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We’re always told never to judge a book by its cover, and yet we do. Everyone does. The cover communicates genre and tone. It gives readers an insight into what they can expect. If what you’re selling on the front cover isn’t what’s printed on those creamy white pages (or more likely that Paperwhite Kindle), you’ll have a disconnect with your readers because your target readers aren’t the ones picking up your book.

It’s a terrible cliche, but a picture really is worth 1000 words. Your book cover is no different. Most often it will be the cover image that first catches your reader’s eye. It needs to convey a lot of information very quickly. The image will show the reader what to expect from the novel. Come thriller? Expect a dark, brooding cover. Romance? The protagonist and their love interest entwined in each other’s arms. Space opera? Usually the protagonist’s starship against a backdrop of the stars and planets.

It’s also important to keep the thumbnail in mind as well. If you’re targeting the e-book market (and even if you’re going a traditional print route) the image still needs to be strong enough to carry its message as a thumbnail. Images and text should be clear and easy to read.

A cover can, however, also be used to help the same novel reach different markets without losing any of the insight the cover will provide. This is something we can easily explore by looking at the various reprints and rebrands of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.


Scholastic (L) and Bloomsbury (R) both utilized illustrated covers successfully.

The original UK and US prints were published with bright covers that highlighted key scenes in the novels. It was important that the illustrations appeal to the younger audience because these first publications were the entry into the market. Capturing the hearts of a generation was one step on Rowling’s road to success, and brightly illustrated covers was an excellent way to reach them.

As young readers were the primary audience for the series, variations on the illustrated theme have been used in most countries, each with artwork tailored to suit local tastes.

In both covers, ‘Harry Potter’ is highlighted in large typeface—Scholastic using an early instance of what would become widely recognized as the Harry Potter font, while Bloomsbury opted for an easy-to-read bold serif. In addition to the illustrations, this went a long way toward visually tying the series together.


Bloomsbury’s 20th Anniversary Edition capitalized on the huge fanbase.

Bloomsbury’s 20th Anniversary editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were printed in Hogwarts house colors. The black covers allowed the brightly colored house crests to shine. Though each cover doesn’t really provide any information for new readers, they are simple and effective at targeting existing fans. As many of the original fans had reached adulthood, the 20th Anniversary Edition was relying on the nostalgia of the series to reach them.

These are collector’s editions, that do not generally target new readers. Of course, it’s important to mention that the movies had also added to the global popularity of the series, so it is also likely that new adult readers were attracted to these covers.

As the target audience for this edition was adults, it was also important to move away from the illustrations of earlier editions. Compared to the children’s illustrations, the sedate black covers would be less likely to draw attention on the subway.

From a collector’s standpoint, it would have been great for Bloomsbury to release the whole series in this style.

Bloomsbury also published the signature edition in 2011. This was the first chance to purchase all 7 titles in one boxed set, and was again targeted at an adult market. They sought to reach collectors and fans that had grown alongside Harry. While these covers returned to highlighting key scenes, they did so in a much more stylized fashion.

The Harry Potter title font was now replaced with the ‘signature’ of the signature series. The golden, handwritten name was eye-catching, if also hard-to-read, and the gold leaf embossing caught the light brilliantly. The cover illustrations of key scenes were now less brightly colored. The pale, parchment colored background allowed the dark illustrations to stand out on the covers. Each still hints at the fantastic fiction within—giant chess pieces fighting, and snow-covered graves with music glyphs—though by this time Harry Potter was such a household name that cover illustrations no longer needed to sell the story. Harry was firmly embedded in global pop culture.

Bloomsbury’s signature series.

Recently re-released through Pottermore, the latest titles go even further stylistically. They move away from touching on scenes from the stories and lean heavily on the iconography within. The owl and lightning bolt still suggest a fantasy tale, as does the phoenix rising above the spires of the castle. Highlighting the iconography of the stories allows the covers to lend more weight. These covers more clearly suggest a fantasy story than the signature series. These also appeal to a broader audience. The bright bold colors will draw younger readers, while the subtle illustration will suit adults.

These covers also keep the heading font uniform. Previous examples highlight Harry Potter by using a separate font from the subheading. Making the font uniform ensures the title remains easy to read as a thumbnail, which is important here as these covers are specifically designed for audiobook versions (the accessibility of digital online stores means audiobooks are more likely to be purchased online).

Through these examples we can see how each cover and printing serves a particular purpose and aims to reach a particular audience, without changing the original text.


If you’re looking to recreate the feel of these styles, the Envato Marketplace has a huge range of fonts and illustrations to get you started.

Halloween is a decorative serif typeface that would make a great bold title, and the quirky, uneven style would not look out of place on fantasy fiction covers.

The coloration of the audiobook headings reminded me of Typerighter and Not My Type. Both are amazing typewriter fonts that contain multiple variations for each letter, making the typed text look much more authentic.

Geographica Hand is another great serif font that would be well suited to this cover style. Its a simple, easy-to-read font that still has a lot of personality.

There’s a huge range of handwritten fonts available, and there will be something to suit everyone’s style. The most important thing for this kind of project is readability, and this is where Bird House is a stand out font. It’s a great font for signature-style covers.

If these have inspired your next cover creation, definitely check out the rest of the huge range of fonts and illustrations available on Envato Elements.


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Motion Graphics for Complete Beginners https://envato.com/blog/motion-graphics-complete-beginners/ Mon, 18 Dec 2017 21:49:26 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=62163 The art of bringing graphics to life through animation.

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Image: 3D Wall

You might have heard the terms ‘motion graphics’ and ‘motion graphic design’ but, if you’re like me, you might have had a hard time working out exactly what they mean.

Put simply: motion graphics refers to animated graphic design.

‘MoGraphs’ (as the industry sometimes refers to them) is really the art of bringing graphics to life through animation. Simple graphic forms can be animated, while flat images, such as photographs, can be edited to suggest the illusion of movement.

How do ‘MoGraphs’ differ from Animation?

MoGraphs is to Animation what Graphic Design is to Art; one piece of the larger discipline. Graphic design often has a commercial aspect to it, as do motion graphics, while art and animation tend to focus more on entertainment. That’s not to say that graphic design can’t also be entertaining – Robert M. Ball’s Beautiful Death series, for example – but entertainment is not the primary purpose.

Motion Graphics Designer Jared Flynn put it succinctly, suggesting that an animator utilizes character and narrative to communicate ideas, while a motion designer reduces that communication to more the basic elements of color, space, and typography.

In conjunction with students at the University for the Arts in Bremen, Envato marketplace author placdarms contributed to this fantastic educational video about the basics of motion graphic design. If you’ve got 23 minutes to spare, it’s packed with so much great information that I think everyone could take a little something away from it.

How can they be used?

First, a little history. The inception of motion graphics goes back decades. Early cinema relied on motion graphics techniques for opening titles. Their creative exploration came in the 1940s and 1950s, when artists such as Oskar Fischinger, Saul and Elaine Bass, and Pablo Ferro began pushing motion graphics techniques to their limits.

The opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho and North By Northwest were both designed by Bass. This iconic style remains a reference point for designers even today, representing the unique ways typography and form can be presented.

These techiques were also used heavily in the abstract designs for, well, pretty much every James Bond film title ever.

Daniel Craig will feature in the 2019 Bond film I’ve tentatively titled MoGraphs are Forever.

