Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration

Supercharge the Procreate app with these Procreate brushes. Here’s how to select the perfect stroke and style for your project.

Portrait for Helen Alexander By Helen Alexander
Posted 7 Sep 2020
Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration

Pushing the boundaries of digital art, Procreate Brushes are perfect for recreating a range of illustrative effects – from spray-can street art to paint splatters and swirling hand-lettering.

What is Procreate?

Picasso had a canvas, today’s painters have Procreate – a digital sketchpad app that enables professional designers and art enthusiasts to create masterpieces on their iPad.

Thanks to a range of add-ons, like Procreate Brushes, users get to enjoy the real-life sensation of drawing, while also benefiting from the flexibility and boundless creative opportunities presented by a digital platform.

How to Use Procreate Brushes

It couldn’t be simpler to download your selected Procreate Brush with this easy-to-follow installation tutorial and, to give your creativity an extra boost, Envato Tuts+ has a range of online Procreate tutorials

These will help you learn how to use Procreate Brushes before introducing a number of useful tips and tricks – from getting to grips with fonts and layers to creating and customizing your own brushes

Top Procreate Brushes

Check out our round-up of the best Procreate Brushes on Envato Elements, where you can find creative assets, including graphics, video templates, audio, photos and more, with unlimited downloads at one low cost:

10. Abstract: Stamp Brushes by seamlessteam

This set of 93 stamps makes the design process super-simple – just click on the abstract element you want to incorporate into your artwork and you’re away! It’s perfect for painters looking to introduce a few imperfections to their work, like watercolor splashes, ink smears and torn paper shapes. Mix and match to create a quirky college.

9. Pencils: Fabulous Pencils for Procreate by guerillacraft

Creatives can add a little old-school analog appeal to their next digital project by transforming their stylus into one of 44 pencil brushes for a classic hand-drawn look and feel. Ideal for sketching and shading, guerillacraft’s brushes channel an artisan aesthetic thanks to a choice of seven bonus paper textures.

8. Geometry: Brushes for Procreate by a_slowik

Serious about shapes? Then draw a circle about these 34 geometric brushes and start creating perfect patterns and beautiful backgrounds. Bringing contemporary cool to print and digital artworks, you can adjust the size of each brush to add detail to small-scale designs or create a big and bold background.

7. Lettering: Procreate Bundle by devandvan

Inspirational quotes and text-only social media posts demand calligraphy styles, so start mastering your majuscules (upper case) and minuscules (lower case) with this hand-lettering bundle that contains over 150 brushes. Throw away that fountain pen and use the digital blending, eraser and smudge tools to come up with your very own typeface.

6. Graffiti: Procreate Graffiti Bombing by Sizimon-id

Instead of shaking a can of spray paint, grab your stylus and create some urban-inspired aerosol art with this Graffiti Bombing brush kit. Perfect your tag and make a mark with 31 brushes that enable you to recreate fat caps, skinny caps, chiseled outlines, gradients, fades and drips. This versatile kit also contains 11 unique graffiti tools templates.

5. Paint Splatter: Brush set by simonok

Ever wondered what Jackson Pollock might have got up to if he had an iPad? Look no further. This pack contains 21 high-resolution splatter stamps, which have been made with real paint on real paper before being captured and converted into Procreate Brushes. Ideal for all the modern-day abstract expressionists out there, each splatter can be resized and rotated to achieve a range of textured effects.

4. Texture: Fabric & Paper Procreate Brushes by Veila

Throw some shade at your tablet. These 28 seamless brushes replicate a range of real-life paper and fabric effects to instantly add volume and texture to your illustrations. From denim’s diagonal-ribbed pattern to the random crumples and creases of screwed-up paper, Veila’s brushes enable you to achieve a terrifically tactile look.

3. Jungle: Procreate Brushes by LeoSupply

Fill your screen with foliage thanks to this Jumanji-inspired set of brushes that’s ideal for illustrated children’s titles, comic books and graphic novels. Towering trees, hanging vines (you are in Tarzan territory, after all) and dappled sunlight combine to create a tropical Procreate environment. Listen carefully: you can almost hear parrots squawking overhead.

2. Graphic Beats: Brushes for ProCreate by Veila

Swirls, swooshes, squares and speech bubbles. They are all invited to the Graphic Beats party. For playful illustrations and digital designs that look effortlessly easy and are utterly unique, this pack contains a whopping 330 eye-catching high-res stamp brushes – meaning the combinations and creative possibilities are literally endless.

1. Hand-Drawn: Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic

Picture this: the ability to create hand-drawn illustrations and lettering with just a screen and a stylus. From pencils to pastels, these 20 Procreate Brushes replicate a number of real-life, hand-drawn flourishes and effects (like grain, sponge and spatter) and come with helpful cheat sheets to ensure you are doodling like a pro in no time.

If you are desperate to get drawing, sign-up for an Envato Elements subscription in order to unleash an unlimited amount of Procreate Brushes. And, as you embark on your artistic journey, pick up illustration inspiration and design advice by subscribing to the Envato YouTube channel.

Like the feature image in this blog post? Our Design team created it using a brush set by pixelbuddha_graphic on Envato Elements.