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Structures in Type & Facebook Design: An Interview with Cameron Moll

Focus on priorities, rather than balance.

With passion, curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit, Cameron has crafted an inspiring career working in technology and design. Eleven years ago Cameron entered the tech world. He taught himself HTML and set the foundation for Authentic Jobs, a job board for creatives.

Since it’s inception Authentic Jobs has connected thousands of creatives with job opportunities. The job board started as a side project and grew into a booming online business. This past year Cameron sold Authentic Jobs to BuySellAds, opening up space for him to seek out his next creative venture and role. He is now manager of design at Facebook. Additionally, Cameron is the maker of ‘Structures of Type’ letterpress posters.

But of all the titles Cameron has taken on, husband and father are most important to him. A family man through and through, Cameron and his wife Suzanne say raising their five sons is their top priority.

In 2015, Envato caught up with designer, Cameron Moll to learn how he balances and prioritizes all of his roles and responsibilities. We created this video to share his story and words of wisdom.

Cameron’s wise words:

Be grateful for who you are and what you have

“With social media and technology it’s easy to look at other people, look at other places and say that’s who I want to be and thats where I want to go instead of respecting what you have in front of you and who you are.”

Focus on priorities rather than balance

“If I’m at a conference, that conference for me for three days is my top priority and giving it my best is my top priority. And then I get back home and family moves back into top priority. That allows me to at least juggle the amount of stuff that’s on my plate at any given time. Knowing that the long term priorities are set, I just have to deal with what the short term priorities are.”

Seize the day

“Part of me wants to take advantage of whatever time I have in my life to produce and to be a father and be a husband, be a business owner, and so I feel an obligation to make the most of every day and squeeze as much as I can out of that day.”

Step out of your comfort zone

“If I see something that is fascinating to me, or I don’t know how to do it, I go after that and I try to take it apart… That’s defined who I’ve been up to this point in my career: trying stuff that I was totally unqualified for and trying to make it work, and make it look good, and make it perform.”

Make time for family

Talking about his kids: “Let’s learn it together, I figured if I can learn it, they can learn it at the same time. We’ll teach each other. Part of the reason we do that, it’s just fun to be with them….family’s my top priority.”

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