So popular were motion graphics techniques in the 1960s and 1970s that their style is often utilized as a callback to the era. The Archer title credits are a great modern example of this:

Motion graphics have also long been used for logo reveals, especially in television networks or movie production companies. (For more info on the use of motion graphics in logo reveals, see our article on the Top Logo Reveal Video Templates for After Effects.)

The pervasiveness of technology means that animations can be applied to almost anything to give them a boost in our busy lives. Motion graphics can be used to great effect in animated digital billboards. Websites can utilize them – sparingly though, please – to highlight or draw attention to particular areas.

Remember, you’re aiming for this:

Welcome to the Universe won the 2017 People’s Voice Webby Award for best use of animation or motion graphics. (Webby Awards)

Not this:

If you’re looking for more on what not to do, Dom has you covered with 13 Terrible Web Trends and how to Recreate them.

Many websites are using a parallax effect for backgrounds. This animation technique involves moving foreground images and background images at different speeds, creating the illusion of depth. Used effectively and this gives a hint of dynamic movement without overwhelming the content. We have talked about this in depth before, so if you’re interested in hearing more about how parallax can be used in websites, have a read though this article on Things to Consider When Using Parallax Scrolling in Web Design.

The Firewatch website shows how parallax can be used simply without overwhelming viewers. (Firewatch)

Motion graphics can also be used very creatively print. Though falling out of favour a little in recent times, lenticular printing can still be used effectively. You’ve most likely seen this used in children’s books, where different frames of a scene are cut into thin strips and spliced together under a ridged piece of plastic. The visible frame then changes depending on your angle of view. These styles can still be used on promotional materials, such as cups or postcards, as well as full-size advertisements.

Spanish Child Advocacy agency, ANAR, provided a well known example of lenticular advertising in 2013. Using horizontal lenticular lines rather than vertical, ANAR were able to target their message of support to children under 10.

Motion designs are versatile techniques that can be used across a broad range of projects in different mediums. While the digital uses are obvious and abundant, remember that there are also ways to include motion graphics in printed projects.

Of course, if neither digital nor print motion graphics are suitable for your project, you could always consider magical means. Please note, however, that magical means are only available to select customers at this time. Please contact your local school for wizardry and witchcraft for more information.

For more information on using motion graphics, or if you’re interested in browsing the marketplace offerings:

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Top Logo Reveal Video Templates for After Effects https://envato.com/blog/top-logo-reveal-video-templates-effects/ Mon, 04 Dec 2017 21:16:12 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=59606 Logo reveal templates for After Effects, inspired by The Matrix, Netflix, World of Warcraft, and more.

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Image: Classy Logo Reveal V2
You might not think that a logo reveal really matters for your business or creative endeavour, but a killer logo reveal can be as much a part of your brand as your logo itself. Think about MGM’s iconic roaring lion. You’re more likely to picture the animated version, along with the roars themselves, than the static image. Animating your logo reveal is a great way to help embed your product in your client’s minds and increase brand recall. It can also help provide consistency across your products, advertisements, instruction videos, and more. Don’t think you’re tied down, either. Warner Brothers Pictures don’t rely on just one reveal style. Their logo reveals are often thematically linked to the feature (though admittedly, recall of the WB brand isn’t much of an issue when they’ve been around for over 100 years). It’s a great way to demonstrate how committed they are to their projects if they’re willing to change aspects of their corporate branding to suit. For the opening of The Matrix, WB opted for a green palette and a CRT screen flicker to match the computer screens featured in the movie. While for 2015’s Mad Max, they went with a rust effect to fit the post-apocalyptic theme. A great logo reveal doesn’t need to be limited to movies and television. Video game and software companies also use logo reveals to great effect. Who hasn’t seen this a thousand times? (Yes, I’m still here, Netflix. Please stop prompting me every few hours.) And graphics technology company Nvidia’s cool reveal is a staple of many game credits. Blizzard Entertainment, developers of such games as Diablo, StarCraft, Overwatch, and the global success World of Warcraft, have used custom logo reveals for many of their releases as well. This excellent compilation of Blizzard logo reveals demonstrates how a brand reveal can vary and grow between projects. Whether you’re producing video games, movies, educational videos, or advertisements, logo reveals are a neat way to tie together your branded content. It helps your clients to recognize and recall your brand later on, and tells them the content they’re engaging with is worth their investment. The assets available on VideoHive can help you to easily add professional logo reveals to your project. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Light Glitch Logo Reveal

This After Effects project is one of VideoHive’s top rated projects. It’s perfect for any cinema title, corporate, film intro, YouTube Channel, website, movie… whatever you can imagine. It’s easy to customize. Just drop your logo or text into the placeholder compositions and edit your text on the text layer. It’s very user friendly, and comes with a help file to take you step-by-step. This project is suitable for CS5.5 and higher. It’s 1920 x 1080 full HD, and runs for 18 seconds. The audio not included, but you buy it from AudioJungle. VideoHive author stevepfx has a range of other great options available, so be sure to check the full portfolio.

2. Film Light Logo Reveal

This After Effects project is another detailed offering from author stevepfx. It is reminiscent of the Fox searchlight, and can be easily customized to suit your logo or theme. This style of branding reveal will be suitable for movie, television, or other cinematic-type projects. All of stevepfx’s projects are easy to customize. Just drop your logo or text into the placeholder compositions and edit your text on the text layer. It’s very user friendly, and comes with a help file to take you step-by-step. This project is suitable for CS5.5 and higher. It’s 1920 x 1080 full HD, and runs for 13 seconds. The audio not included, but you can buy it from AudioJungle.

3. Classy Logo Reveal V2

This classy logo reveal has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster. You have the choice to with or without the shooting star effects, and can easily change colors and shades. It also has an easy black and white option, too. This project is suitable for Adobe After Effects CS4 and above. It is full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and runs for 17 seconds. The audio is not included, but is available from AudioJungle.

4. Superhero logo

It’s always hard to go past a Batman reference, so I couldn’t let this gem go. This great Superhero reveal contains some distorted transitions between various superhero icons, ending with your brand icon. It is very easy to edit – you can even add the real superhero logos if you need – and also comes with the distortion audio used in the demo. This Apple Motion 4 project is in full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and runs for 10 seconds.

5. Quick Logo Reveal

This quick cartoon logo reveal is quirky, fun and unique. It will certainly stand out. It will work with any logo, and though it’s only 5 seconds long it will stick in viewer’s minds. It is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5 or higher. It comes in both full HD at 1920 x 1080, and HD at 1280 x 720. The sound effects are included!

6. Platinum Logo Reveal

If you’re after something a little more prestigious, it will be hard to go past this Platinum Logo Reveal. The platinum shine effect adds a high-class tint to any design. This comes with 6 pre-made backgrounds, with new ones added in free updates by the author. It’s a full HD video at 1920 x 1080, and the custom sound effects are also included.

7. Air Traveler – Logo Intro

The Air Traveller project is suitable for travel services or agencies, or anything with a global reach! All monument images are included, but you can easily replace them with your own cut-out photos, so while this project is aimed at travel agencies, there’s no reason the style can’t be re-appropriated to suit your brand. The background and colors can be changed to suit your own styles, too. This project is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS4 and above, and extra plugins are already included. Demo music is not included, but the music used, iSpy and Smooth Transition Logo, are both available at AudioJungle.

