Creating Social Media Content With Placeit

For businesses big or small, social media is an essential channel. But doing your brand justice online can be hard with limited resources. Enter Placeit by Envato.

If you follow Envato on Facebook (and if not, welcome aboard!) you may have noticed that we’ve been having some extra fun with our posts of late. While we’ve kept quiet on how we created this awesome content up until now, the cat meme is officially out of the bag and we don’t want to keep the fun to ourselves any longer! Envato has just welcomed Placeit into our family of design tools and we think you’re going to love using it as much as we do.

Social media is an essential channel for businesses these days – big or small – but doing your brand justice can be hard when you’re limited on resources and budget. Especially when each network is constantly tinkering with its algorithms (just when you think you’ve finally nailed Facebook’s newsfeed!) and making it harder and harder to produce content that might actually get seen by your target customers.

As a social media specialist, creating content that will engage a variety of audiences across a number of different social media platforms, while adhering to each platform’s individual requirements can be extremely testing. I lose hours flipping between different products and apps to download, edit, resize and optimize content, all for the sake of one little social media post.

When I started using Placeit, I realized just how much time it took to create social media content and discovered that it could eliminate a lot of crossover and simplify my daily workflow. With access to different templates across a range of categories with customizable designs, I’ve been able to produce fun and creative content, including video, in just a few minutes. And the absolute best part is that the social media templates have inbuilt size generators, meaning I was able to download my images to the correct social platform specs. Farewell to hours of resizing!

Check out some of the images I’ve created using Placeit, and then give it a go yourself at Placeit.



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