Best 15 Awards Ceremony Broadcast Packages & Titles

With the Academy Awards around the corner, the time is ripe for awards season content. Whether you’re shooting a video from the red carpet, interviewing Oscar nominees, or reviewing nominated movies from your bedroom, here are some fantastic broadcast packages and titles you can use for your project.

Award ceremonies, as the name implies, are special events to celebrate stand-out work and achievements.

While the event itself is sure to be organized impeccably, the PR efforts behind it play just as big of a role, in whether it will be a roaring success or turn into an extraordinary flop. Of course, you can’t have steady and ample buildup only to deliver an underwhelming experience once the event actually starts.

Event flyers, skilled copywriting and ample media coverage are key differentiators between a simple gathering and an award ceremony. Television and Internet Video platforms is where things really tend to get exciting however.

In a sense, a good award ceremony clip is not very different to a movie trailer! It allows you to give your audience just a taste of the excitement that is soon to follow, drum up interest and make everyone count down to when they need to prepare their cocktail dresses and tuxedos.

These templates can help prepare the attendees for a memorable evening, even months in advance.

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This template is sold both as a Cinema4D, as well as an Adobe After Effects template, allowing you to get additional flexibility in customizing all 3D scenes and set up everything just as you need it.

Ultimate Awards Package is created specifically for customers who need practical, usable elements for a broadcast, or perhaps an in-house awards presentation. The package captures the splendor and magic of a Hollywood-style awards ceremony with over 20 of the most requested broadcast graphic elements. It’s sure to make your event shine as bright, as if you’d have hired a big-budget production agency for your visuals!

Cinema Awards Package is a Hollywood-style awards ceremony presentation template, perfect for awards shows, corporate presentations and any special event presentation of your choosing.

This template contains all the necessary modular elements needed for a striking presentation. It supports looping playback and allows you to create your own awards show video, while a useful expression control will help you to change all colors easily with a single click.

Awards After Effects template is an elegant and versatile project featuring a royal blue color scheme (+ 5 additional color schemes). It’s perfect for awards shows, spectacular ceremonies, elegant opening trailers, stylish fashion shows, anniversary celebrations, special events, wedding stories & as well as fashion/photography slideshow. Quite a few usage scenarios there!

A complete package for all Award Shows. It features a unique design, is simple to edit and really easy to use. All essential elements are available, allowing you to highlight any segment from your program.

What better way to guide your audience’s focus than through shiny, glossy black and gold circular elements, swiftly gliding across the screen? The template is complete with an opener, lower-thirds, bumper, split windows as well as the mandatory end credit screen.

Perfect for opulent awards ceremony, this template really shines. Original design and a package offering full flexibility make this one stand out. As the title says, you can have your winners displayed across the faces of a spinning cube, seemingly made of solid gold, much like their performances!

Continuing the trend of shimmering, glittery goodness, this template may be one of the most realistic renditions of the gold effect out there. With a smooth glittering stars effect to complement the shiny text and soft transitions, the viewer is easily transposed into a state of dreamy enjoyment.

Awards Show is an exclusive and professional pack for After Effects, with a modular structure. This project can be used to create videos for your events, weddings, parties, shows or awards ceremonies. Bonus points for its ease of editing.

This template features flying golden stars, with pronounced trails & metal extrusions. These elements allow you to create typography that merges and flows into the presentation. The effect reminds us of dot-grid displays, with an added bonus of dynamic transitions and clean renders, that are missing from the counterpart.

An excellent template featuring velvety smooth transitions, perfect integration of photographic & typography placeholders. It’s complete with all necessary elements for a striking ceremony presentation: opener, bumper, best actor sequence, two/four screens, video frame, and many more.

Strong pre-rendered elements with a number of particle effects help set the mood for video elements as they transition into the view. The Awards features everything you need to a professional awards show package, all presets are pre-rendered no extra plugins requried After Effects CS6.

A well organized and easy to customize template, featuring all necessary elements such as opener, slideshow, bumper, closing credits, lower third, overlays and background. It’s ready to render in both HD and Full HD resolutions, without requiring additional plugins for the pre-rendered version. The native version, which does allow for more customizability, also needs Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares plugins.

Featuring 14 Categories, this template offers you just the right mix of flexibility and ready-made elements, for a successful awards ceremony presentation, irrespective of award category and scope. It’s ideal for awards celebrating: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Movie, Best Music, Best Picture, Writing, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing, Film Editing, Production Design. The package includes all necessary elements, 14 different bumper versions, 11 image placeholders for the opener, 3 different overlays and many more.

This is just a small list from our huge selection of incredible After Effects templates you could use to promote your event. Stay tuned for our next list! You can also dive into the forums to see which other templates our community suggests.

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