8. Form – Logo Ident

Form is the logo reveal design I think of when I’m thinking of logo reveals. It opens with a closeup of a large group of particles which form the logo as the frame zooms out. A smart and intuitive settings panel makes Form incredibly easy to customize, allowing you to switch between the light and dark versions, between logo or plain text, use your own background colors, even use the logo’s original colors for the particles. This project is compatible with After Effects CS5 or higher. You’ll need a plugin called Trapcode Particular v2.2 to edit but the author has generously offered to covert this for free if needed. The demo music track used is Elegant Logo by Cyrill_Luzin.

9. Minimal Logo Reveal

This short logo reveal is easy to customize. It’s another great quick revel that still packs a punch. The project comes with two versions – a circle and a square – and is available in both HD (1280 x 720) and full HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions. No extra plugins are required. The music is not included, but is available at Hi-Tech Logo.

10. Magma Glow Logo Reveal

This project comes with three logo revel animations with metal textures. This reveal simulates different metals with a hot molten core shining through. Each of these animations is 15 seconds long. The project is full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution), and is suitable for CS5 and higher. The demo soundtrack is produced by FruityAudio and can be downloaded separately.

11. Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II

The beautiful, elegant color particles of this logo reveal template could easily suit any brand or project. The particle colors can be easily changed, and the template can be easily customized by just dragging and dropping your logo in. No extra plugins are required. The audio is sold separately, and is available from Scoring Audio Geeks on AudioJungle. Designer sachinjoshi has a range of other great logo reveals. Definitely check them out.

12. Fire Reveal

Fire Reveal is a modern and energetic design combined with powerful atmosphere and organic burning effect. This project is full HD (1920×1080) and HD (1280×720). If you want a logo reveal that makes a powerful statement – this one’s for you. Suitable for Adobe After Effects CS4 and above, but this project does require Particular v2.0. The demo audio for this project is available at AudioJungle.

13. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02

One of the more high-tech sci-fi logo reveals on this list. This project takes you on a digital zoom through cyberspace to reveal your brand, and is perfect for program or game designers, or technology companies. The project is compatible with CS5 and above, and runs for 12 seconds. It comes in massive 4k resolution (3840 x 2160). No extra plugins are required. The demo sound effects are not included, but are available from cleanmindsounds on AudioJungle.

14. Elegant Glossy Edge Reveal

This is another great prestige logo reveal. The project generates glossy golden edges against a dark background to create a dramatic, professional, premium logo reveal effect. The project is compatible with Adobe CS4 and above, and comes in full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The demo music is by AmethistLab, and is available separately on AudioJungle.

15. Adventure Titles

Finally, Adventure Titles is perfect for your big world projects. This reveal would not be out of place with projects like Indiana Jones, Ben Hur, or Assassin’s Creed. If your business, brand or project would be at home excavating lost cities or travelling the world, this might just be what you’re looking for. This Adobe After Effects CS5 Template creates a realistic sand (dust, powder) fly away effect. There are six different looks and four different styles included, and can easily be customized to suit your needs. The demo audio tracks are separate, but can all be found on AudioJungle:

If you’re after something different, you can browse the whole collection of logo reveal assets on VideoHive.

For more info or inspiration, have a look at these:

Check out: Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro


41 Premiere Pro Templates to Animate Your Next Video

Increasingly, it’s expected that videos include animation. These skills don’t come naturally for everyone. But they’re becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention. We’ve launched a new category on VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates. Here are some of the best.

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A Brief History of Video Game Design https://envato.com/blog/brief-history-video-game-design/ Sun, 29 Oct 2017 21:44:41 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=58459 From Pong to Minecraft: what we learned from analyzing video game design over the years (plus, resources for your own game designs).

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Super Mario Bros. is one of the most iconic games of all time. (Nintendo)

It was 1972 when Pong burst onto our CRT screens. While many programs came before it, Pong’s iconic white paddles and square dot would usher in the dawn of commercial video games.

This was once the forefront of gaming technology. (Wikipedia)

The time was right. The Magnavox Odyssey was the first commercially produced home video game console, and was also released in 1972. It came with several games, including Table Tennis, on which Pong was allegedly based. (There was a copyright lawsuit, but that’s a whole other story.) The commercial success of Pong helped to drive the commercial success of the Odyssey, and an industry was born.

We’ve come a long way in the last 45 years. When you’re looking at an immersive virtual reality environment, those two white lines and square dot are a long way from your mind.

Danger Ball is practically VR Pong! (Playstation VR Worlds)

High resolution screens mean gamers can have near photorealistic experiences – take Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Mass Effect: Andromeda, or Forza Horizon 3 – and yet are still happy with nostalgia-inspiring pixelated creations, like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Shovel Knight, and perhaps even Minecraft (though this is a massive free-form 3D game as well).

Forza Horizon 3 shows how far we’ve come… (Forza Motorsport)
…while Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP demonstrates that nostalgia inspired graphics still pulls fans. (Sword & Sworcery)

Massive 3D environments are popular, such as World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider or any number of other examples from the last ten years. But you can achieve a lot in single scenes, as well.

From the late 1980s and well through the 1990s, developers LucasArts and Sierra became known for their 2D point’n’click adventure games, such as The Secret of Monkey Island, or the King’s Quest series (or Police Quest, or Space Quest).

The Secret of Monkey Island was a cult classic, and the style is coming back. (IGN)

These games were at times amusing and ridiculous, moving and poignant, and are great examples of the depth game storytelling can reach.

But while our technological capabilities have grown, many of our styles have remained the same. Side-scrolling platformers like 1985’s Super Mario Bros are still hugely popular across a range of gaming mediums. Some fantastic examples of modern side-scrollers include 2008’s Braid, 2010’s LIMBO, and 2012’s Deadlight. All three are also finely crafted emotional stories, showing that you don’t need complex visuals to pull at the players’ heartstrings.

Vivid backgrounds provide perfect contrast to Deadlight’s silhouette characters. (Tequila Works)

This could be, in part, due to the rise of the smartphone as a game console in its own right. The powerful portable computers are perfect for short, level based gameplay during your commute or other dead time.

Where am I going with all this? I don’t want you to think you need ground-breaking graphics or systems to compete in today’s game market. Classic styles and mechanics are classics for a reason.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the Envato resources that could help you bring your idea to life.


Backgrounds set your scene and help convey your mood and atmosphere, and good use of layers will help give a 2d scene a 3d feel (this is parallax scrolling, where the foreground moves faster than the background).

Game Background

This great set of 10 modern game backgrounds is split into 6 different categories: Classic, Asia, Horror, Snow, City and Miscellaneous.
Files are 1024×512, 100% tileable horizontally and the layers make them parallax ready.

They are available in different formats such as: AI, EPS and PNG (full + layered backgrounds). These vector files are really easy to edit and customize.

Space Game Backgrounds

A side-scrolling platformer doesn’t need an obvious platform. Why not try a side-scrolling space shooter instead? Or how about navigating a lost astronaut through a dangerous asteroid field (coming up below), against these beautiful backgrounds? (If you do that I at least want to be in the credits).

This set comes with 4 backgrounds, 16 space components including planets and suns, in 1920×1080 glory. The file formats are AI, EPS and PNG, and the layers and components make this parallax ready.

Red Mountains Game Background

The red mountains could easily be a desert backdrop or deadly alien planet. This vector illustration is layered and editable, and are horizontally tileable for your side-scrolling action.

