50 of the best new royalty-free music tracks, February 2017

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The right music can make or break your creative project.

With almost 500,000 tracks on our music library, sorting through to find the best track to match your work can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, we’ve enlisted the curation expertise of our review team! Over the course of the last month, our Content Team has highlighted some of the awesome items that were submitted and accepted to the Market.

(Artistic representation of our AudioJungle review team, via stock photos.)

Here are 50 amazing and great tracks that made it to our ears in February! All commentary and descriptions below were written by the review team.

 1. Peaceful Ambient Background by Angwell

Very soft-sounding track for background music, with an inspiring and relaxing melody

2. Ambient Technology Background by BlueFoxMusic

A positive ambient pop music that can enhance any project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

3. Optimistic Explainer Corporate by ULB_Production

An inspiring, positive, happy and emotional corporate track

4. Inspiring Cinematic Trailer by YetiProduction

An inspiring and uplifting orchestral trailer score that adds real energy, positivity and drama to your works.

5. Inspiring Piano by Opus68

An exclusive, inspiring and tuneful track for solo piano. Perfect to add a cinematic touch to your project

6. Romantic by LucaFrancini

A cinematic romantic track featuring acoustic guitars, piano and passionate strings

7. Inspiring & Uplifting Acoustic by DenBass

A positive and inspiring acoustic track with piano, acoustic guitar, strings, bass and drums.

8. Epic Inspiring Orchestral Trailer by RedViolinProductions

Epic inspiring orchestral trailer. Played by strings, brass, choir and percussion.

9. Epically by MoodMode

A dark, heroic, dramatic, and emotional adventure, with a huge energetic sound.

10. Upbeat Uplifting Corporate by DredStudio

An upbeat & uplifting light pop rock track with motivational and inspirational vibes.

11. Dubstep by Studio_AZ

A powerful and energetic, action and driving, beautiful and dreamy background dubstep music.

12. Hip Hop by Fugu_Vibes

A cool and chilled laid back hip hop lounge vibe.

13. Positive Energy by Amasound

A positive, energetic and inspirational pop rock composition

14. Abstract by Garry-Zarro

A dynamic, inspiring and glitchy track that moves along at the steady pace of progress.

15. Energetic Rock by EuphoriaAudio

An indie, upbeat track with an joyously grungy and exciting sound.

16. Uplifting And Inspirations Guitars by LukePN

A calm and inspiring trance track with uplifting guitars

17. Chill Future Bass by SoundTouch

A Chill and atmospheric Downtempo ambient corporate track. Very smooth, and soothing.

18. The Epical by Sky-Productions

A modern cinematic trailer score with organic and digital elements. Amazing Arrangement!

19. Happy Ukulele by Alexborg

A positive and acoustic pop track with ukulele, acoustic guitar and glockenspiel.

20. Fashion Upbeat Corporate by Two-Mountains

Fresh and fashionable corporate music, a great background music for countless projects!

21. Beautiful by Bright_Light

Beautiful light music, with gentle vocals creating a dreamy atmosphere.

22. Upbeat Jazz Blues Jam By JonnyMakesJazz

An authentic, uptempo bluesy Jazz jam session, cool and catchy.

23. Walking Jazz Guitar by Remstunes

A swinging and smooth walking jazz guitar track featuring two electric guitars and drums

24. Hot Rock Jingle by Vitality

Powerful, energetic, aggressive and groovy rock jingle.

25. Texas Acoustic Guitar by VictorMusic

A great comforting blues rock bit, for an authentic homebound or heartwarming feeling.

26. Inspiring Abstract Background by KonstantinMart

An electronic track with light cinematic touch and ultra modern feeling.

27. Faithful Confidence Melody by Frogard

An acoustic guitar playing a beautiful melody with arpeggio accompaniment

28. Funk Upbeat Commercial by Guitarsstate

A positive and groovy upbeat track with vintage sound, for positive and fun videos.

29. Progressive Technologies by chjoy48

A bright, energetic, light and happy bit of optimistic positivity.

30. Inspiring Piano By DmytroIgnatov

An Inspiring Piano background, that sets a mood and takes off to high horizons!

31. Acoustic Indie Reflection by GvgProductions

A steady, delicate, thoughtful track featuring floating acoustic guitar with delayed melodies

32. Travelling Indie Folk by LightBeats

An upbeat and happy countryside track, an ideal background for fun times!

33. Epic Trailer by MusicRiot

An “upliftingly dark” epic background track for any serious action adventure project.

34. Happy Jazz 6 by Skorpio_88

Just jazzy greatness, perfect for silent films, documentaries, comedy, or retro slideshows

35. Ukulele Pop by Reborn_Music

An upbeat, inspiring, lite, uplifting and motivational background track, full of easy vibes

36. Atmospheric Trip-Hop by InfinityMusic

A deep emotional electronic piece with piano, broken beats and atmospheric pads.

37. Energetic Rock Fire by Panda_Music

A raw rocking track with some cool background vocals and forward paced groove.

38. Electro House by SergMaru

A powerful, energising and ultra modern track, perfect for any uplifting party teasers

39. Cool Fun Indie Rock by SweetWaveAudio

A fast paced energetic track, full of cool guitar riffs, pounding drums and rhythmic claps

40. Energetic Indie Rock by StereoNinja

An energetic modern indie rock track, with beautifully balanced vocals and guitar riffs.

41. Reach Your Goals by LoopsLab

An uplifting pop rock track with Optimistic guitar, bass and charming corporate vibe.

42. Light by AlexBird

An original inspiring and romantic composition featuring strings, horn and percussion.

43. Hip-Hop by Diplodocus

A stylish Hip-Hop Beat with chopped guitar melodies and light female vocals.

44. Motivation Corporate by AzovMusic

A positive, uplifting and inspiring corporate track, carrying your successes forward.

45. Sport Energetic Rock by Vlad_Inside

Fast and energetic action rock featuring hard guitars, breakbeat style drums & great bass.

46. Upbeat Indie Folk by MojoProductions

A festive and frisky mood with country feel, upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies

47. Baby Smile by AlexanderSVO

A light angelic piano solo piece, soulful, innocent, and free like newborn children

48. Jazz Samba 5 by ABMode

A smooth and flowing jazz samba flavored track with a distinctly modern yet retro feel.

49. African Horizon by S-Key-Music

A distinctly ethnic, world-beat African vibe, cinematic, full of feeling from the Saharan continent.

50. Power Drive Energy Rock Beat by RedWineProductions

A super strong and assertive, in your face mix, of epically straightforward proportions!

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