22 Card Templates That Will Help You Say ‘Good Riddance’ to 2017

Let’s face it, 2017 will go down as a pretty polarizing year. For most, it was either a year that left them feeling fulfilled and hopeful about the world, or it left them shook to their emotional core. Either way, the holidays are here. With 2018 around the corner, now is the time to send the people you care about a message of love and friendship, and celebrate the new year around the corner.

So, here’s a list of the best end of year cards to see out 2017.

‘Thank You’ Card Templates

If you want to keep the Thank You card non festive, simple and straight to the point.

Blank greeting card and flowers by karandaev

A beautiful blank greeting card with cheerful flowers. Add a simple message like “Thank You” or “Season’s Greetings” and you are good to go. This card is great for bulk sending where its fit to be sent to anyone; be it client, friends or family.

Thank you cookies by RuthBlack

This card says it all. You don’t have to add any text to the main image making it so simple to just purchase and print.

Thank You Gift Message Present Packing Concept by Rawpixel

Yet another awesome image that can be purchased and printed immediately. Simple and clean design that gets straight to the point without tying it to any festivity or occasion.

Words Thank You with Spring Flowers by simonida

Now who doesn’t love spring flowers. This image is very pleasant on the eye and feels warm because of the earthy elements in it and the handwritten chalk font gives it a perfect touch.

Christmas Card Templates

A few examples of photos if you want to have a combination of Christmas and Thank You in a card.

Happy Snowman by 918Evgenij

This card is my personal favourite. The minute I saw it, I smiled. 🙂

It has that good space on the top left if you want to add some text like “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas and Thank You for a Good 2017”

Happy Holidays by BarbaraNeveu

Snowflake themed image. Add any message on the black image and you are ready to go.

Christmas scene with ornaments by DanielVincek

Christmas tree ornaments on a table with fairy lights in the background. A very Christmas themed image which is perfect if you are planning to send a Merry Christmas kind of card.

Fresh whole nuts and spices spilling by lyulkamazur

Honey, spice and everything nice! A good festive image with enough space on the left to even include a small poem or even a nice long message.

Christmas background by tycoon101

Minimalistic Christmas themed image. This image is really simple and good – the message on the image will be the main focus as it is not cluttered with other items.

Funny snowman in yellow hat by ivankmit

Another happy snowman! Very good background, open and spacious and perfect to include any text you would want to include.

Dog portrait by fotyma

A cute dog all dressed up for Christmas. This is good if you are looking for something a little different from the usual Christmas themed images.

‘Happy New Year’ Card Templates

So maybe it’s too late to send a Christmas themed card now. That’s ok! Let’s focus on the New Year!

2018 Happy New Year by grafvision

2018 with a horseshoe! How brilliant is that?!

It’s like you are sending the recipient some good luck for the new year.

2018 New Year ceebration card mockup with cupcakes by merc67

Festive new year image with cupcakes, champagne, party hats and even wall deco. Enough space on the top right if you wish to include a message.

Hands holding golden 2018 balloons, new year concept by sianstock

Straight to the point, it’s 2018. Simple and clean image that can be sent to friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Card Templates That’ll Make ’em Laugh

It’s all about being creative (and sometimes even lame) with the text on the card. Once you have your creative hat on, you will notice any fun picture can be turned into a year-end-thank-you card to be send to other fun people.

Fashion by 918Evgenji

What should I say?:

  1. Here’s to a bright 2018. I’ve got my funky shades all ready. Happy 2018!
  2. 2018 will be bright and sunny. Happy New Year!
  3. What did the the Balloon say to the Pineapple? Hope you have a juicy 2018.
  4. What did the Pineapple say to the Balloon? Fly high this 2018, my friend.

Grey Funny Cat Posing by garloon

What should I say?:

  1. What do you mean 2017 is over?!
  2. It’s 2018 already?!
  3. Where did 2017 go?! Did I nap too long?

Funny cow head via wide angle by catolla

What should I say?:

  1. Mooooooove over 2017. It’s time for 2018!
  2. Happy Moooo Year 2018!
  3. Thank you for 2017 but here’s to a greener 2018!

Child pretending to be businessman by yarruta

What should I say?:

  1. Ready, get set, GOOO! Happy 2018!
  2. Let’s put 2017 behind us and focus on bigger wins in 2018!
  3. Are you ready for 2018? Here’s to more wins. Happy New Year!

Little girl swimming underwater having fun by wollwerth

What should I say?:

  1. Hope you have a stress free and fun filled 2018!
  2. A new year, a year older but that’s no reason to let that child in us grow up! Happy 2018!
  3. Thank you for all the fun times and laughs in 2017. I can’t wait for 2018!

Funny strong child by yarruta

What should I say?:

  1. I worked out in 2017 and I’m ready for you 2018.
  2. Bring it….I’m ready for you 2018!
  3. Here’s to achieving all your goals and resolutions for 2018!

Toddler boy playing with building blocks by photocreo

What should I say?:

  1. Time to build some awesome memories. Happy 2018!
  2. Here’s to working hard and playing harder this New Year!
  3. Life is like building blocks. It’s all about rising, falling and raising back again. Wishing you a “steady” 2018!

Vintage funny lady in a stylish denim shirt and hat. hipster sty by EvgeniyaPorechenskaya

What should I say?:

  1. 2018 already?! Where did 2017 go?
  2. A New Year? Again?
  3. Wasn’t it just 2017?

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