The download will be as a editable .EPS 10, .Ai 8, .CDR 10, JPEG and transparent .PNG files.

If you’re looking for more like this, author ragerabbit has a large portfolio that includes other game backgrounds and items.

Seamless Background

These blue mountains are another option. The components are vector images, so they are easily editable and scalable, and everything is already separated into layers.

Author VitaliyVill is another great artist with a portfolio that includes backgrounds, sprites and characters.

Workshop Background

If a side-scroller isn’t what you had in mind, perhaps this workshop background can inspire you? This is a perfect background for a single scene or title screen.

This is a vertical, hand-drawn illustration with a resolution of 2048×2732px. The files are fully layered, and the vector designs mean most items can be scaled without any quality loss.

If you need something else, check out the huge range of fantastic game backgrounds available on GraphicRiver.


Sprites are the 2d images that populate your scene. They can be characters, monsters, items, or simply design elements.

2D – Game Character Sprites

This character pack is just a sample of what designer pasilan has available. This character is suitable for shooting games, running or platform games, or anything else you can think of.

Files types Include: .AI, .EPS, .PNG, Spriter. Preloaded animations include an idle stance, running, throwing, attack, and more.

Author pasilan has a huge collection of character sprites. Check them out. You’re sure to find something to suit your game!

Blast Sprites

If you’re in need of any sort of explosion, have a look at this pack from ashishlko11. This is just one of the many options available in their portfolio.

This set contains 5 blast sprites, each 12 frames long. It comes with pSD and PNG files, as well as sample GIFs.

Also have a look at Game Art Vol 1 for more looping animations.

Giant Black Widow Spider Game Sprite

I hate spiders and even I’m a fan of this sweet set. Spiders are villains for a reason, and this black beauty is no different!

The file comes with 7 animations, and the pieces are all vector images to allow for resizing without any loss in quality.

For more monsters and enemies (or hey, heroes, I’m not judging) check out this skeleton army from the same author.

Shadow Teen Girl

This great silhouette character will let you draw on the style of games like LIMBO and Deadlight. The set comes with 37 preloaded animations, and an assortment of character components in AI and PNG formats for easy editing and customizing.

Author bevouliin has a large portfolio too. Check it out!

Vector Asteroid Sprites

These are the asteroids I mentioned earlier. Couple them with the space backgrounds and you’ve got yourself a setting!

There are 15 different models to choose from, and each comes with several frames of damage. The files are PSD, AI, and EPS, and are, of course, vector images to allow resizing without loss of quality.

Even better, author -wowu- has a complete Asteroids game package that includes backgrounds, this asteroid set, ships, powerups, animations, and a user interface.

Top Down Pixelart Sprite Bundle

Something I haven’t touched on is top down games. Some older role playing games used this style, along with some shooters. It’s less common, but still effective (and less common means you’ll stand out!). This sprite bundle contains 8 different packs, and should have enough to get you going!

It contains heroes, enemies, tile sets, decorations and more.

If you need something else, check out the huge range of game sprites and resources available on GraphicRiver.

Music and Sound Effects

One last thing. Don’t forget that the right music and sound effects are instrumental (sorry) in creating your atmosphere. In fact, sound may even have more impact than the visuals. Even the opening notes of your theme music can be important. Sierra’s opening theme was pretty much my childhood.

Music and sound is much more difficult to demonstrate than graphic assets, so click here if you want:

Otherwise, stick your headphones on and have a browse through AudioJungle’s huge catalogue of music and sound effects.

Read more about game design:

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Everything You Need for Your Health and Fitness WordPress Site (With Examples) https://envato.com/blog/everything-need-health-fitness-wordpress-site-examples/ Mon, 02 Oct 2017 21:08:44 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=57507 Key components of a gym & fitness site: photos, testimonials, instructors, program schedules, and more.

The post Everything You Need for Your Health and Fitness WordPress Site (With Examples) appeared first on Envato.


Key Elements of a Successful Fitness Site

So now that you know what these new services are, let’s take a look at what they can do for you. If you’re creating or revamping a website for a gym, personal trainer, or maybe your yoga studio, these feature packed templates will get you going quickly, and give your web-presence a step up. All you’ll need is a very quick warmup.

I’ll go through each of these in more depth in just a moment, but there are a few key elements a successful fitness website should have:

  1. Photos and Videos
    A great fitness website will have a gallery of current clients to demonstrate just how far your training can take them.
  2. Testimonials
    Photos are one thing, but reading the positive testimonials from other clients will help convince site visitors that you’re the trainer they need.
  3. Instructors
    Highlighting yourself or your instructors shows you’re friendly and approachable, and listing achievements and experience gives credibility.
  4. Program and Schedule
    Everyone needs to know when you’re available or when the next class is, so keep this information current on your site.
  5. Mobile Friendly
    Everyone is on the move these days – and your job is to keep them that way – so ensure your site has as much impact on mobile devices as it does on a computer screen (and these websites sure will).

We’ve got some great examples of themes and sites that fill each of these elements particularly well. It’s important to note, though, that each one has most, if not all, of these main elements.

Photos and Videos: Show them how it’s done

While images are particularly important for most websites, they’re key here. Images on fitness sites tend to show us the fit, buff bodies we’re all longing for. They show us what we could have with a bit of dedication and a lot of hard work. They’re enticing your new clients.

Videos, on the other hand, show us how it’s done. Use video to demonstrate a number of different workouts and talk new clients through the motions. You’ll have useful content that never gets old and will help bring new visitors to your pages.

Bridge Crossfit

Bridge Crossfit is one of the best Hosted sites available for fitness or gym websites. It utilizes the hero image – the strong, eye-catching, full screen headers and backgrounds – to really draw your clients in. The images are fairly consistent across all the pages. The key element of this site is its gallery feature:

Professional images help, of course, so make an opportunity to have some of your success-story clients photographed by a professional fitness photographer, and they’ll really add to your content.

Bridge Crossfit is an Envato Hosted site. You can find the Live preview here.

Yoga Studio – Landy Yoga

Landy Yoga Studio is an Envato Sites template. This is a very simple, clean site that has just the information you need. Landy Yoga uses a simple and eye-catching gallery section that shows off some of your best shots and poses. It could easily be expanded to link to routine video guides that will let your clients work at their leisure.

As a Sites template, Landy Yoga Studio is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Yoga Studio – Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga is another top Envato Sites offering. This template uses the gallery feature in the header. Use it to set the scene and put your clients in the right frame of mind, or use it to show off great poses and real transformations.

It also has a good Instructors section, too!

As a Sites template, Zen Yoga is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Testimonials: Tell them your success stories

It’s one thing for you to tell us how great your style is, but it’s another to hear it from other clients. Product testimonials are the backbone of all service and product websites, and fitness is no different. Seeing the positive impact you’re having on your clients is a strong motivator for new clients, and goes a long way toward strengthening your reputation.

Avada Gym

Avada Gym is a solid Envato Hosted option. This theme has one of the best testimonials pages:

The theme is broad ranging, though. It has a great instructors page, and the Facilities page can be expanded or customized to show class schedules. It also has a great looking Blog feature. Business Blogs add value to your site, draw new customers in, and help improve your search rankings. They add credibility, too, as new clients can see your knowledge and experience first hand.

You can check out the Live preview here.

