Top 50 Best PowerPoint Templates – November 2017

A good template can make or break a presentation.

Default Microsoft PowerPoint templates may be able to convince your peers as part of an internal presentation, but customers you’re trying to win over need something professionally designed to even take you seriously.

Glory PowerPoint Presentation Template by BrandEarth on Envato Elements

A great idea is only half the job done, the other half is how you present it, and part of that comes down to what your presentation looks like. A good presentation can help convey your key messages, keep your audience focused and engaged with the content being presented, as well as encourage sharing, should you want that. In contrast, a dull, totally boring template will have everyone yawning before you’ve even gotten through the intro!

We’ve put together a strong list of some of the best PowerPoint Templates you can choose from, to help you succeed in presenting anything from success metrics, company profiles, ideas, pitches and so much more.

If you’re rather looking for Google Slides or Keynote templates, we’ve got you covered! Check out our top templates and bestsellers in those categories, too.

Seasonal PowerPoint Templates

There’s still a good bit of time left until Christmas, but it’s never too late to start working on that amazing presentation you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe you’re looking for a creative way of wishing your peers happy holidays. Here are a few great templates to help you out with doing just that:

1. Christmas Happiness PowerPoint Template


2. Christmas Event PowerPoint Template


3. Christmas Package Business PowerPoint Template


4. Christmas Slide Presentation PowerPoint Template


5. 6 Christmas Powerpoint Animated Cards


Trending PowerPoint templates this month

These templates have gotten some much deserved attention lately, either due to unique designs, great versatility or simply because they’ve managed to help a lot of people out with building their best presentations to date. Let’s check them out!

1. Ainia Creative Powerpoint Template


2. 3 in 1 Zero Bundle Creative Powerpoint Template


3. Arini – StartUp Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template


4. Earth PowerPoint


5. Pitch Deck Proposal


New PowerPoint templates available for unlimited download on Envato Elements

No per-template fee – there’s nearly 1,000 PowerPoint and Keynote templates available for unlimited download on Envato Elements. Think Spotify, but for cool business and design assets. Here’s some of our favorite ones from the Elements library:

1. Zoldyk – Powerpoint Template

2. Winter – Watercolour PowerPoint Template

3. Travelocha – Travel Powerpoint Template

4. CIRCLES – PowerPoint Infographics Slides

5. Cyber Grape PowerPoint Theme

6. Coral Dove PowerPoint Theme

7. Glory Presentation – Business Pack Powerpoint

8. Redlight – Bold Powerpoint Template

9. Minimal Fashion Presentation

10. Smothez Powerpoint Template

Bestselling of all time

A roundup of the bestselling PowerPoint templates on our marketplace.

1. Motagua – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Really, you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Six Template

Works even if your presentation isn’t structured by points of 6.

3. i9 Template System

Highly-useful, pixel-accurate master slides.

4. Ever – Multipurpose Presentation Template

So much animation in this one! Check out the YouTube video for a demo.

5. HappyBiz Multipurpose Business Template

Dramatic black and white images not included, but with 4,800+ slides total, you’ll have enough to work with.

6. Business Plan Powerpoint

SWOT analysis? Sales strategy? Financial projections? Check, check, check.

7. Simplicity – Premium and Easy to Edit Template

A featured file from the Envato team! One user says it looks “good and sexy”. Well, then.

8. Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

More than 2,000 satisfied buyers! The super-fast customer support is a plus on this one.

9. Grid Powerpoint

Are grid layouts dead? Maybe, but they’re alive and well in PowerPoints.

10. Awesome Slides

Awesome patterns. Awesome icons. If you like the word awesome, this one’s for you.

11. Marketofy – Ultimate PowerPoint Template

The infographic elements are really cool on this one – and bonus points for being vector-editable, so you can be so very #onbrand.

12. Swiss Style PowerPoint Template

This might be the most unique one on the list, and it’s a personal favorite of mine. Follows the giant-text, make-your-statement vibe that’s popular on places like the TED stage.

13. MaxPro – Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

More animation! The YouTube preview is oddly captivating, for a PowerPoint presentation.

14. Premium International Template System

Helvetica is a classic font choice for this simple template.

15. Mercurio PowerPoint Presentation Template

“The creativeness is 10/10,” says one buyer. High marks.

16. Omoa – Ultimate Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Red, blue, colored? If you’re looking for something that’s not based on Master Slides and is a bit unique, check out this template.

17. Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

This designer is a pro at Keynote templates, but this PowerPoint template is a winner, too.

18. BIGIdea Power Point Presentation

Have a big idea? The name says it all with this one.

19. Mica Powerpoint Presentation Template

Font animation and pretty colors – this one is a great choice if you want to be taken seriously, but still have a touch a flair to your designs.

20. Akuntansi Powerpoint

Open Sans & Lato fonts are fresh and easy to read.

21. Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Want to convince someone to invest in your business? Use this deck to pitch like the pros.

22. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Dramatic mountain pictures aren’t required for start-up companies to be successful… right? Better use this template, just to be safe.

23. Sketch Powerpoint Template

If you want something less boring corporate and more I sketched this on a blackboard, pick this one. It’s sure to stand out!

24. The Zero Business Infographic Presentation

With 5628 slides, you won’t be doing ‘zero business’ with this template. (Sort of an odd name, really).

25. Montuca Powerpoint Presentation Template

Clean and elegant! Easy to see why this template has a near-perfect rating.

26. Summit 1 PowerPoint Template

Again with the mountains. Add mountains, profit?

27. Corporate Overview Powerpoint Template

A safe choice that gets the point across. Coffee breaks during meeting agendas are preferred.

28. UX Design Presentation Template

If you like this one but you’re an Apple user, there’s a matching Keynote version, too.

29. Eureka – Minimal PowerPoint Template

As a bonus, this one includes a double exposure PhotoShop action.

30. Lorem PowerPoint template

Simple and straightforward, with a non-boring font choice of Museo Slab.

Recommended Video

That’s a lot of PowerPoint templates, but if you’re still looking for more, head to our marketplace or check out the PowerPoint library on Envato Elements.