers of its playlists. With that, every few months, visiting your Browse page will feel like you’re being greeted with a bunch of fresh content. It’s also playing on the fact that when we see the same things every day, they become basically invisible to us.

Discover Weekly is a rather simple, but often delightful experience that plays well into the habits of millennials.

Music is something people consume mostly while doing something else, so the ability to simply press play on a playlist, updated every Monday, put together based on what you’ve been listening to, is fantastic. And, with each track you skip, it learns that’s not something you want, and adjusts for next week’s playlist. It’s a living, breathing user experience built exclusively for you.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod

AI assistants by Google, Amazon, and Apple are being used more and more by millennials. And, now with the home versions that double as bluetooth speakers, they’re taking over.

Google’s search engine got us used to asking for what we need when we needed it. Even to the point that Featured Snippets – those cards that often pop up on a search results page with the answer you’re looking for – mean there’s less friction than ever between asking something, and getting an answer, no matter how wrong it may sometimes be.

Voice assistants take this to a new level. And, the home devices take it to the level beyond that.

Calling out a request, and getting exactly what you asked for provides a convenience, and a focus that’s never been experienced before.

It’s also changing the user experience of how people receive other content like podcasts, news, weather, and potentially so much more.

It’s still at a very early stage, but you can see it bringing things together. Imagine receiving an entire Axios breakdown of the latest Trump story through Google Home.

It’s making information digestible with interactions pretty similar to the Quartz app. Perfect for a generation who want specifically what they’re asking for, and has trouble focusing on one thing for long periods of time.

Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Google AMP Stories


And finally, instant video messaging has become a huge thing for millennials.

It began with Snapchat, continued with Instagram Stories, and now even Google’s getting in on the act.

Video has long been presumed to be the medium with the biggest potential in the online space. But, the realization over the years has been that there are multiple different types of video that will work for different audiences, and fit different platforms.

Short, low-fi videos that can be sent to a group of friends seems to have captivated the millennial audience. Built exclusively for the phone, this form of content takes up the full screen, when holding your handset vertically, and that has made it super engaging to the younger crowd.

Add to that the stickers, and captions you can overlay, as well as the different masks you can apply on your face, and a sensation was born that every advertiser has been trying to master.


In conclusion, yes, millennials are a fussy audience. But, they’re not just spending money on avocados. They’re the biggest potential money spenders for advertisers. 

But, beyond that, they’re an advanced audience, whose expectations for how the user experience of most products works will eventually become the standards of launching a product online. 

So, listen to them. Try, and figure out how to give them the digital experiences they want. Because if you figure it out for them, you’ll have figured it out for the rest of the online audience as well. 


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