Avada Hits 300 Thousand Sales, Plus 10 Great Examples of Using It

How ThemeFusion created one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world.

If you’ve ever perused through any “best of” list for WordPress themes, you’d be well aware of the name “Avada.”

Created by ThemeFusion in 2012, Avada is widely known as the “Swiss army knife” of WordPress themes. It prides itself on being incredibly flexible and powerful through it’s advanced option system that allows you to build beautiful, professional sites without coding knowledge. It constantly receives featured updates, great quality support and an overall 5 star rating from over 17,000 reviews.

Avada is coming up on it’s 5th birthday this year in August. It was released on August 16th 2012, and while ThemeFusion’s founders worked in completely different areas of the world, they met through Themeforest and created the WordPress theme that would become one of the most sold ever.

Having had experience on the marketplace, they chose to launch their new product on ThemeForest, which at the time was still in its early days, picking up a lot of steam on the back of the rapid growth of WordPress.

By 2014, ThemeFusion had sold 60 thousand copies of Avada, pushing their earnings to over $4 million. By 2015, that number had more than doubled to 180 thousand copies, their earnings rising to over $10 million.

Now today, Avada has sold over 300 thousand times on ThemeForest, a massive achievement by any measure. “Saying it feels amazing falls way short of reality,” says Luke Beck, one of ThemeFusion’s Founders. “I can recall when we hit 100 thousand sales, it was something we never thought possible. We had a total of six employees at that time and it was a major celebration for us. Then came 200 thousand sales. Now, almost exactly a year later, we’ve reached 300 thousand sales and it’s continuing to move swiftly.”

Over the years, there have been a lot of different sites that have used the Avada theme. “Often times we see sites that blow us away,” says Beck. “…and at first glance cannot even tell if it’s Avada. The only way to confirm it is is to actually check the source code. It’s an incredible feeling to know how powerful our options system is and what it’s doing for our customer base around the world.”

Here are some examples of sites that use Avada in different ways, as curated by Beck himself.

Mass Impressions

Massimpressions is a web design and WordPress agency focused on building websites that help their clients achieve their business goals. Their website feels inviting and engaging while utilizing a clean and modern design. In just one page they’re able to tell us who they are and what they specialize in.

Maui College

The University of Hawai’i Maui College’s website is a great example of how Avada can look simple and fresh, yet very professional. It’s using that classic Avada layout, with a great balance of greyish blue, grey text and white.

Jake Whitehall

Jack Whitehall is a British stand-up comedian, actor and presenter who’s currently got a show airing on the BBC. His show is a resume come to life. It’s very visual, showing headshots or professionals images from photoshoots at every opportunity around the site. It’s a really clean use of Avada.

Coupon Butter

Coupon Butter allows you to make trackable coupons for your business. Its use of bright colors, subtle animation and parallax features make its use of Avada look very unique.

OMass Tech

Amazing how modern a site can look with effective imagery, a very cold color scheme and a savvy font choice. Oxford Mass Technologies (OMass) is trying to provide a new perspective in drug discovery and this website gives off the sense of looking forward to the future.

Gabrielle Vermeij

Avada is virtually unrecognizable in this website. Art Director and Photographer, Gabrielle Vermeij has used his own stunning imagery and a canvas-like use of white to help his photography leap off of the screen.

Manny and Me

Manny and Me, a London based Nanny and Mammy (male nanny) service, has created this wonderfully colorful website, perfect for the family-focused demographic they’re aiming for. Using a disarmingly playful bright yellow, it takes advantage of Avada’s simple layout, and makes the content seem as friendly as the color scheme.

Bay Area Christian Church

The Bay Area Christian Church has put together a very slick website. Its use of color is sparing, bringing focus to the content and imagery that blankets the site.

Snack Nation

Snack Nation makes healthy snacks for offices, and their website succeeds in getting across the playful office vibe their snacks are trying to create.

GoBeyond Foods

GoBeyond has a slightly different spin on food. This website gives the sense that what they’re selling is more of a healthy lifestyle. It uses a fresh color scheme of green, grey and white, and features high quality photography with a focus on nature.


GoNitely has an Airbnb vibe to it, being a website allowing you to turn your second home into cash. Right at the top of the page it greets you with an aspirational image, as well as a module in which you can start entering your details. It gets you engaged really quickly, and shows how flexible Avada is.

Dan Law

Installation artist, Dan Law’s website puts a focus on large text and a layout that emphasizes imagery. You immediately get a sense of his personality, design aesthetic and thus his overall brand.

Purple Custard

And finally, Avada is almost unrecognizable in this example by web design company, Purple Custard. Each element of the theme has been skinned over in a way that makes it truly suit the brand’s aesthetic. It’s fun, bright and underneath it all, it runs smoothly, because it’s Avada.

“While we’re extremely excited about what we’ve accomplished, we’re always looking forward and are even more excited about where our future plans will take us,” says Beck. “Thank you to our extremely avid customer base and Envato!”

You can buy Avada right now on ThemeForest

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