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Building a Brand for Your Startup

As part of Startup Week Victoria, we launched Envato Talks, a new local series aimed at enabling anyone to get more successful online.

This particular event focused on actionable insights on how to define and articulate your brand to build a more successful business.

Nick Davis from Interbrand lead the discussion with a panel including Alex Holmes from Envato, Andrew Birt from LIFX and Clinicloud and Ash Davies from Tablo.

Here are some of the key points from our very first Envato Talks event:

Firstly, What is Your Brand and Why Should You Care?

A Brand is not just your logo, company or product its a tool to drive your business success. It drives your price premiums, customer loyalty and protects against competitors.

It can organise everything you do; from developing your product, culture and customer experience to creating an emotional connection.

“Brand accounts for around 60% of company worth/value. You need it to thrive” – Nick Davis

Nick talking about the importance of brand.

Secondly, How Do You Build it?

Many startups are conceived from a product or service innovation. Without clarity on what they stand for and a unique compelling vision (beyond the product), many startups struggle to get noticed or funding.

“Once you define your brand purpose and values, keep them handy, find a way to connect with them regularly” – Alex Holmes

Alex discussing brand definition.

Develop your product, design around their needs with your uniqueness in mind.

“Users want to build relationships with the products they’re using. Your brand strategy should empower that” – Nick Davis

Build the right culture and capabilities, inspire a unique culture by starting from the inside out.

“Hire exceptional people and you’ll produce exceptional products” – Ash Davies

Ash talking about hiring exceptional people.

Curate how your customers experience and interact with your product, invite collaboration and create new capabilities.

“Personality is key, make your brand or startup memorable” – Ash Davies

Show who you are, create an emotional connection across all touch-points. Be different, look different, say it differently.

“Always check Urban Dictionary before choosing brand names 🙂 Also trademarks & social footprint” – Andrew Birt

Andrew talking about the mistake he made by not checking Urban Dictionary.

Wrapping Up

This first Envato Talks event managed to reel everyone in from the start. Nick, Alex, Ash and Andrew did a great job of breaking down ‘what brand is’ for us.

They made us care about the important place it holds in any business and shared knowledge and experiences from their own backgrounds to help everyone in attendance succeed.

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This article was originally published on Inside Envato by Jane Warburton.


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