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Avada Celebrates 400 thousand sales on Envato’s ThemeForest

In five and a half years Avada has become one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world. Today, it has sold over 400 thousand times on Envato’s ThemeForest. In this article, Luke Beck, co-founder of ThemeFusion, the creator of Avada, tells its story.

As I think back on our time with Envato, it all goes back to August 16th, 2012. It was an exciting day, the day we submitted Avada to Themeforest for review. The excitement was purely from the fact our new theme was complete, approved and ready to be sold. Every author who submits items on the marketplace knows and understands this feeling. A feeling of accomplishment and pride in what you have created and a little apprehension because you don’t know if all your hard work is going to pay off. Little did we know how quickly that excitement would change into complete awe, with a little bit (technically a lot) of chaos thrown on the side.

Avada sales picked up very quickly. I can recall refreshing the item page many times an hour and seeing the sales jump by several numbers. It was incredible to watch! We had no idea what was starting to happen … a customer base was growing at a rapid pace. Suddenly, we realized that we had something very special, and more importantly that we needed help!  While there have been many speed bumps along the way, I cannot imagine it being any different and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Fast forward 5 and a half years and we now have over 400,000 sales, 20 team members and the most active, helping and thriving customer base anyone in the industry could ask for. 

Currently our 20 team members are spread across the globe, each working in their own remote location. We have always strived to have a family atmosphere even though everything is online. Open communication, collaboration and dedication to the team as a whole is something each of us have and it makes a real difference. Everyone on our team understands the importance of their own personal responsibility because they know if they do their job well, collectively we succeed as a team. We have a lot of fun while working, and spending work time with each team member has been one of my own personal favorite things to do. Every day brings new challenges for all of us and we love it.

Our team is split across 4 departments: development, support, design and documentation. We have a Senior Team with myself and 2 managers to help organize individual projects and oversee everything on a daily basis. Our team members are incredibly intelligent, very unique, strongly opinionated, and diverse. This always makes for interesting meetings and collaborations, which in turn provide us with better solutions for whatever current problem we are trying to solve.

Markus our Development Manager and Michael our Support Manager have both been with us for 5 years and are tremendous assets to ThemeFusion. We’ve become very good friends and I recently asked them to share a few thoughts about what it’s like working with ThemeFusion and Avada in celebration of our 400,000 sales.

“What you’d usually expect in such a statement is direct praise for the company, the working attitude, the team and of course the products beyond compare. And you expect that because you’ve read it probably a hundred times and because each company expects to hear it! So, how exactly is ThemeFusion any different?  I’ve been working at ThemeFusion for 5 years now and can proudly say that we put our efforts and energy daily into a product and a customer base that speak for themselves. You don’t have to simply trust our words. You can check out Avada yourself and find out why it has been the #1 selling theme for over 5 straight years and why over 400k customers love to use it. Our creative play instinct is what drives the constant innovation in Avada and our complete commitment to our customers are what make us do what we love and make us love what we do!”

– Markus S

Markus and Ari (one of our awesome developers) at WordCamp Europe

“Jobs are jobs, right? Not here at ThemeFusion. When I started here several years back, the most exciting part was the internal dynamics of the team and where their vision was taking Avada and the company. The approach has always been passion and integrity, without compromise, and that stands testament to just how much Avada has evolved and grown over the last 5 years. Passion, dedication, integrity, and education are the pillars that underpin our future vision. As a family, what we do today is what will impact you tomorrow.”

– Michael B

From designers to developers and support to documentation, our team understands the importance of what we do each and every day. Customer service truly plays a role in every department and we are always working towards forming more personal relationships with our customers so we can help them more thoroughly, understand their needs and gain invaluable feedback to help improve our product for their needs.

Our customers are truly amazing. Years ago, one of our customers (Julie Larson) formed a community Facebook Group called the “Avada Facebook Users Group”. This is where thousands of our customers meet to share ideas, designs, ask questions and generally help one another. This group is fully run and maintained by our customers. It is such an amazing thing to see customers that use your product have such passion that they spend time helping each other, collaborating and doing everything they can to define the word community.

Geoff Powell, the main administrator of the group has been instrumental in the continued growth and development of the group. He has been using Avada all the way back to Version 1.0! Recently, I caught up with him to get his thoughts on his time with Avada, the Facebook group and the community.

”I’ve been using Avada from the very start. I joined a fledgling Facebook community support group, and 5 years later, we have grown to 15,000 members! Avada has turned out to be a great choice of theme, and the ThemeFusion team is fantastic in both developing it and supporting the users along the way. The community we have developed around the theme is just a fantastic bonus!”

– Geoff Powell

We can’t say enough about the Avada community. They are a huge part of our continued success and it is truly amazing to see the community thrive. They are such an important extension to our internal team that we never expected to have.

So much is changing in our industry and we are very excited to see where everything is headed. We have several new products we are working on in tandem with setting new trends by continually adding awesome features to Avada while implementing the latest and greatest suggestions from our customer base. All of our upcoming plans and goals are based around our Avada community, the WordPress community and industry, and our internal passion for making things that people love to use.

It’s always great to see Avada sites out in the wild. Below is a list of some of our favorite ones we’ve recently discovered.

Russel Brand

Microsoft Visual Studio

Brook Street Des Roche

San Diego County Fair

Oxford Property Consulting

Sarah Millican

David Parry Employment Law

Fairfield Enriched Living

Jack Whitehall

Festival 84

We are very excited to passionately work on our goals which will expand the Avada ecosystem and put amazing tools in our customers hands. These goals will allow them to continue building amazing websites with ease and efficiency. We look forward to every day, every challenge we are presented and ultimately every goal we have to reach. None of this would be possible without our amazing team spread across the globe working endlessly to fulfill their passions and help us move into the future, our thriving Avada community, our growing customer base of over 400,000 users, and the Envato platform which provided this amazing opportunity that started over 5 years ago.

Thank you very much! We look forward to sharing our hard work with you!


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About the Author Luke Beck

Luke is the co-founder of ThemeFusion, the makers of the Avada WordPress theme.