Stock Music Stories: 5 of the Best Audio Tracks in August 2017

The stories of 5 incredible stock music tracks for August 2017 – license-free and ready-to-use for your next creative project.

Looking for the perfect stock music track for your project?

The right music can make or break a creative project. Whether you’re looking for a background track to your video, a score for your podcast, or something different entirely, we have a library of over 500,000 tracks on AudioJungle. Of course, you can’t listen to half a million tracks to find the right music. Luckily, our review team has picked out some of the best new tracks they’ve noticed from the last month.

For August, we’ve highlighted 5 standout stock music tracks. Read below for a detailed description from our review team, and to listen to a preview for each track!

I See You: Ambient Electro Pop

A subtly enchanting series of moments, like a sunrise with a subdued introduction, leads to a stylishly fashionable exposition.

This immediately supports any kind of cutting edge or trend-setting imagery, traditional or technological. The vocals lend a distinctly human touch, while the broken glitch beats complete the delicate balance, culminating into a fully fledged hybrid dance, a blending of worlds- at once catchy, memorable and entirely engrossing. (Download)

Happy Indie Folk

It’s a familiar feeling that just feels new. Something you’ve sensed before, a comfort you’re experiencing yet again, for the first time.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it’s a good thing. This particularly pleasing track does just that, from its very first staccato theme. Setting a steady, ready tone, staying true to its first announcement, as an ongoing, understated development takes hold. This track cleverly sets a warmth and beauty of tone that fully envelops and surrounds your subject matter, enrobing it with all the good stuff that will keep folks listening. (Download)

Upbeat Uplifting Triumphant

Listening to these wide open spaces, inviting a new day, a new beginning, the dawn of an awe-inspiring adventure reaching triumphantly to new and yet unseen heights, higher and higher.

Like an unstoppable force of monumental motivation, breaking down the biggest barriers, reaching out with open arms, and open hearts. Welcoming a world of wonder that aspires to stellar success, with perpetual, enduring perseverance in the face of any challenge or adversity, come what may. This is your day, and there’s a reason that faith stands tall, unmovable against all odds. (Download)

Future Bass

Curiosity. A question that begs to be answered. What is the future? Where will the hope for tomorrow bring us today?

As new trends are born, old traditions are fused into newer elements of promise and aspiration, of longing and dreams. For but a brief moment, a single clarity of purpose emerges. Just as this track is melodically structured, all is but a delicate balance of beginnings and ends. What was old is new again. And what is new takes us forward. Is there really that much to hear in this excellently crafted piece of music? Actually, yes, we definitely think there is! (Download)

Epic Inspiration

A curtain slowly opens onto the night sky, the stars in full view, Moon and the Planets sway into space as the afterglow of a Galactic Cruiser spits plasma overhead.

Bristling with advanced weaponry, a tremendous scene is about to take place and unfold, as all on board can feel the mounting tensions rise. This mission may well be their last, with one common voice, a climactic instance of years of training and tumultuous negotiations. There is however, above all else, a certainly that victory and justice will prevail, for a peace that will last into another thousand years. (Download)

What else is new and trending in stock music?

If you’re looking for “a cool combination of chillness and dance-able rhythm”, check out our roundup of trending Future Bass tracks. Want something a little more smooth and jazz-inspired? Try boom-bap, the hip-hop sound of the summer, or tropical house, a sub-genre of a sub-genre that started out as a joke. We’re also seeing an emerging genre of medieval-inspired music – perhaps a result of the newest Game of Thrones season.

Are you more boom-bap (left) or medieval (right)?

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Written in collaboration with the Envato review team. Images: Abstract watercolor textures by Veila.


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