What Controversial Commentator Alex Jones, Hyundai, PUMA and More Used From Envato

5 famous places Envato items have been used.

Welcome to the Famous Five, our weekly list of 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

Alex Jones

Using: Glitch Reveal by Wynio and Glitch Dubstep Logo by Different-Music

Controversial conservative commentator, Alex Jones, has used two Envato items to open his interview with, then Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

The clips opens with the Info Wars logo, animated using Wynio’s Glitch Reveal After Effects template from VideoHive, and the AudioJungle track Glitch Dubstep Logo by Different-Music playing beneath.

The video has been viewed over 2.5 million times.


Using: Epic by WaveToys

Hyundai have used an AudioJungle track to advertise their brand to the Argentinian market. It shows a Hyundai vehicle driving through some sandy mountains. And it uses Epic by WaveToys.


Using: HUD Screentron UI by Hramovsky

American TV show, “Expanse” has used a VideoHive item in one of its episodes. Hramovsky’s HUD Screentron UI pops up in episode 10 of season 2. It’s a real testament to the high standard of items on the Envato marketplace to see this stuff used in prime time TV. So, good work.


Using: In Hip-Hop by KickTracks

PUMA have used an AudioJungle track in this slick ad, part of their #RunTheStreets campaign. The video shows people wearing their footwear and apparel on the streets of Indonesia as Hip Hop by KickTracks, plays beneath. The track really dictates the rhythm of this short video, injecting it with the energy a brand like this calls for.

Qatar Airways

Using: Inspiring Cinematic Trailer by EmeraldSound

And finally, Qatar Airways have used an AudioJungle track, in a video capturing the airline’s inaugural flight to Auckland, New Zealand. Featuring some stunning shots of the view from the aircraft, as well as the aircraft itself in mid-flight, the visuals are lifted into something more with the underscoring of Inspiring Cinematic Trailer by EmeraldSound.

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Intro and Alex Jones segment music: Future Bass by blvcknoize

Expanse section music: Epic Cinematic Trailer by GoldenSound

Logo by DesignerCow

Filming by Carl Jackson

Written, Spoken and Edited by Dom Hennequin

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