Performance Pro – Personal Trainers

Designed for Personal Trainers rather than full gyms, PerformancePro’s Personal Trainers template cuts the site down to the pertinent info only. It has a great testimonials section that’s perfect for showing off client feedback. There’s also a strong header image for setting the tone of your site, and sections for instructor information and training plans.

As a Sites template, Zen Yoga is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Bridge Yoga 

Bridge Yoga Studio is an Envato Hosted template that comes with a lot of great options. It has a large photo gallery to show off your studio and client success. It has a comprehensive page for programs and classes. The element that earns this template a place here, though, is the customer testimonials on the front page. The side scrolling testimonials section allows more comments without taking up extra space.

You can have a look at the Live preview here.

Instructors: Sell yourself

You’re asking people to put their health and wellbeing in your hands, so reaching out and telling them a little about you and your instructor’s backgrounds, experience, and perhaps a personal anecdote or two, will help to show you’re personable and approachable.

Enfold Gym

Enfold Gym is one of the strongest performing Envato Hosted fitness websites available. The eye-catching and interesting instructors page has enough information and background without overloading the client:

This site also has such a great classes and schedule page that I nearly listed it in that section instead. This page breaks down each class or session, explains the goals and instructor, and shows the class schedule. There’s also a full schedule covering all the available sessions. Finally, this site has a clean and enticing News page that can be easily repurposed as a Blog to keep your content fresh and useful.

Definitely have a look at the Live preview here.

Infinite Fitness

Infinite Fitness is an Envato Hosted WordPress template. It sports a good trainer section that highlights links for their social media:

If your trainers have a strong digital presence then so do you. This is a big template with a lot of moving parts, so I can only suggest you have a look at the Live preview to really get to know the features.


FitnessPro is an Envato Sites offering. This simple template is designed for personal trainers rather than gym owners. It provides great instructor information, as well as a very nice looking testimonials section.

As a Sites template, FitnessPro is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Program and Schedule: Where and When?

This might be one of the main pieces of web content that helps bring in new clients and keeps your old ones coming back to your site. Detailing your program and schedule nails down the offering, explains your classes, courses or sessions, and lets people plan their workouts. It’ll also keep existing clients coming back to your site, making it a useful tool for them, too.


The BeFitness premium WordPress theme is one of the many offerings available through Envato Hosted. It’s built on the incredibly popular and versatile BeTheme. This theme has a raft of features that make customizing your content fast and easy.

As a fitness or gym website, this theme hits many of the key elements mentioned before. I’ve noted it here, however, because of its great use of a full page weekly schedule:

Update this page to suit your own class or availability schedule – and probably add a line or two describing the workouts and intensity – and away you go.

If you want to have a closer look, you can jump straight to the live preview here.


This site might be targeted at a dance studio, but it is surprisingly versatile. It’s a simple, single page site with a number of information panels. It makes excellent use of the image gallery, but it’s noted here because of its particularly cool lesson plan:

Of course, it’s based on the same theme as BeFitness above, but this demonstrates the versatility of the BeTheme collection. BeTheme comes with plenty of options (and over 270 predesigned sites), so you can add or remove items to suit your needs.

This is an Envato Hosted WordPress theme, so have a look at the Live preview here.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is another great site built with BeTheme. I apologize for having three here, but I think it’s important to show just how creative you can be with this theme.

This one uses an Events Calendar instead of a class schedule. This is a unique way of showing your class information, and each links back to a page detailing the entry. It could easily be used to list upcoming or regular competitions and events, of course.

You can have a look at the Live preview here.

Mobile Friendly: Everyone is literally on the move

Given the huge popularity of smartphones and tablets, it’s definitely important for your site to be easily viewable across an array of devices. Thankfully, all of these sites will automatically scale and reposition your info to best suit the screen. The design settings allow you to preview as you build, so you can be sure everything is still showing as intended.


Honestly, every site above easily and automatically converts to the optimal display for your visitors. The website builders and live previews show you what your site will look like on each device. It’s just a click of a button.

BeSport is no exception. This site is designed as more of a store front, so if you’ve got fitness stock to sell alongside your classes and sessions, this one might be for you.

Live Preview here

Personal Trainer 

The Personal Trainer website is an Envato Sites option. As a personal trainer your sessions and availability might be more flexible than a set class schedule. This is a simple, one page site that can give your clients all the information they need, and because it’s built with Sites, you can swap modules in and out as you need!

Yosemite Running

Finally, Yosemite Running is another well rounded Envato Sites website. This one is designed with a running/marathon training group in mind. It has info about meet-ups and membership plans, and also a good simple testimonials section.

Now that you’ve chosen your site, don’t forget to have a look through some of our best sports and fitness resources to create custom content.

Build your Fitness Website on Envato Sites and Envato Hosted

Here’s two new awesome somethings from Envato that we’re really excited to share: Envato Sites and Envato Hosted.

Envato Sites provides a simple, easy to use online interface. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about website code and just wants to get on with designing the perfect site for their needs. Each website on Envato Sites comes with loads of pre-designed content blocks that can be arranged and edited to suit you. All you need to do is add your own images and text!

It’s free to try, so you’ve got nothing to lose, and you’ll only pay $4USD a month once you’re ready to go live on your own custom domain.

Envato Hosted is a managed WordPress Hosting service.  It combines some of the best themes on ThemeForest with hosting, premium support and instant theme set up, all at a low cost. For $19USD a month, we’ll take care of the ‘back end’ stuff for your website. WordPress themes offer you greater flexibility and creative freedom on your site, and our hosting service removes the tech headaches. Have a look here for more info on what’s included with an Envato Hosted package.

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A Cyberpunk Future Is Closer Than You Think https://envato.com/blog/cyberpunk-future-closer-think/ Sun, 03 Sep 2017 22:28:22 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=57164 noun: cy·ber·punk: science fiction dealing with future urban societies dominated by computer technology.

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Cyberpunk Intro by ZuzuZa

Cyberpunk is a word you might have heard thrown around and, while you might not necessarily know what it refers to, you’re probably more familiar with it than you realize.

Cyberpunk: What even is it?

noun: cy·ber·punk \ˈsī-bər-ˌpəŋk\
1: science fiction dealing with future urban societies dominated by computer technology

Merriam-Webster’s definition is a good place to start, but I think it misses the stark contrasts of cyberpunk. Cyberpunk deals with a typically dystopian near future. Advanced technology is readily available and shadowy corporations have more clout than governments, putting profits before people. Think high-tech noir and you’re pretty much there. David Ketterer defined it as “high tech, low life”.

Cybernetic implants – technological ‘upgrades’ to the human body – are common. You could have stronger arms, faster legs, zoom lenses in your eyes, or jack the Internet straight into your brain.

Hackers are often the anti-hero protagonists, and they rule the roost in a society where information is currency.

It’s sci-fi, but there’s no aliens. Cyberpunk explores the intersection of technology and humanity, how easily we get lost in the first, and what it really means to be part of the second.


The term itself was coined in the 1980s by author Bruce Bethke in his short story, Cyberpunk, and came to classify an entire genre of science fiction. Works such as Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner (and the novel it was based on, Phillip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), and William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer now epitomize the genre.

Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie Blade Runner helped set the visual tone of the genre. (The Red List)

Bladerunner follows Rick Deckard through rain-slicked streets in his hunt for missing androids so realistically human-looking that sometimes even they don’t know whether they’re ‘real’. Neuromancer tells the story of hacker Henry Case working in a virtual reality matrix (not the same one as the movies). Both of these works were instrumental in defining the look and feel of the genre, though it can be argued that the visuals of Bladerunner were heavily influenced by the 1980s, considering the novel was written in 1968.

