An Intro to Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion, sometimes called stop frame animation, is a cinematographic technique that has been used for over 100 years.

Stop motion, sometimes called stop frame animation, is a cinematographic technique that has been used for over 100 years. The image or animation is captured one frame at a time, with slight variations and movements made between each shot- like a cinematic flip book.

This cool effect has been used in countless movies and film projects. Check out Time Out’s list of the 100 best animated stop motion movies of all time to see if your favorite film made the list.

To better understand this old time technique, watch Mashable’s tutorial below that explains exactly how it works:

As you can see, producing stop frame footage can be incredibly time consuming. It takes an immense amount of time and patience. Luckily, Videohive has a large collection of stop motion stock footage you can choose from, so you can skip the arduous filming process and add the fun footage to your film quickly and easily. Below is a curated list of the best selling and top trending stop motion files. We’ve also hand picked some of our favorite new footage from Envato’s extensive library to add to the list.

We’ve included the preview clips of these, but here’s a few animated GIFs we created from sections of some of our favorites on this list:

Two Headphones- One Heart
Tree Emotion II

Bestsellers for stop motion footage:

1. Paper Stop Motion

Paper Stop Motion is a playful, creative full HD stop motion clip, great for a range of multimedia presentations.

2. Paper Elements (White)

Paper Elements White includes 6 elements in full HD. Freeze the moment as long as you need to add text and graphics and customize the effect.

3. Old Paper Stop Motion

Another paper stop motion clip, this footage features tea stained paper, giving it an antique vintage style effect.

4. Stop Motion Scribbling on a Chalkboard 

Stop Motion Scribbling on a Chalkboard is ideal for any educational, instructional or training related video project.

5. Connecting

Connecting features a simple, artistic drawing of a bridge. Watch the illustration come to life as color and detail is added throughout the footage.

6. Tree Emotion IV

Tree Emotion IV offers a similar illustrative style as Connecting, but instead of the bridge as the focal point, this footage features a bare tree and a simple a nature scene.

7. Christmas Tree

Top Trending:

8. Tree Emotion II

Check out Tree Emotion II, Envato’s top trending stop motion stock footage clip.

9. Coffee Text (Stop Motion) Full HD

Coffee Text is the perfect stop motion footage for any food and beverage industry-related presentation.

10. Snowman and Snowball – Loop Stop Motion 

This playful stop motion animation with snowman playing baseball with snowballs is perfect for Christmas greetings videos.

11. Healthy Salad Eating

This stop motion foodie footage is great for food and restaurant bloggers and editors working on motion graphics projects.

12. Palm

Take your audience on a tropical getaway with Palm. The illustrations in this animation feature palm trees and the bold warm colors of a sunset to create an idyllic nature scene.

13. Crazy Spider- Stock Motion Poker Chips

This fun and festive stock motion footage animation showcases colorful poker chips in the shape of spider. Looking to create a eye-catching video? The odds are in your favor with this footage.

Hand Picked Favorites:

14. I Love You Stop Motion 

I Love You Stop Motion is ideal for wedding, graduation, birthday or other personal video projects.

15. Game Over Stop Motion 

Game Stop Motion footage conveys a rather different message than it’s I Love You counterpart, but the cheeky delivery is sure to make you smile nonetheless.

16. Stop Motion Cards

Check out Stop Motion Cards’ mesmerizing stop motion footage.

17. Flip Clock 1

Time is precious, add Flip Clock 1 to your footage to keep track of it.

18. Two Headphones- One Heart

Introducing Two Headphones-One Heart, a stop motion love story. This quirky footage is great for a variety of music related motion graphic projects.

19. Wall of Wooden Bricks

This simple stop motion stock footage is perfect for home restoration, interior design video projects.

Similar to stop motion, slow motion video can be used to add stunning effects to multimedia projects.

20. Fire

Add this entrancing flame footage to heat up any video project.

21. Preparations for Shooting Film Part 02

This slow motion stock footage features someone prepping for a film shoot, adjusting optics rails and camera light.

22. Water Drop Blue Water

Water Drop Blue Water captures a super slow motion shot of a drop of water rippling the surface and creating rings.

23. Happy and Free in Slow Motion

Happy and Free in Slow Motion evokes a sense of freedom, joy, and infinite possibilities.  Ideal for any travel, wellness or adventure related video project.

24. The Winds Walks in the Reeds

The Winds Walks in the Reeds captures a serene moment with slow motion footage.

25. Clapping at a Concert

This fun festive footage is ideal for any concert series, club, or music festival video compliation.

26. Nonstop Rooftop Party 

The summer might be nearing an end, but that doesn’t mean the party has to. Nonstop Rooftop Party footage makes you want to round up your friends and dance the night away. Great for a number of creative projects!

27. Red Wine is Pouring into a Wine Glass

For all the wine lovers and sommeliers, this footage is great for a number of food and beverage industry video projects.

28. Intelligent Labrador Dog Walking by Himself

And for all the animal lovers, we’ve got you covered with this slow motion shot featuring a cute lovable wet golden retriever running along the pier on cold rainy autumn day.

Browse Videohive for more cool stop motion stock footage. If you’re in the market for more interesting motion graphic effects, check out 30 Premium After Effect Overlays for Motion Graphics.

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