Blockbuster Movie Posters Created with Bold & Powerful Photoshop Text Effects

See how different designers use bold and powerful Photoshop layer styles to create blockbuster movie posters

 Blockbuster Movie Posters Created with Photoshop

Graphic Design specialist LiveAtTheBBQ gave away the bold and powerful Cinematic Layer Styles for Photoshop and we invited users to create blockbuster movie posters using the styles.

Before we announce the winning entries, let’s see a little more about the item and what it does.

What do layer styles do?

Photoshop layer styles are handy presets created for Photoshop that allow designers and creators to quickly and easily apply a specific look and feel to text. The styles allow for a consistent look and feel and help produce a desired effect much more quickly than trying to recreate the style from scratch.

Here’s what the Cinematic Layers Styles look like that contest entries were invited to use and incorporate into their design:

Cinematic Layer Styles

Layer styles are installed and accessed via the Styles panel within Photoshop. Once installed, you can select text in your Photoshop document, select a style from the Styles panel, and boom! Your text immediately transforms in a non-destructive way so that you can always undo or tweak the text you are formatting.


You can learn more about creating layer styles in the Intro to Photoshop Layer Styles Tuts+ tutorial series.

Meanwhile, there are some visually incredible and tremendously useful layer styles in the GraphicRiver library. Take a look for yourself via the link below to see what amazing styles you can use and apply within your own projects to take them to the next level:

→ Discover 4,500+ Photoshop Layer Styles

Contest Winners

Now that we know more about layer styles and how they can quickly enhance a project, let’s reveal all the winning entries that caught our eye in our fictional movie poster contest!

Best Science Fiction Movie Poster ($150)

Galactic Apocalypse by KlitVogli

The subtle 3D effect added to the title text really caught our eye with this piece. Simultaneously, the deep purple of space contrasted so beautifully with the glowing red and orange embers on what appears to be a burning planet about to be destroyed.

The glow of “Apocalypse” compliments the main “Galactic” title text to create a very bold and eye-catching design.

Great visuals, very well executed, and a memorable design. We can’t wait to see this movie. well done!


Best Super Hero Movie Poster ($150)

BirdMan by Vorsa

Stunning poster in every way, consisting of an engaging character expertly enhanced using Photoshop. Here’s the source image to compare against.

The golden “Birdman” title text shines and glows around the edges magnificently, with the text color complimenting the overall design. The glittery and magical costume added to the main character is a beautiful touch for this fictitious superhero that we are dying to know more about! The additional typography used in the credits is simple yet very effective. The streaks of light in the background pop brilliantly against the darker purple and magenta of the urban cityscape.

Magnificent all around work!


Best Halloween Poster ($150)

Alien Horror Cult by ImageLabGraphics

This entry really stood out in the horror and Halloween genre with its B-movie sensibilities.

The creator was able to use and apply the text styles to classic 1950s typography to recreate an old-school scary movie poster. I think the creator took a risk here by not being tempted by modern horror movie poster design but the risk certainly paid off! The angled perspective headline text really captures the reader’s attention and the design perfectly captures a forgotten era of movie-making in a fun and engaging way.

Well played, ImageLab!

Alien Horror Cult

Grand Prize Winner (Featured Homepage Promotion)

Exo Space by Lil_Bro

We also awarded an overall Grand Prize to the best overall poster design and the winner is Exo Space by Lil_Bro!

With a massive nod to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this design featured bright, neon colors and a fashioned comic book feel. The excellent choice of fonts in the title worked terrifically well with the layer styles which feels sharp and futuristic and heightens the comic book character feel to the design.

The style is almost in the genre of Manga graphic novels with it’s vivid and high dynamic range colorization. We loved the shining accents and lens flares in the title text. This is not only a blockbuster movie we all want to see, but a blockbuster design.


Exo Space

Contest Highlights 

With so many great entries it was difficult picking a winner, so we’d love to share, for your inspiration and delight, some of the other amazing entries we received:

Midnight Strangler by Yellow Emperor

Midnight Strangler

Dead Island by designhatti

Dead Island

The Evil (Part One) by UnicDesign

The Evil

The Evil (Part Two) by UnicDesign

Soldier of Justice by RedSanity

Soldier of Justice

“Echo Space” by novocaina

Echo Space

Guard by DemoMusic


Halloween History by Hemalaya1

Halloween History

Future Recall by SmashingFlyers

Future Recall

The Core Tower by Romeady


Sinister by MartijndeBont


Strange World by Hemalaya1

Strange World

Rise of Emporer by SuperBoy1

Rise of Emporer

Hero by GeniusCreatives


Invasion: The Return by GeniusCreatives

Invasion: The Return

Valuim by Media_Variety

Omega Man by RedSanity

Omega Man

Western Warrior by Hemalaya1


Invation: The New Beginning by ActionArt


The Shadow Creep by RedSanity

Shadow Creep

Bima by DemoMusic


Devil’s Door by Swaleha

Devil's Door

Oscar Nordby Yoopiart


AZTLAN by CainKuri


Damned Soul by Briell

Damned Soul

Korah by GodServ


Space 2250 by JeriTeam

Space 2250

Silence of Stars by MonkeyBox

Silence of Stars

Flames in the Woods by novocaina

Flames in the Woods

Community of Creatives

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More Work byLiveAtTheBBQ

A big thanks to LiveAtTheBBQ for making Cinematic Layer Styles available for free throughout the contest period, what a champ!

Let’s take a look at some of the other innovative and high quality content LiveAtTheBBQ has available in their portfolio.



→ View LiveAtTheBBQ’s Full Portfolio

Many congratulations to all our winners!

Many thanks to everyone who entered our contest and congratulations to all our winners! We’ll be in touch with your prize details shortly.

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