These helped inspire a spate of works in the 1980s and 1990s – a period when the science fiction was quickly becoming science fact – such as The Lawnmower Man, Hackers, and even Robocop, not to mention games like Cyberpunk 2020 and, later, Shadowrun.

ED209 from Robocop (1987) was the stuff of my childhood nightmares. (Villains Wikia)

The dense, artificial urban setting is characterized by bright lights and deep shadows, the flashing neon signs all pitching their messages to a bustling public steeped in technology.

Gibson once said that “modern Japan simply was cyberpunk”, and it’s not hard to see why.

Okay, this is Hong Kong, but I think his point still stands. Image: Rawpixel

The World of Tomorrow, Today

The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.
William Gibson

The thing is, Gibson is right. This future, dystopian or not (though the current climate, both political and environmental, suggests more dys- than u-) is much closer than we think.

Most of us already carry portable technology that is many times more powerful than the Moon lander. The vast Internet is merely a tap away, and augmented reality is bringing it up from our screens and putting it all around us.

The bright neon lights are everywhere, and we’re getting closer to live targeted marketing.

Big brother is watching, ostensibly for our own safety. Corporations hold much more information on each of us than we’d like to admit (and yet we continue to give it to them.)

Robots work on our production lines and patrol our malls (and our fountains). Scientists are warning of future job losses as robots become capable of filling more and more roles, likely leading to a larger divide between the rich and the poor.

We’re already cybernetically enhancing ourselves: 3d printing has made artificial limbs cheaper and easier to produce, while bionic eyes have been around for years. We’re even close to being able to move mechanical limbs with our thoughts. Heck, digital tattoos are closer to becoming a real thing, too.

The only tropes we’re missing are neural interfaces, though if Elon Musk and some of the crew in Silicon Valley get their way it’ll be sooner than we think, and the shadowy corporations (there’s plenty of people who’d argue we’ve already got them, too.)

Technology is constantly evolving and, as it does, it expands the possibilities for our future. The far-flung ideas of the 1980s are now reality, and we’re witnessing the first truly global technological generation. Given the technological leaps and bounds of the last 30 years, who knows where the children of today will lead us?

Cyberpunk is big right now because while we were distracted, the days were lost to time like tears in rain, and tomorrow became today. At the risk of massive cliché – the future is now.

Cyberpunk in Design

If you’re looking to tap into the look and feel of an evolving technological present, try some of these.

Connect Opener by Taiga2

A brilliant example of the future of advertising, this video template for Adobe After Effects has a modular structure to allow easy editing. Do yourself a favor and watch the minute demo; the text really highlights the projected exponential increase of technological advancements and proliferation.

And have a look at Taiga2’s other video templates, too: DNA Opener, Science Opener, and Digital Earth. They’re all awesome, and any could fit a cyberpunk theme.

Digital Glitch

Another great example of future advertising. Digital Glitch is a video template for Adobe After Effects that replicates the digital flickering caused by interference. It’s an effect often used in sci-fi movies to insert some fallibility to holograms and other digital displays.

It’s an effective and eye-catching technique, and this template will let you utilize it in your own videos.

Hologram Photoshop Action

This premade Adobe Photoshop Action will turn add a futuristic holographic effect to your images. If it’s holograms you’re looking for, Creator sevenstyles is your only hope.

Sci-Fi Photoshop Action

The premade Adobe Photoshop Action can turn your images into a futuristic sci-fi compilation. The pixelated effect is reminiscent of hologram special effects, and would be a great addition to a sci-fi portfolio.

Creator Eugene-design has a number of other Photoshop actions that could also fit your sci-fi brief: Broken, Low Poly Art, and Plasma. (The Burn, Burn 2, and Zombie ones are also pretty funky).

HUD Infographic

HUD Infographics by Pixflow

HUD Infographics, from creator PixFlow, is an Adobe Illustrator template offering modular high-tech HUD elements for use in your designs. These kinds of elements can be used for anything from monitors, infographics, and screen elements, through to holographic projections of planets, maps, and other sci-fi elements.

NETA Modern Virtual Instruments GUI Kit

Another set of HUD elements, this one for Adobe Photoshop. This editable PSD file contains over 100 different elements, everything you need to build digital instruments. This is a clean and modern design with highly detailed layer styles crafted on fine vector shapes for 100% resizing.

HUD Interface XT1 is another solid offering from this creator.

HUD Titles

Another set from PixFlow, these HUD titles will look good on their own or can be used with the HUD Infographics set above. These futuristic title designs throw back (or forward?) to the clean, straight lines the movies have taught us to expect from the future.

Press Play Flyer

With its hot pink neon contrasted with the cool metallic blues and grays, this futuristic flyer nails the cyberpunk feel.

This is an A4 sized Adobe Photoshop template with easily editable layers. All text can be edited as you need. The free fonts used above aren’t included in the file, but links are provided in the help file.

And if flyers are what you’re after, have a look at Shortcut as well.

Cyber Polygon Backgrounds

These abstract cyber polygon backgrounds are high quality and optimized for retina screen resolution (that’s 5120x2880px). There’s 12 provided, and they’ll be perfect for good for web design, apps, presentations, print templates, or even just wallpapers.

Glitch: Abstract

These abstract backgrounds can be used to simulate monitors and other screens, utilizing the glitch effect we’ve seen in some of the other examples.
The file comes with 30 high-res background images, for all your needs!

Bright neon lights are a staple feature of cyberpunk, so definitely have a look at the link below for more inspiration! And if you’re like me and want to try your hand at some of the awesome Photoshop Actions but have no idea where to start, we’ve got you covered too.

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Top iOS Game Templates https://envato.com/blog/top-ios-game-templates/ Sun, 20 Aug 2017 23:06:22 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=57263 Games can be used for education and instruction, and they could even bring your business a bit of a boost.

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5 Desert Game Backgrounds by Heis.

Here’s a couple of slightly boring facts, but stay with me: in April 2017, Newzoo released the quarterly update of their Global Games Market Report which showed that mobile games sales made up 42% of the $108Bn market. That a $46Bn mobile gaming market.

They project that by 2020 mobile gaming sales will comprise up to 50% of the market.

Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that?

Games obviously have an entertainment purpose – I’m sure you saw the PokemonGo craze, and the Top Paid Apps list on the AppStore has included Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and Ellen’s Heads Up! for quite some time – but games can be used for education and instruction, and they could even bring your business a bit of a boost. Here’s some recent examples of games as marketing tools:

  • Dumb Ways to Die was designed as part of a marketing campaign to promote rail safety in Australia. It quickly became a popular game in its own right, with over 200 million downloads, and now has a handful of sequels and spinoffs.
  • KLM Aviation Empire is a neat aircraft management game. Players buy and upgrade airports across the globe and maintain a fleet of evolving aircraft. What’s interesting is this game was built for KLM, and while the story talks you through the company’s development and growth you never feel like you’re playing a brand marketing tool.

Statista says 71% of US video game players are over 18, so don’t think for a second that games just means kids, either (PokemonGo had fairly universal appeal).

