Best resume templates to land your dream job in 2017

Featured image: Resume by LeafLove
With over 3,000 resumes and CVs on GraphicRiver it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect resume. Fear not- as our community of graphic designers have curated this list of the best resume templates to help you get your dream job in 2017.

Pure elegance

Resume by Elegant-Design

Recommended by T-M
Simple and professional, this template by Elegant-Design lives up to its designer’s name. With a black and white color scheme, a clear font hierarchy and a clever layout, you’ll fit what’s most important, all on the one page. Also included is a cover letter template, a striking black border enveloping the bleed of the page, and a box around your name, meaning your future boss will hopefully never forget it.

Grab the eye

Resume CV by PROFIVE

Recommended by albgon
This next template aims to grab your next employer’s attention. Whether you go for black and white or a bit of color, this template’s use of bold font weights and block colors is sure to grab the eye. There’s also a placeholder in the top left corner to include a photo of yourself, as there’s nothing better than looking your future boss right in the eye before you have to do it in person.

Best foot forward

Resume CV by sabin_vp

Recommended by KipaLoops
With its sections presented as more of a list, this next template takes a more traditional approach to its layout. But it draws the eye’s attention to what the user wants the future boss to see most, with circular outlines emphasizing figures like how many years of experience you have. It’s a very clean design, and again has the option to add a photo of yourself.

If it ain’t broke…

Re.Sume by KennyWilliams

Recommended by Mr_Spectrum
But you know, you might not think there’s much wrong with the traditional resume. If that’s the case, “Re.Sume” by KennyWilliams might be for you. It’s clean, tidy and gets straight to the point. There’s even the option to spruce it up with a bit of color. But at the end of the day, its focus is on the content. If your dream job is somewhere a little more buttoned up, I’d dare say this’ll do the trick.

Playful, yet professional

Clean Resume Word by sz81

Recommended by Hemmx-com
Here’s one that’s playful, yet professional. “Clean Resume Word” uses both white space and the yellow highlight color extremely well. The Profile, Experience and Education sections are marked off with stylish black lines, the Interests & Hobbies section includes a set of icons that should appropriately represent what you’d otherwise write, and there’s enough room left to include a simple logo at the top right of the page.

Make it pop!

Resume/CV by GenerousArtist

Recommended by clusterthemes
If you’re looking for a template that will make your resume pop, this next one is for you. It’s extremely tidy, showcases each section really clearly, and makes clever use of various font weights and sizing, as well as very sparing use of color. If you’re a no nonsense go-getter that has an artistic flair and keeps a tidy desk, then it looks like you’ve found your new resume template.

Material design

Material CV/Resume by rtralrayhan

Recommended by shakhrillo
Since its release in 2014, Google’s material design has influenced the entire world of design. Its juxtaposition of bright colors, drop shadows and white and grey space, along with an elegant font hierarchy, has made it a favorite of many, and now you can apply it to your resume. Rtralrayhan’s “Material CV/Resume” is colorful and playful, using Google’s cards design to showcase your experience and education, and offering a sidebar-like section on the left to house your profile, points of contact and professional skills.

Modern and minimal

3-Piece Resume CV Cover Letter by bullero

Recommended by layoutstack
Two words describe this next template: modern and minimal. Mostly blanketed in shades of grey, featuring only a little color, this template is a wink to the future. It features two ultra modern fonts and employs a mix of heavy bolds for the headings and ultra lights for the bodies of each section. It comes with a selection of icons housed in colored circles, used next to section titles and points of contact, and you can add a photo of yourself to the top right corner, although you’d be wise to make it black and white.

Tumblr inspired

Resume by Creative_Designs70

Recommended by ThemeSLR
Want a professional looking resume with the youthful energy of a Tumblr page? Then this template might fit the bill. Using yellow and grey as highlight colors, along with a white background and black text, this template looks fresh. The little icons that accompany the section labels, as well as the animations that make up the Hobbies section, will make reading this resume fun. There’s a strong emphasis on visual communication in this one, with the indicator bars in the Skills section, and the stars in the Languages section really leaping off of the page. Plus, there’s a real emphasis on showing who you are, with space for a big photo of yourself included on the cover. If you’re a hip young person wanting to apply for a world-beating startup, this may be the one for you.

Professional and a little playful

Resume by Unionmedia

Recommended by RoyVelvet
And finally, if you’re less concerned about finding a template that reinvents the resume, preferring something that’s professional, yet friendly, consider “Resume” by Unionmedia. It’s laid out pretty traditionally, but features room for some very cute icons in the Interests section, which come included, and a photo of yourself in the top left corner to make it more personal. It’s clear to read, easy on the eyes and may well put a smile on the reader’s face. Quite the good first impression to make.
This is just a taste of the resume templates our talented community has suggested. To find more of their curations, head to our forums.

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Special thanks to Scott Wills who compiled this list. This article was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for August 2017.
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