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Top 10 Best Graphic Design Templates 2021

Refresh your creative toolbox for the year ahead with this selection of premium graphic design templates.

Posted 21 Oct 2020
Best Graphic Design Templates

Graphic design templates are a handy thing to have in your design back pocket. From logo templates to product mockups, design templates can help take pressure off designers on a deadline. They also equip others with more limited design knowledge to, for example, extend their content across web pages, social media and flyers, while ensuring all designs stay on-brand.

Templates for Graphic Designers

But do graphic designers use templates? Yes – graphic design templates can make short work of day-to-day design tasks, giving flexibility and agility when it comes to taking up briefs and getting new projects off the ground. 

To save extra time and money on your design outlay without selling short your ideas at pitch stage, there are also a host of mock up styles and packs to choose from – and you can browse them in our round up of the biggest Mockup Trends for 2020 and beyond. To further bulk out your creative kit, look to this Ultimate Creative Toolkit for designers – which features a handy stock of tools for video, design, illustration, marketing and photography.

Graphic Design Templates

But here, with a nod to the design styles we picked to make waves in 2020 (see our top graphic design trends predictions wrap up), we look at 10 of the best graphic design templates available on Envato Elements right now.

10. Resume Template

No matter your industry, a clean and modern CV can be the difference between landing the interview or not – and when you’re time-poor, a template is the ideal way to give an existing resume a fresh and professional look. The Audrey CV and Resume by Vunira is simple and sleek, and easily adaptable to your personal needs.

9. Social Media Pack

Continuing the design ethos of less is more, the Monochrome Instagram Post and Instagram Story by dannyaldana is highly versatile for a polished social media presence. With 10 post templates and 10 story templates, this pack makes it quick and easy to customize and feel confident in last-minute content.

8. Presentation Template

With a great idea, it’s important to have a presentation to match – one that will lift your delivery, encourage sharing, drive home your key message or spotlight the mic-drop moment in your pitch.

With Social Media Trends – Powerpoint Template by Slidehack, you have the choice of 100 unique slides, in both a light and dark scheme. All objects are fully editable with easy drag-and-drop to replace or update images. To see more examples of some of the best templates, head over to the Envato blog to peruse our pick of the 50 Best PowerPoint Templates of 2020

7. Logo Mockup

A logo sets the tone and pace for your brand, and Letterpress Logo Mockup by graphiccrew also gives you a perfect place to display it.

In many cases, your logo will be your consumer’s first touchpoint with your brand, making that all-important first impression, so it’s important you select the right logo template. Whether you need a text-based, image-based or combination logo, you can use our Guide to Logo Design to help you along. Here we pick out the qualities great logos have in common and how to incorporate these approaches in your own design. For more logo-inspo, take a look at our Top 10 Logo Design Trends and Templates for 2020.

6. Infographic Template

Infographics, when done well, can quickly and easily communicate even the most complex information. With Futurum Infographic. Colorful by Andrew_Kras, you’ll have 23 options all in a clean, futuristic style – great for inclusion in presentations, web or for use in apps.

5. iPhone Mockup

As we said earlier, mock ups can be invaluable in selling your idea at that all-importance pitch. Isometric iPhone – Mockup by GraphicGata features four mockups, with organized layers and a basic guide, making it super easy to edit and change the color, design and background.

4. Business Card

It can be tricky to straddle the line between original and professional when it comes to designing an eye catching, but not over the top or overloaded business card. Business Card by Last40 is bold and fun, while still keeping it clean. It’s easy to edit and appropriate for personal branding, identity, corporate name cards, business cards or any other marketing purposes.

3. Email Signature

The humble email signature should never be overlooked or underestimated – a design template can make it super easy for your team to be in sync, presenting your brand in a coordinated and seamless way. Creative Email Signature V02 by telllu does just the trick, with four multipurpose templates with adjustable colors, text and font.

2. Poster Template

The old school flyer still has its place in marketing collateral – adding a touch of the nostalgic printed poster to your product launch or event. Double Exposure Film Poster by SetiadiKaryaPertiwi is an especially good example, lending classic big-screen hype to your flyer design.

1. Social Media Pack

Social media is a place where fast moving content is king, and when you need to get your pages up and running quick-smart, a template is your friend. Pastel Social Media Pack by MotionMediaGroup is perfect for creating banners across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and VK in pale shades of grey, green, pink and gold. Including 10 story templates as well as the 10 banners, this pack takes all the stress out of your social media design.

To add more to your template repertoire or to have a go at experimenting with more styles, check out our 2019 graphic design templates round up.

For even more options for your projects and the assets that are going to be most handy for you, head over to Envato Elements to subscribe and start browsing. And to keep up-to-date with the latest creative trends, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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