Check out the “Top New Items” on Envato Market

“Top New Files” is a showcase of the best-selling items published within the last month, highlighting quality content in a way that nicely balances freshness with popularity.

With the launch of Faceted Search, we’ve all been excitedly and thoroughly enjoying the ability to filter down search results to find what we’re looking for more quickly and easily.  And along with the ongoing release of item-specific facets that have been flying out the door lately (most recently the ability to filter vocal tracks on AudioJungle), faceted search has also opened up the ability to easily showcase the “Top New Files” in any marketplace or category.

“Top New Files” is a showcase of the best-selling items published within the last month*.  It’s a great addition to the current popular files page, trending items feature, and new items homepage ticker, as yet another way to highlight quality content that nicely balances freshness with popularity, and is updated frequently.

While you could easily recreate this list with the actual facets themselves, we’ve gone ahead and added a “Top New Files” link to the site menu, as well as a “Browse Top New Items” button underneath the homepage search bar for added exposure.

Top New Files Menu Link

Top New Files Button

Having a “Top New Items” listing has been a widely requested feature from the community, so we hope everyone will find this very useful in their discovery process and as an additional opportunity for exposure for authors and their items!

*For additional clarity, “within the last month” includes any items published between today’s date and the same day last month.  For example, on Feb 10th the results would show the best-sellers for all items published since Jan 10th.  Or in other words, about ~30 days.