50 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, April 2017

Candy-coated new music for April 2017 (license-free and ready-to-use for your next creative project, too)

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Hot off the (AudioJungle review team) presses: the top tracks that caught our attention this month!

Want something to listen to while you scroll through this curated list of some of our favorite new tracks to hit the our music library? We made you a video mixtape: 

Cool fact: this video was 100% created using items & services from Envato!

Music: Upbeat Indie Anthem by GrooveFactory, Indie by Mediatune, Inspiring Acoustic Indie Folk by D-music, Quirky Fun Rock by PhotonicMusic, and Fun Indie Pop Rock by kudlaproductions. Background video is Time Lapse of Forest at Dawn (Stock Footage) Titles are 30 Simple Titles. Made by Envato Studio freelancer Doru, who is an expert at After Effects customization

Here’s our list of the newest and best royalty-free music this month – we’ve categorized it by music genre, so you can find the right track for your project.

Categories: Indie Pop, Hip Hop & Jazz, Epic Dramatic, Upbeat Folk, Sentimental, Electro Dubstep, Ambient & Atmospheric

Upbeat Indie Anthem by GrooveFactory

Highly energetic, raw, upbeat indie anthem with vocal chops and live guitars.

Inspiring Corporate Motivational by Yuar

An Inspiring, optimistic, powerful and emotional corporate track in indie rock style

Indie by Mediatune

A hip new track full of upstanding freshness, inspiration and corporate drive.

Inspiring Acoustic Indie Folk by D-music

A soft, bright, light and inspirational track with acoustic instruments.

Sports Inspiration by AlexanderRufire

Energetic indie rock with positive upbeat theme, driving and uplifting, cool and exciting.

Quirky Fun Rock by PhotonicMusic

An upbeat & fun indie rock track ready to boost the energy in any video.

Fun Indie Pop Rock by kudlaproductions

A Happy and driving pop rock theme with cool vocals and live guitar

Energetic Upbeat Party Pop by Leon_Felekyan

An Energetic, upbeat, positive, modern and uplifting synth dance electro pop track.

Upbeat Electro Pop Rock by Jingle_Republic

Motivational, energetic, electro Pop Rock track, with a very fresh and clean sound.

Good Mood Jazz by GoodMusicMood

A joyful happy bouncy jazzy track, seeing modern and traditional jazzes mashed up.

Happy Gypsy Jazz by AndyJazz

A very positive gypsy jazz with acoustic guitar and double bass

Hip Hop Background by Coffee Music

A cool, urban, bouncy hip hop melody, slightly dreamy and nostalgic

Sunny Hip Hop by RedWineProductions

A sunny hip hop track in Boom-Bap style, great for commercials and vlogs

Inspire Epic by YetiProduction

An Inspiring and motivational cinematic score, great for making a positive statement.

Epical by Triple7Music

A dramatic and epic trailer featuring fast ostinato strings and a hybrid feeling.

Dream of Corporate Success by BenjiJackson

A modern dream pop production that combines elements of light rock, and EDM.

Inspiring and Motivational Upbeat by Guitarstate

An energetic track with motivating piano chords, cool breakbeat, and modern synths.

Happy Summer Background by Stockwaves

Happy uptempo summer track with great positive energy, driving guitars and drums.

Corporate Acoustic Guitar by Andy_Grey

An inspiring, motivational and positively corporate track, with a gentle swaying feeling.

Inspiring Uplifting Background Corporate by Fox-Rock

A beautiful, motivational and upbeat melodic track with guitar, bright piano and airy strings.

Pop Summer by Vladimir82

A Positive, happy track. Energetic, upbeat and joyful with a light, catchy sound.

Happy Uplifting Folk by Matsteiner-music

An uplifting acoustic folk track that evokes a lighthearted and motivational feeling.

Minimal Inspiring Corporate Motivational by ULB

An inspiring, positive, happy and emotional corporate track

Happy Happy by INTROPOLIS

A happy and uplifting piece, full of joyful moments and positive inspiration.

Crystal Clear Stream by ASGmusic

A light and elegant track with gentle sound of acoustic guitar, bells and flute.

This Is Happy by VipSounds

Cheerful and bright, featuring warm piano and acoustic for optimism and sunshine.

Acoustic Folk by Carvine

It’s acoustic folk, fun and positive, for presentations and promo videos.

Summer Fashion Show by BlackTrendMusic

A good feeling, especially catchy for your creative ideas and upbeat media projects.

Folk Uplifting by Anuch

A exclusively happy folk track with acoustic and electric guitars, stomps and claps.

Emotional Inspiring Cello & Piano by Melodrama

Beautiful emotional piano and inspiring touching cello soundtrack with airy orchestra.

Beautiful Mind by PantheonMusic

An eclectic, contemplative mood, perfect for science, technology and even luxury projects

Sentimental Motivation by In4

A relaxing motivational track with.. Sentimental motivation!

Inspiring Wedding Cinematic Fairytale by MatthewFisher

An uplifting and beautiful cinematic song using piano and orchestra.

Inspiring Piano by Inache-Music

Beautiful and inspiring piano and strings, romantic, uplifting and peaceful at once.

Dubstep by Proffmusic

A futuristic electronic track, blends modern dubstep with beautifully bright melodies

Melodic Dubstep by Yonom

A super catchy, ultra-mega-powerful melodic dubstep electronic track.

Galaxy of Secrets by ArashDarehshouri

An imaginative and creative electronic piece, deep and mystical.

Upbeat Electro Pop by Akoahi

An uplifting dance pop composition with piano, synths and EDM trance elements.

Abstract Ambient by OnTheTune

A beautiful and inspirational atmospheric abstract and glitch laden background

Abstract Documentary by Sawtooz

A chilled and sedate, classy and relaxed electronic ambient atmosphere.

Atmospheric Chill Background by Soundtouch

An ambient electronic track with vocal samples and chops in dubspheric & glitch styles.

Technology Background by TM_Colors

Exclusive minimal corporate motivational background audio, a distinctly authentic piece.

Take Your Breath by VioDance

A downbeat ambient electronica track with deep plucks, bass, and RnB elements.

The Rock by ElevateAudio

A powerhouse drag and drop rock track full of energy, drive, and awesome vocals.

Energetic Upbeat Punk Rock by 88-Sound

A modern and combination of punk and rock music, groovy and distorted.

Rock and Groove by Mannymusic

An energetic and groovy rock track with edgy guitar riffs and a beefy brass section.

Badass Rock Commercial by Nikitsan

A powerful motorized energetic blues rock track with overdriven guitars

Strong Cinematic Rock by gilv

An energetic and addictive rock track, perfect music bed for any rugged advertising

Energizing And Upbeat Punk Rock by ThirdLuck

Its fast, energetic and upbeat, Featuring overdriven electric guitars and cool solos

Gritty Energetic Rock by StudioCatMusic

A down and dirty rock with a touch of southern flavor, exuding swagger and confidence.

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Images: Falco typeface and photos from Photodune. Written in collaboration with the Envato review team. 


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