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5 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

A WordPress form builder can take your user experience and client communication to the next level. Discover the best form builder plugins with this guide.

Posted 23 Jul 2021
Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Your WordPress website is your digital shopfront and the first point of contact many potential customers will have with your business. Encouraging visitors to get in touch, take action, or interact with your brand or product is key to increasing engagement. WordPress form builders are plugins that help you do just that by streamlining any action taken on your site to optimise the experience – from domain name to CTAs. They’re so efficient that 50% of marketers say forms are their primary source of lead generation.

What’s A WordPress Form Builder Plugin?

A form builder plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to build and manage all types of forms for your WordPress website in a single place.

With the right form builder, you can:

The best form builder plugins are responsive, personalizable, scalable, translation-ready, and don’t require any coding skills. Naturally, they should also fit your design preference, style, and budget. Remember to check that your chosen plugin supports several integrations and allows you to build the form – or form types – you have in mind.

What Are the Best Form Builder Plugins for WordPress?

Ready to get started? Here are some of the best WordPress form builders to choose from.

1. Paperform


Paperform is a stylish and responsive alternative to standard WP form builders. This plugin focuses on turning necessary forms into appealing and interactive elements that will fit into any page on your WordPress site

From creating menus and placing online orders, to bookings, payment forms, surveys and questionnaires, there are no limits to what you can do with Paperform. Requiring no coding skills, the plugin offers 500 templates to choose from. No matter which template you choose, Paperform’s unique editor allows you to tailor any form to your needs. 

Paperform Pricing

Paperform is not only one of the best WP form builders out there today; it’s also among the most affordable. After the Paperform 14-day free trial, you can choose the Paperform plan that best suits your budget and needs, all of which include unlimited forms and free direct integrations.

Pro Tip – annual subscriptions are great to save up to $10 a month!

Paperform Features 

Paperform is one of the best form builders due to its many features. All Paperform options offer high levels of responsiveness, countless integrations, unlimited forms, and the latest security features. Plus, each plan is specifically crafted to suit a different kind of business. Here’s what to expect:

Paperform Pros

Paperform Cons

2. WPForms

WP Forms form builder

WPForms is one of the most established and reliable and user-friendly WP form builders on the market. This plugin is designed to do precisely what it says: help you create various forms that are effective, customizable, and powerful. Launched in 2016, WPForm has become one of the leading WP form builder plugins, and today it is used by over 4 million users. Featuring endless benefits and functionalities, WP Forms also boasts a low price point, and an effective user experience. 

WP Forms Pricing

WPForms has a plan for any WP user. At a discounted price, these plans are among the most affordable ones on the market:

If you have fallen in love with the features of WPForms, but are running on a tight budget, you can benefit from WPForms Lite – the free version of WPForms.

WPForms Features

WPForm is a comprehensive form builder that, depending on your chosen plan, offers hundreds of integrations, security features, and style options. Here are some of the best WPForm features: 

The free version offers basic features, but still allows you to create impressive forms for free. Here are some great WPForms items to try:

WPForms Pros

WPForms Cons

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms form builder

Established over ten years ago, Ninja Forms is a veteran of WP form builder plugins. Used by over 1 million WP users, this plugin is one of the most popular on the market. Aside from being beginner-friendly and highly responsive, the forms created with Ninja Forms can be integrated with a variety of payment, survey, CRM, and analytics tools. 

Ninja Forms Pricing

Ninja Forms offers a variety of pricing plans, including:

If you can’t find a suitable option, you might benefit from Ninja Forms’ à la carte option – which allows you to simply pick and pay for what you need. 

Ninja Forms Features

With yearly updates, Ninja Forms provides up-to-date and current features in all of its plans, including:

Here are some great Ninja Form items to try:

Ninja Forms Pros

Ninja Forms Pros

4. Typeform

Typeform form builder

If you’re looking for a new, stylish, and incredibly interactive way to connect with your website visitors, Typeform is the right plugin for you. This form builder is built on a variety of integrations with most top apps. 

Like the other form builders above, Typeform does not require coding skills, comes with over 60+ templates, and is suitable for creating all varieties of forms – from quizzes to payment forms. But, unlike other options on the market, Typeform allows for even more customization and sleek form designs.

Typeform Pricing

Typeform is available in three different plans:

Investing in yearly subscriptions allows you to save up to 16%. You can also benefit from the Free Typeform Plan – while this only offers limited features, it can be a great entry point for new WP users. 

Typeform Features

Each Typeform plan includes:

While the free plan includes most of the features above, your choices might be limited to only a few forms and questions. 

Typeform Pros

Typeform Cons

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms form builder

If you find contact forms unreliable and dull, you’ll be surprised at what Gravity Forms can add to your website. This easy-to-use plugin is based on a drag-and-drop interface, making it suitable for all WP users. 

However, developers and advanced users can benefit from this form builder’s endless functionalities and customization options. Gravity Forms is the ideal solution if you wish to create a tailored form with all the questions and features you desire, without worrying about affecting your users’ experience. 

Gravity Forms Pricing

Gravity forms offer three main pricing plans: 

Gravity Forms also offers several add-ons that can be integrated into any of their plans. 

Gravity Forms Features 

Gravity Forms is packed with some of the best features to create powerful and complex forms for your site. These include: 

Here are some great Ninja Form items to try:

Gravity Forms Pros

Gravity Forms Cons

Wrapping Up…

As WP forms become increasingly important for lead generation, marketing, and UX, form builders are beginning to populate the market. Selecting the right plugin for you can be challenging, so make sure to select one that fits your style and preferences while keeping your site light, fast, and responsive. Any of the WP form builders above can help you create your ideal form design, streamline your communication channels, and expand your audience without the need for coding skills.

Guest Author: Rebecca DiCioccio from Paperform

Rebecca DiCioccio is a member of the Growth team at Paperform. Outside of work, Rebecca can be found exploring the outdoors or with a book in hand. Rebecca’s background in copywriting and keen interest in SEO and digital marketing mean she understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends in a dynamic and ever changing industry.

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