WordPress Themes for Travel and Tourism Websites

Five themes that fit the needs of any travel website.

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world and your website should provide a portal that captures that consumer interest. Choosing a WordPress theme for your travel website is an easy way to maintain the overall consistency in your design, while allowing you to focus your energy on creating the content and media that will make your travel offers pop! Travel websites are unique from other online businesses and require a few key considerations when selecting a theme that satisfies your needs. When designing a travel website, depending on the nature of your tourism business, you might need to include a system for online bookings, vibrant listings and itineraries, and a whole lot of space for images and videos that encapsulate the beauty of your offered destination(s). Other features to take notice of are translations options for your international client base and Woocommerce capability for online purchases. Check out some of these awesome WordPress themes that are perfect for travel websites from ThemeForest:
  1. Love Travel
  2. GoTravel
  3. Amber
  4. Entrada
  5. Paradise

All Around: Love Travel

With bright and bold design, the Love Travel theme is great for websites that cover all aspects of the travel industry, yet is versatile to include other business categories, as well. Tour operators will love the included large Revolution Slider plugin for large and high quality destination photos and videos. In addition the theme offers many customizable pages for everything from photo galleries to a countdown to an offer.

Whimsical: GoTravel

The Go Travel theme and its graphics promote a fun and carefree view of travel that might be perfectly aligned with the outlook of your travel business. With a sans serif font, your content will look modern and simple to complement the visual highlights of your products and services. In addition, Go Travel’s colorful graphic design extends into all aspects, including its reader-friendly review system.

Classic: Amber

Although the Amber WordPress theme bills itself as a luxury template, its classic layout and style is a great way to appeal to a diverse demographic. Whether your clients are renting yachts or camping gear, or you’re writing blogs about jet-setting or hostel hopping, this theme is accessible for all companies. Its easy drag-and-drop and system means that there’s little technological savvy involved to build the website of your dreams.

Adventure: Entrada

For all the adventure travel promoters and providers out there, Entrada is your theme for outdoor wonders in any part of the world. Entrada makes it easy to categorize, describe, and visualize tours for easy visitor access. The theme also integrates smoothly with various tools to optimize your business operations from Mailchimp to PayPal. Ultimately, all of these exceptional aspects of Entrada’s design and more align with your core priority: conversion.

Hotels: Paradise

The Paradise Hotels and Resorts WordPress Theme is a one-stop shop for all your hotel online business needs. The theme features the Opal Hotel plugin, which promotes transparency with room and booking management options, tax breakdowns, and operation in multiple languages and currencies. Most importantly, its design offers a great mix of both visuals and text on all pages from the 3 homepage layouts to your inviting room listings. Does your website go beyond or between these categories? Looking for a different theme that is as unique as you? Search for more awesome WordPress travel themes.  
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