Case Study: RTEwork – Quantity Helps!

Just because quality trumps quantity doesn’t make quantity a bad thing. While some authors have done very well with tiny portfolios, having lots of quality items only increases your chances of success. As long as quality isn’t compromised.

Take RTEwork for example. He currently has a total of 207 3D models in 3DOcean. That’s a mind-blowing number! Especially given the amount of work it takes to create each model.

That vast number of items doesn’t mean he is unconcerned with quality. It just means he works hard! When being interviewed for Envato Notes, he gave this advice about how to create a successful portfolio:

The most important things for your portfolio are: the quality of mesh structure (avoid triangles), unwrap, the quality of your textures, fine-tuning of materials, and of course rendering the scene. The last one is the most important thing – how effectively you can show your model.

So it’s not just the quality he’s concerned about – it’s also the way you present that quality to potential buyers. And yet with that focus on quality, he also managed to achieve quantity!

While not all of his items have sold yet, many have. And that includes some of his most expensive items. And when potential buyers peruse his portfolio, they are greeted by such a variety of items they are more likely to find exactly what they are looking for.

Here are some of his best-selling items. Check out his eye for detail, and his concern for presentation.

Low Poly Base Mesh Female

This package contains 3 versions of a low poly female base mesh (with face, with toes and without). The mesh consists of 100% quads and is optimized for sculpting with even poly distribution and slightly higher poly concentrations in areas of high detail like the face. The clean edge flow makes it easy to modify the mesh and make conform fitting clothes. It is also a great starting point for low poly game characters.

iPhone 4

This is a very accurate model of the iPhone 4. All parts of this model have been modelled separately to achieve as much realism as possible e.g. both cameras have been modelled to make it look real and not just placed an image as a texture. Furthermore each and every detail of the real product has been noticed and has been turned over into the real model e.g. the center metal part has been assigned the porous and matte metal material whereas its edges have been assigned a shiny material which makes it so photorealistic.


All in all the great base mesh, superior ztool and maya scene makes this a solid starter kit for building your own female characters. Be it for low poly games or high poly render movies.

I have had a vast number of influences for this model (Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Patricia Ford and some others). She has a fit, toned, luscious, curvy body shape unlike the standard slim types that you see on a catwalk and of course I couldn’t help but exaggerate the proportions a little.

Keep up the great work, RTEworks!