Boom-Bap: The Hip-Hop Sound You Want for Your Next Video or Vlog

This hip-hop sub-genre currently trending across the video world has a name: Boom-Bap.

Boom Bap Hip-Hop Music for Vlogs & Video

It’s one of the biggest trending music genres across YouTube videos and vlogs and it’s the sound of this year’s summer. But what is it called?

It’s boom-bap.

While slightly different to the more electronic chill-hop, boom-bap is typically defined and recognized with big beats, chopped-up jazz and vocal samples, and a super smooth laid-back vibe.

Recommended music 

We’ve assembled some of the very best boom-bap and laid-back hip-hop music that you can easily license for your own projects and videos with the direct help of the producers and musicians who created the items.

Listen through our round-up below to discover the perfect boom-bap soundtrack for your next creative video.

Hip Hop by 7_Keys

Old school hip-hop track with an awesome lounge atmosphere featuring modern glitches and reverse effects.

Recommended by Music_Sense

Funk Hip-Hop Beat by Runsblov

This track sounds rich and luxurious, it also has a bright summer mood which is perfect for any kind of modern and urban video.

Recommended by NewLifeMusic

Travel Vlog Hip Hop by StudioKolomna

The track conveys a sense of glamor and wealth with a cool inner city atmosphere. Subtle vocals heighten the impact.

Recommended by StudioKolomna

Jazzy Hip-Hop by VSineBeatz

Fantastic laid back hip-hop. Super smooth saxophone helps create an awesome jazz lounge sound.

Recommended by TopTune

Hip Hop by TopBear

Influenced by soulful hip-hop, this track has airy pads, rhodes piano, flute and funky drums that creates a modern urban soundscape.

Recommended by TopBear

Hip Hop and the Big City by guitarstate

Warm, light and stylish boom-bap beats.

Recommended by COSMONKEY

The Hip Hop by COSMONKEY

Bright, beautiful, and rhythmical! Such a positive atmosphere it will leave you feeling motivated.

Recommended by Micrah

This Is Hip Hop by ButterflyStudio

Full of power and energy, a solid-sounding hip-hop anthem for your media projects.

Recommended by AShamaluev

Hip-Hop by CoffeeBeats

One of my favorite laid-back hip hop tracks, this track is contemporary and features some subtle touches of brass instruments and nice vocal samples.

Recommended by ARG-Exclusive

It’s Hip-Hop by NewLifeMusic

Simple, bright, with a mood of discovery. It sounds very universal and urban, perfect for commercial advertising and vlogs.

Recommended by NewLifeMusic

Strong Hip-Hop by Artiss

Funk and power! A great option for any street vlog.

Recommended by Bransboynd

In Hip-Hop by Eleone

This catchy instrumental features a groovy beat with big fat drums and deep bass that fuse together into a dynamic and energetic soundtrack.

Recommended by Bransboynd

Hip-Hop by Fonomo

Such a smooth and warm vibe. Groovy light drums, classic and stylish hip-hop melody and with calm vocals, this track will make any video bright and positive.

Recommended by Eleone

Sport Hip-Hop by KickTracks

This boom bap hip-hop track has an energy and rhythm that utilizes straight chopped beats which make it perfect for video cuts and editing.

Recommended by KickTracks

Soft emotion with punchy beats, this track has great flow.

Recommended by BerryDeep

 Hip-Hop by OddVision

Motivating and energetic track with a thick beat, warm bass, soft vocal chops and a bright summer atmosphere.

Recommended by OddVision

Summer Hip Hop by Sonar_Audio

Laid-back funky summer vibe with funk horns and a catchy vocal.

Recommended by Sonar_Audio

Fashion Beat by Diplodocus

Reminiscent of the 2003 Japanese music scene, this track is super catchy with big beats are complimented with a throbbing bass.

Recommended by AtagoSounds

Even More Boom-Bap & Hip-Hop

If you’re still thirsty for more boom-bap or other genres of hip hop, there are 7,000+ and counting other tracks to choose from in our AudioJungle library. Here are some great places to start discovering:

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