So maybe you’re a great storyteller or artist and you need a way to get your cool idea out there, or maybe you’re after something unusual and engaging to offer your client. It’s easy to be overwhelmed; there are obviously a lot of different facets to a game, even the simple ones. You might need writers, artists, or designers. The one thing you will definitely need is code. We’ve got some great stuff to get you started.

Have a look at some of the iOS game templates on Code Canyon right now, and maybe we can help you grab a slice of that $46bn pie.

(Hey, note that most of these games have live previews available. Just follow the links on their store pages.)

(And also double check your licensing if you’re looking to purchase. If you want to on-sell a game based on these templates and designs, you may require an Extended license.)

Hot iOS Game Themes

Indiara and the Skull Gold

Indiara and the Skull Gold has some great reviews! The program offers a complete game. Follow Indiara as she collects ancient artifacts from trap-filled caves. The included graphics, sounds and effects are high quality, and the game offers 8 levels with increasing difficulty.

It was made using the Construct 2 software, and includes the capx file. If you want to edit the game, you will need a licence for Construct 2, but if you just want to change the graphics you can easily edit the images without it.

With your own art Indiara and the Skull Gold could form the basis of an exciting platform runner.

Creator wall-e has a number of other great templates available on CodeCanyon, so be sure to check them out as well.

Princess Goldblade and the Dangerous Waters

Another high quality submission from Creator wall-e, Princess Goldblade is a large side-scroller, similar to Mario.

It was made using the Construct 2 software, and includes the capx file. If you want to edit the game, you will need a licence for Construct 2, but if you just want to change the graphics and text you can easily edit the images without it.

Princess Goldblade could be the basis for the adventure you always wanted.

Fishing Life

Fishing Life is a cool little template of, you guessed it, a fishing game. Images are customisable, so if you want to fish up aliens or ghosts, or some of the even stranger things that really DO live down in the depths, you can! Maybe you’ve got a spaceship and you’re ‘fishing’ up asteroids?

This game comes with the Construct 2 file for editing, though you’ll need a separate Construct 2 licence.


Another one from Creator wall-e that was too cute to pass up. Help the Earth and Moon protect… themselves from alien invasion!
Many evil planets have invaded the Solar System and want to destroy the Earth. Earth Attack comes with 10 levels, many enemies, effects, sounds and animations.

It was made using the Construct 2 software, and includes the capx file. If you want to edit the game, you will need a licence for Construct 2, but if you just want to change the graphics and text you can easily edit the images without it.

EarthAttack allows the central characters to swivel in place, shooting advancing enemies. A change to graphics would easily convert the theme to whatever you need. (Exterminator shooting ‘roaches? A teen lobbing water balloons at bullies? An editor throwing ren pens at typos? Whatever you need!)

Catch the Monsters

In the theme of PokemonGO, Catch The Monsters is a Universal Geolocation Game Template where you can find monsters around your area. You must be within 50 meters to catch them! Players can earn points and climb the Top 10 Leaderboard, or just share their statistics on social networks.

The administrator can insert as many Monsters as they want in any location of the world into the Parse Dashboard. You can easily insert Monsters’ coordinates, name and points via the Parse Dashboard.

Geolocation is still pretty popular. The freedom this template provides means it could be used for group events such as treasure hunts or orienteering.


Gems is another great Geolocation template provided by Creator (and Envato Elite Author) fvimagination. A key difference between this and Catch the Monsters above is that Gems will randomly generate content based on the players location.

It also has an enticing custom interface.

Tower Defense

Fishing Life Creator corpsvs also has this great Tower Defense template. Tower Defense games are popular for their mix of strategy and development.
This template could be the basis of your epic fantasy war campaign!

Tower Defense comes with the Construct 2 file for editing. Change up the graphics and share your fantasy story with the world!

Greedy Rabbit

Greedy Rabbit might look simple, but the gameplay can be challenging! Players need to collect stars and vegetables to earn high scores and progress through the levels.
You can add new graphics and levels to customise this game, though you will still need a licence for Construct 2 to fully edit.

Creator sharkanry has a few other game offerings as well. Check out Spect for scrolling space shooter, and Gunmach if you’re after a mobile tank shooter.


Dooble is simple yet addictive.

Tap the screen to change the color of the centre circle from black to white and back again in order to match the dots. Get the color wrong, and it’s Game Over! This game will have you saying, “Okay, just one more level.”

Change the graphics to alternate between two logos, or make a themed game by creating your own custom artwork.


One last template from fvimagination. TriviaX is a 1 or 2 player trivia template, with easily editable questions and answers.

There are a number of excellent uses for this template. Use it to engage customers (and maybe teach them something about your products), or use it as an education tool, just set questions for students to test their recall and understanding. (I’ve even seen these kinds of apps used as personal study tools – set review questions for yourself!)

For another trivia option, have a look at Trivia for iOS as well.

If you’ve been inspired, have a look at some of the top trending mobile games templates here on CodeCanyon.

You might also want to check out some How-To’s over at Envato Tuts:

If you’re looking to customize one of these template, don’t forget there’s also a lot of gaming resources at Envato Elements.

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Architecture Isn’t Just Background. Sometimes It’s the Hero (Image). https://envato.com/blog/architecture-isnt-just-background-sometimes-hero-image/ Tue, 08 Aug 2017 10:27:49 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=56691 Hero images – the eye-catching header image or full page background – are huge right now, and rightly so. They frame and contextualise your content. They provide interesting backgrounds for sites that don’t require a lot of text. For more on this, you should start here: Exploring the Hero Image Trend in Web Design Using […]

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Architecture of the old town in Mtskheta, Georgia by master1305

Hero images – the eye-catching header image or full page background – are huge right now, and rightly so. They frame and contextualise your content. They provide interesting backgrounds for sites that don’t require a lot of text.

For more on this, you should start here:

But the hero doesn’t always have to be a caped crusader or morally ambiguous jewel thief, and characters don’t always have to be people.

Gotham City frames Batman. It contextualises his fight against crime. It provides the colour palate and tone of the comics and movies. While location is important in most stories, Gotham’s overtones elevate it to its own character.

Vehicles are easier to categorise as characters: KITT, the DeLorean, or the USS Enterprise are easy examples. The Doctor’s TARDIS, however, is a worthy addition because of its fluid internal architecture. The interior changes to reflect the mood and characteristics of the incumbent Doctor. Along the years we’ve seen severe, simple sets, sprawling gothic inspired rooms, and complicated coral formations.

I mention these to illustrate the possibilities that locations and architecture provide for strong Hero Images. Architecture inspires emotion. It prompts memory and association.

And sometimes they’re not just fantastic feats of engineering and science. Sometimes they’re art. That means there’s something to suit every theme and colour palette. Just take a look at some of these, and how you might use them.

While there’s plenty of themes geared toward architects, real estate and travel that obviously utilise great architecture images – such as BellevueAmbient, and Maison – what we’re looking at here are great templates that utilise architecture for theme.



DynamiX is a dynamic business WordPress theme. It offers and supports a range of options that will suit your purpose. It’s the perfect example of a site utilising a strong architectural background image. The slow zoom following the parallel lines of the buildings draws the viewer into the site and holds their attention in the central space.

You can visit the live preview to experience this theme yourself.

For something similar, you should have a look at Jarvis, Flashlight, and Incidental.


The WordPress template FlexForm demonstrates how interesting geometric repetition in particularly crafty architecture can be used as eye-catching headers. The glass and steel image provides a corporate feel that doesn’t overpower the site. Images such as this cool blue commercial London architecture, or this modern office facade could be easily utilised in similar ways.

