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Best Stock Music Tracks of 2018

Music can be the difference between an amazing video, and an average one. So, picking the right music is very important. In this series we’re calling, Now Playing, we’ll be taking a look at the best, and freshest tracks across a number of genres that are the best options to pair with your next video.


Music can be the difference between an amazing video, and an average one. So, picking the right music is very important. In this series we’re calling, Now Playing, we’ll be taking a look at the best, and freshest tracks across a number of genres that are the best options to pair with your next video.

This week we’re taking you through stand out tracks in the Electro genre.

Looking to start a party with your video? Rave Generation has the pace, and excitement to get your audience on their feet. LoopsLab succeeds at perfecting the electro vibe often heard in clubs. This is great music for a Roman Atwood style vlog.

If your video is a fast moving, intense experience, extreme will be what you’re looking for. Its aggressive drumbeat drives the energy of the arrangement. And, the electronic lines that play on top take you on a real journey, coming in and out at different levels of intensity. It also offers you a few different cuts of the track to make looping easier, and suit various lengths of video.

Summer Party is an easy to listen to electro track. It’s bright, but never loud, and altogether a smooth sounding composition. The synth waves that flow through it resemble the sound of actual waves, creating that summery feel. And, the lead synth part is fun, and playful.

This smooth sounding track will conjure images of waves rolling onto the sand. Picture orange and pink skies as the sun sets, and cocktails being consumed by a crowd of people. It’s a great choice for a channel focused at young people.

An exciting track, Energy Dubstep is an exercise in pacing, and layering. It begins in a muted fashion, raising the tension, as you feel it holding back, knowing it’s about to let loose. Then as the other synth layers, and samples come in, it hits a satisfying peak, before a well crafted ending. It’s crisp, and fun.

This smooth, bouncy track will suit a variety of videos. Its chord progression is unique, helping it stand out from the pack. The little clicks, and sounds that are layered into it make it feel fresh. As do the powerful synth chords that drive it. The drums are crisp, and the lead synth has a sound that’s gooey and inviting.

A smooth, low profile track that still has some drive, Electro by Audio_Wave has elements reminiscent of video games. It would be well suited to tech, gaming, or even sports videos. While it’s pretty pushy, it’s not agressive.

OddVision have a reputation for producing some of the best Future Bass tracks around, and in this one they deliver. That Future Bass is a solid entrant to the popular genre, producing those desired builds, then drops that make this trendy sound so enticing. Excite your audience with an engaging track like this.

Deepersound is another noted creator, in the area of cinematic electronic music. This one has moments that feel epic, and married with visuals like sweeping shots of a stunning location, would produce a breathtaking result. But, it’s also a great track if you’re trying to enhance a viewer’s focus on what the narration. It wouldn’t be out of place on a Deep Focus playlist you’d find on Spotify.

With a great driving sound, this track by LuLu_Production offers something that will add intensity to your next video. As the title suggests, if your video centers around sport, fitness, or action, this will be a great track for you to check out.

This track by Prigida is an exercise in restraint, and release. The experience is like that of a slingshot, pulling back to build anticipation, and then releasing that built up tension like an elastic. It’s fantastic for a fun video.

You can imagine this track being used for everything from sports to fashion videos. But its warm chords, and interesting, if at times broody chord progression make it unique. The synth voice they’ve used for the main body chords is a little bit retro. And, it’s got many elements of a normal summer electro track, used in a slightly more complicated way. It stands out.

Definitely suited to action oriented videos, this track by BrainMire is intense. If you’re producing something with the mood of Fast and the Furious, bingo, you’ve found the one.

Another future bass track, this one by AQUALIQUID is very warm, and a delight to listen to. It’s a unique track that won’t stand out too much in a video, making it perfect for underscoring. And, it ticks all the boxes of a good future bass track: fresh, crispy, and smooth. Sounds like I’m describing an M&M or something, right?

And, finally, this track by Antracto is a happy, epic one to finish on. With its fresh electro instrumentation, oozy layers of synth, and a drum track that sounds more acoustic than electronic, it finds a balance between being futuristic, and accessible. Its chosen chords are warm, and mostly bright. And, the subtle layers, like the claps on the snare beat, all add up to something fresh.

Thanks for watching the first episode of Now Playing. We’ll be back next time with a look at the best Hip Hop stock music tracks to pair with your next video.

Hip Hop

Happy Jazzy Hip Hop by CoffeeMusic is a lot of fun. The track’s irreverent style will surely suit a whole slew of YouTube videos, ranging from vlogs to ads for trendy brands. I’d love to see this track paired with a montage of someone skating through New York as the sun sets. It’s very that.

This track is great background music. Good for silent montages, or underscoring for a lifestyle video. It’s very chilled out, and won’t draw much attention. Great for supporting the main content.

Upbeat Hip-Hop by Watermello, on the other hand, makes quite an impression from the very beginning. It’s bright, carries a big energy, and quintessentially YouTubey. It fits very neatly into the style of music vloggers like Casey Neistat use.

Hip-Hop Chill is a little more sparse. There’s less going on in this track. And whatever movements, and developments take place, they’re very spaced out. It’s slower, more chilled out, and a better pairing with narration.

This track by Trendsound is cool with a capital ‘K’. Ok, I know that was very uncool. It’s a more aggressive style of hip hop that will certainly be awesome to some, and seem a bit intimidating to others, which is actually good for some brands. You might pair this with a montage of streetwear from a brand like Supreme, or maybe even for a scene in a TV show like Atlanta.

The Trap by Artlss falls into a similar category – it’s not going to be for everybody. But it nails the style it’s going for, and would definitely suit a video that has a lot of action in it. Everything from actual cinema, to ads for a gym would find use for this track.

Upbeat Hip-Hop is uplifting. Its chords are bright, and its beat is exciting. The whole thing would pair well with a video on tech, fashion, lifestyle, travel, or something in that vein. Hearing this music with some fast, beautiful graphics, or vibrant shots of the city and its people would fully realize the vibe this track is establishing.

This track by MusicByDuana switches up the typical hip hop stock track by using a different instrument as the lead. While the beat is very much of the hip hop variety, the xylophone sounding lead part is unusual, and delightful. It makes the track a little more low profile than if the composer had used a more dominant instrument, making it perfect for a video.

Aggressive Sport Hip-Hop is incredibly commanding. Great for sports, and action videos, this one requires a certain level of intensity in the visuals to really work. It nails the bold cinematic style it’s going for.

With a hip hop beat, strings, and a popcorn sounding synth pattern, this track breaks a lot of conventions. Even the chord progression doesn’t quite go where you think it will. The result is surprisingly uplifting. It’s a fantastic track to pair with material that’s informative, and enlightening.

This track feels epic, and combined with material that’s cinematic, it will produce quite an astounding result. The music feels almost emotional in its mood. It’s dramatic but uplifting.

A real carefree track, That Hip-Hop by 99Instrumentals has a playful vibe that’ll make anyone smile. Put this together with some fun content, and you’ll turn whatever material you’re showing into something that feels engaging, and fresh.

A low profile track, Hip-Hop by Eleone is the perfect underscore for someone wanting their video to feel fresh, while still having the music ultimately blend into the background.

LA funk sounds a little Jamaroque inspired. It’s funky, and really easy to listen to. It’s also simply orchestrated, and will work well under narration.

And, finally, the trip hop genre has proven very successful on YouTube, and this one will be well suited to something cinematic. Travel vlogs, montages, things that are visually spectacular will pair well with this track by AlexandrFokshtein. And, if done right, it will lift your visuals into something special. That’s the potential of this track.

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