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Best Broadcast Packages: Start Spreading the News

Creating coverage for a news story or event? Uncover a selection of broadcast packages to take your video content to the next level.

Posted 5 Aug 2020
Best News Broadcast Packages and Templates

New stories, fashion shows, sports broadcasting, even election coverage – whatever video content you want to share with the world, it’s easier than ever to add a polished professional element thanks to these ready-made and fully-customisable broadcast packages for After Effects and Premiere Pro. 

What Is a Broadcast Package?

Put simply, a broadcast package refers to all those visual details that can take your video content from average to awesome. We’re talking about slick opening titles and seamless transitions, as well as lower thirds that give an eye-catching introduction to a special guest or regular segment. Done well and these elements will grab people’s attention and guide them through the viewing journey. 

Why Do I Need a Broadcast Package?

Text and image overlays, graphic animation and special effects can give TV programs, corporate communications, and YouTube channels a real edge. However, if you are the kind of creator who prefers to focus your time and energy on making and promoting content as opposed to editing content, then help is just a few clicks away. The answer? A ready-made broadcast package that’s bursting with customisable templates. Start speaking to your audience more effectively with these popular video templates.

10. Broadcast ID Colorful Pack Mogrt by Ae-rocket

Got projects or programs to promote? Do it in cute and colorful style with this broadcast package that includes the option to add a scrolling banner and social media handles and hashtags. Minimalist and modern, this flat graphic design will ensure all eyes are on your video content. 

9. TV Broadcast Package by MotionMediaGroup

Add an academic aesthetic to arts-themed videos with these three-dimensional openers, lower thirds, information screens, and caption placeholders. Featuring black-and-white images, dynamic text blocks, and spot-colour accents, this package is perfect for creators who are also culture vultures.

8. Active Glitch Broadcast Package by shymoff

Featuring 16 ultra-modern openers and placeholders, surround your video content with a range of active graphic elements that sweep, slide, and glitch their way across the screen. Thanks to shymoff’s fully customizable modular templates, simply select your color scheme and instantly get to editing.

7. Election Essentials 2020 | MOGRT for Premiere by MotionRevolver

This Election Essentials news broadcast package gets our vote. With 18 broadcast-ready elements, including looping backgrounds, voting maps, results charts, and split screens, it’s the ideal candidate when it comes to creating and customizing your election coverage.

6. ONE – Broadcast Package by OVAL

Let your content speak for itself with these uncluttered templates that promise to complement any number of themes and topics. With openers and placeholders available in a range of sizes, you get to decide how much of the screen to take up with text.

5. Youtube Pack – Extension Tool by Premiumilk

Attention all influencers! From opener to end screen, social media content is given a premium look with this animation pack that contains more than 350 elements for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With auto-resize text boxes that expand to fit what you have to say, you’ll be attracting subscribers and followers, name-checking brands, and sharing inspirational quotes in no time.

4. Broadcast Opener by Initial_Design

Fill the screen with color. This fast-paced animated opener ensures energy levels remain high at all times, whether you are using this broadcast package to present a corporate slideshow or introduce a live music performance.

3. Moon TV Pack/ Broadcast Ident/ TV Graphics/ 3D Intro/ Transitions/ Lower Third/ Fashion and Food Id by Drev0

Triangles and hexagons collide and combine to create a selection of clean and crisp three-dimensional graphical idents that will add a sophisticated twist to your video content. Thanks to the geometric shapes, this package speaks to sci-fi fans and STEM subjects alike.

2. Top 10 by VismovTV

Numbered transitions and editable lower thirds make this broadcast package ideal for counting down (or counting up). Whatever it is that you want to rank from one to 10, this bright and bold offering from VismovTV is a modular masterpiece.

1. Urban Broadcast by Ae-rocket

From showcasing your skateboarding skills to sharing a new product launch, you can give your promotional video some glitch and grit with this urban broadcast package. Select your showreel and start sharing on social media and advertising platforms.

Ready to give your recordings an extra dimension? Then check out the best broadcast packages on Envato Elements with a subscription and find out just how simple it is to add images and text to your next transmission. 

And for more creative inspiration, subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel for tips, trends, and templates.

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