The Elysium theme also shows how photographed geometric patterns can be used to great effect.


The LawBusiness theme also uses a strong central image, rather than a header or background. This WordPress theme is geared toward legal practitioners, of course, but it shows how architecture can provide mood and support the theme of the site.


Once you’ve picked a theme you’ll find there’s a huge amount of architecture images available. As I said before, there’s something to suit every theme and palate. Here’s but a tiny sample to inspire your next big website.

Commercial Architecture

Close up of modern commercial architecture in London, UK by pawopa3336

Framed properly, certain angles highlight the geometric patterns in some expertly designed buildings…


rooftops by nelsonart

…while at a distance, multiple buildings can have the same effect.

Close up of Riga bridge

Close up of bridge, Riga by magone

A unique view of a familiar landmark can keep it fresh on your site. This one works in a similar way to the DynamiX example, drawing the viewer to the white space to the right.

New York Skyline

New York City Manhattan skyline by dibrova

This fantastic image of New York has a range of colours that could suit a variety of sites. Full size it would be a strong background image, while cropped it could be a bold header.

City Square, Modern

City Square Modern Architecture by liufuyu

The muted colours of this scene make it a great background image, and there’s still plenty of white space for text.

Colorful Facades

Colorful Facades by jkraft5

This colourful colonial Columbian cityscape would add a splash of life to the right site.

Dubai downtown in Fog

Dubai downtown in fog by Anna_Om

The eeriness and the white/blue palate of a foggy Dubai evoke an unusual otherworldliness.

Santa Cruz Breakwater Light (Walton Lighthouse)

Santa Cruz Breakwater Light (Walton Lighthouse) by haveseen

This desolate image of the Walton lighthouse has plenty of white space for your text and headings.

Windmill in Winter

Windmill in a winter landscape by iPics

Winter is here in this cold shot of an imposing windmill. As with the Walton lighthouse, there’s plenty of white space to utilize without impacting the integrity of the image.

Unfinished abandoned concrete building facade

Unfinished abandoned concrete building facade by stevanovicigor

If you write crime fiction, this tantalisingly creepy abandoned building could be the backdrop for your next case.

Have a look at our Website themes and Architecture Images for more inspiration.

You might also be interested in:

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Modern Business Card Templates and Styles for 2017 https://envato.com/blog/modern-business-card-templates-styles-2017/ Fri, 28 Jul 2017 10:10:30 +0000 https://envato.com/?p=56611 From retro styles to bright watercolor designs.

The post Modern Business Card Templates and Styles for 2017 appeared first on Envato.

Image: Clean & Simple Business Cards by Digital_infusion

In the digital age, business cards are still important.

You could be forgiven for thinking the changing face of business has relegated the humble business card to the great big recycling bin in the sky. Social media use is only increasing – in 2016 nearly 7 in 10 Internet users reported social media use, and more than 7 in 10 Americans had a social media presence. In 2017 nearly 8 in 10 Australians reported social media use, and nearly 6 in 10 check it over five times a day. Online marketing is where the world is at.

Despite this, there’s still some convincing reasons to keep a stack of creative, memorable, quality business cards on you at all times.

They’re Fast

You could text a potential client your virtual business card, assuming their phone was compatible with yours. You could write down your e-mail address or website or Twitter handle, if you could find a pen. Or you could hand them a business card that already has all this on it.

There’s No Downtime

Your business card isn’t reliant on a good WiFi connection or a battery. It’s available whenever someone needs your details.

It’s Good Branding

A good business card ties in with your business or personal branding. It’s the good first impression, and you know what they say about those: You don’t get a second chance to make a good one.

Easy Promotion

Just because so much business is conducted on-line doesn’t mean printed promotional material is unnecessary. A business card in a package or stapled to an invoice provides a great bit of flair, and it’s likely your clients will pass them on for you.

They’re Good For Networking

Even if you’re like me and you’re better via e-mail, you’ll still need a few ice-breakers for those meetings and conventions. A good business card is an excellent ice-breaker, especially if you’ve got something unusual like metal or cotton.

And don’t forget that in some cultures, particularly Asian, the exchange of business cards is an honoured ritual. If you receive one and don’t have one to offer, you may as well wrap the meeting up right there.

Above all, a business card shows you’re prepared. If someone offers you their card while you’re waiting for me to write my number on a sticky-note, who are you going to call?

While there’s definitely a place for creative sizes and shapes, don’t forget that most of these cards will be put in standard card holders or wallets. There’s no point spending time and money on your funky design if it’s going to end up creased and dog-eared!

The only acceptable dog ears. Image by byrdyak

With that in mind, here’s my list of the top template styles right now. All of these are professionally designed and customisable for your needs.

1. Minimal Black Template

Mininal Black Template
This minimalist Photoshop template comes with two sizes – US (3.5 x 2 in) and EU (85 x 55 mm). It’s fully editable. This is a simple yet bold card.

You might also like to try this template, which has options for both landscape and portrait orientations.

2. Simple Card Template

Simple Card Template
If you’re looking for a professional template, look no further. This Adobe InDesign template is clean and simple, providing a sharp and professional edge. US (3.5 x 2 in) size only.

Other elegant clean designs include this one, this one, and this fantastic portrait oriented template.

3. Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card
This dark card makes a big statement. The Adobe Illustrator template provides 6 Vector EPS files. It is easily editable and ready for printing. US (3.5 x 2 in) size only.

This bold design comes in several different styles such as this white space one, a curved choice, and a blue.

4. Developer Card Template

Developer Business Card Template
If you’re technologically inclined this card has you covered. You can easily select any of the ten colour options, and it is fully scalable and editable.

5. Cassette Tape

Cassette Theme
Don’t settle for the B-side. This great retro-themed Photoshop template is fully editable. It’s fully layered and prints at 300 DPI resolution. All it needs is your Top 5 favourite songs. US (3.5 x 2 in) size only.

6. Retro Template

Retro Business Card Template
This memorable vintage Photoshop template calls to mind the honest days of yore, and will certainly stand out in any collection. It is fully customisable and print ready.

If you like the vintage look, try this one too.

7. Winter Watercolour Template

Watercolour Template
This cool blue and purple watercolour Photoshop template comes with two sizes – US (3.5 x 2 in) and EU (85 x 55 mm). The unlicensed watercolour image is included. The finished file will need to be converted to CMYK before printing.

8. Summer Watercolour Template

Summer Watercolour Template
As the image suggests, this watercolour template has a real summer vibe. As with the winter template, this comes with two sizes – US (3.5 x 2 in) and EU (85 x 55 mm). The unlicensed watercolour image is included. The finished file will need to be converted to CMYK before printing.

For more watercolours, check out Watercolour by nicdark, the Succulent template, and this template.

9. Naturalis

Naturalis Template
Naturalis is a versatile template for both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, offering a selection of 4 designs both in landscape and portrait orientations. It includes all free images and fonts required for this design. US (3.5 x 2 in) size only.

10. Clean UK Business Card Template

UK Template
If bright colours are your bag, baby, try these UK sized templates (85 x 55 mm). This template contains 8 fully layered Adobe Photoshop files.

Have a look at our Business Card Templates for more ideas for your personal or business brand.

More Information

If you’re looking for more on the hows and whys of business card design, we’ve got you covered.

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